Daimon by Pelaam

Title: Daimon

Series: A Demonica Story 02

Author: Pelaam

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Novella (75pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (12th May 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Daimon fights to reunite lovers parted by a disapproving father, but finds himself attracted to the man he rescues a beauty from. Daimon will need to keep all his wits about him and not let his nature rule his head.

Daimon, a demon of charismatic sexuality, prefers to focus on his own carnal pleasures rather than concern himself with the wider world and the ever-present battle of light and dark. To that end, he lives in a large house with just a few remote neighboring properties.

However, even he is unable to resist a call for help that reaches deep into his psyche. After rescuing a beautiful prisoner, Daimon becomes involved in reuniting lovers kept apart by a disapproving father.

He finds himself attracted to the man who was keeping the young beauty as a prisoner. Unsure whether this is simply an over-anxious father or something darker, Daimon will need to not let his nature rule his head.

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Review: Daimon feels the need to go to the rescue when he feels a wave of despair.  What he finds is a young man drugged and locked in a guarded room. When the young man is awake, Daimon gets the full story and decides to help the young man and his mate reunite. But, Daimon tries to deny to himself that the young man’s captor is his own mate.

This is a wonderful novella that will touch your heart with its sweetness, but send your pulse pounding with its erotic-ness. Daimon is a demon of desire, of carnality. But, when he comes across Leland and learns the story of separated lovers, he sets aside his licentious intentions and vows to reunite the lovers. Gene is Leland’s jailor, but his intentions are good. He has been asked by Leland’s father to keep Leland away from Randal (Leland’s mate).  He ends up drugging Leland to stop him from hurting himself, but then Leland disappears. Leland only wants his mate and is devastated at the lengths his father has gone to.

This is actually a story of two sets of lovers Daimon and Gene, and Leland and Randal; two mates meeting and two mates being reunited. Daimon is such a sweetheart in the way he was with Leland and the way he supported Leland in his need for his mate. Even putting aside his mating with Gene until Leland was back in the arms of the man he loves. Leland just wants to be back with his mate and although he is missing his mate, he is still a sweet young man. Gene is a nice guy who is just trying to do the best, but his means of doing it is all wrong.

The sex between these two couples really is hot, but it is also erotic and loving. Daimon and Gene’s coming together is passionate, while Leland and Randal’s is loving and hot. We mainly get to know Daimon and Leland, while Gene we see less of, but he’s important to Daimon, and Randal there are only a couple of scenes with him in them.

So I recommend this for those who love Demons and shifters, a sweet couple reuniting, passionate, hot, erotic sex and love and a happy ending for all.



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