Cordially Invited by Kim Dare

Title: Cordially Invited

Series: Pushing the Envelope #5

Author: Kim Dare

Genre: BDSM, Contemporary

Length: Short Story

Publisher: Amber Allure (January 8th, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Blurb: Having been given a sneak peek into Joe’s world, Scott feels it’s only right that he should return the favor.

Perhaps Scott didn’t do so many interesting and kinky things in the past, but he did have a life before he met Joe. When he was in university, Scott worked in a department store and spent many hours fantasizing about the delivery men he saw from the store window. Now, Scott invites Joe to the same store, after it has closed for the night, and Joe decides to show Scott what he would have done if he had found him back then.

For once, Scott’s going to be the one surrounded by the familiar, not Joe. But, does that mean the power balance is about to shift?

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Reviewer: Thommie

Review: This time Scott has invited Joe in a part of his past life and his fantasy. He wants to be taken by an unknown, strong delivery man, that will not take no for answer. He wants to feel completely helpless and unable to do anything. Joe is more than happy to oblige, all the time coming closer and closer, not to what a Dom should feel for his sub, rather what a man would feel for his lover. While Joe slips more and more into the delights of being with and wanting only one man, Scott finds it difficult to do or think anything other than what Joe orders him, what Joe wants from him. More and more it seems that his fears and desires, his entire world turns around Joe.

I liked this book, too.  Maybe not as hot as the previous, but now we see a connection forming between the two characters, things falling into place and a relation blooming. What’s even greater is that while all these start happening, both Joe and Scott seem to not really realize it, and that intrigues me even more. This book was clearly about Scott’s fantasy, however, while Joe was the very Dom I expected him to be, the fantasy of having a delivery stranger taking you didn’t work so well for me. Nonetheless an enjoyable read again, I’d recommend this to anyone who’s into being helpless and forced fantasies 😉

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