Cover Me by L.A. Witt

20776246Title: Cover Me, 2nd edition

Series: Cover Me, #1

Author: L A Witt

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: Novel (210 Pages)


Publisher: L.A. Witt (January 31st, 2014) first published September 8th 2010

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: When paramedic Nick Swain responds to a shooting in a seedy neighborhood, his entire world is thrown off its axis. His life is threatened…twice. Allegations of racism and medical neglect threaten his career and his ability to sleep at night. Not that he’ll be sleeping any time soon after the incident throws him into the path—and arms—of Detective Andrew Carmichael.

One hot night after another with Andrew may help Nick relieve some work-related stress, but sex won’t solve every problem in his life. With the media hounding him and the city watching his every move, he starts to wonder if the world is out to get him.

The world may not be out to get him, but someone is.

And that someone wants Nick dead.

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Review: This story is part one of a series and I recommend reading them in order.

Nick and Andrew had met in a dangerous situation. One where Nick could have lost his life. Most times when two people come together after something traumatic happens, it usually doesn’t last once the rush is over. One night of hot sex between them relieves some stress, but sex doesn’t solve all their problems. It kept my attention from the start though and kept it all the way to the end.

This however is a really good story of two different types of support personnel coming together. Nick is an EMT, answering a call in a horrible neighborhood after a shootout leaving four people injured, when he meets Andrew. Andrew is an undercover detective who was working undercover with one of the patients that was hurt. Choosing between the patients who are more likely to die right then and there is one of the hard choices Nick has to do. When he decides that one of the women hit would not make it no matter what he does, he goes to the second person who would die if not helped right then in there. That choice gets a gun to his head from a crackhead and a death threat from the dead woman’s friend. Andrew’s job was to stop a prostitution and drug ring in which the crackhead and the man who threatened to kill Nick. He offers to take Nick home and things get really heated up between them.

I did enjoy this story although I wanted it to continue right then and there. The dangers that Nick was in was enticing and you wanted to just jump in and save him. Andrew kept trying to stop the dangers that were coming after Nick from getting to him. Andrew did everything in his powers to keep his lover safe. The relationship between Nick and Andrew started out fast and hot. It just seems to get hotter each time they get together. The sex between them was just as hot, fast, and full of passion. It shows the way they take turns loving each other, what each character loves to do and what they want done. I like how both characters act and care for each other, however I wish Nick could open up easier to Andrew. The fact that he can’t seem to tell him all that worries him makes Andrew a little closed off. But for them it seems to work a little better than most, probably due to the fact that Andrew does it to Nick sometimes too.

I will recommend this to those who love law enforcement and Emergency Medical Tech’s, the dangers from criminals, shoot outs, great sex and what seems to be happy ever afters.

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