Dragon Consultant by Mell Eight

mell-eight-dragon-consultant-cover-sTitle: Dragon Consultant

Series: Supernatural Consultant #1

Author: Mell Eight

Genre: Gay Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural 

Length: Novella (101 Pages)

Publisher: Less Than Three Press (December 9, 2015)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts 

Blurb: The FAA has been struggling with dragons attacking their planes, and hire Dane, a supernatural consultant, to look into the matter. What Dane finds in the woods is not quite the problem he expected: a group of dragon kits and their sick father.

When he learns the real reason the family was in the woods, his case only grows more dangerous, and while Dane is plenty experienced at watching his own back, taking care of baby dragons and their handsome, distracting father almost makes danger look easy.

ISBN: 978-1-62004-677-7

Product Link: https://www.lessthanthreepress.com/books/index.php?main_page=product_bookx_info&cPath=127&products_id=1027

Reviewer: Lisa

Review: Hot damn I have found a new author for me to love, although Mell Eight is not a new author in that sense but she is to me. I am so glad to have had a chance at reading these stories, because if the rest of the series is anything like this one, I will definitely be going broke.

The world that Mell Eight has created was unique and fascinating for me. It has a serious tone to it but with dragon kits around let’s just say you will also be laughing your ass off at some point in time. It is not really a long story, but there was so much depth to it that you won’t notice because you won’t be able to put the story down.

Dragons are very unique and I love reading about them. It is said that dragons are loners until they mate. Once their offspring is able to survive on its own, the adult dragons take off so that the kit can find his or her own territory. So when our very special supernatural consultant was asked to get rid of some dangerous dragons he was shocked to find so many. Dane knew that the idiot who ordered him to do it was meaning arrest, but he decided to bring the adult male and 5 kits home with him. They were special kits.

Mercury was taken off the street and dropped off at a lab that was experimenting on dragon kits. What he had seen horrified him and he knew he had to rescue all that he could find. He just hadn’t expected to get dragon fever nor did he expect to wake up in a strange place. But at least Mercury and his kits were safe. Now they just had to find all of the others.

Amazing story and I can’t wait to get to reading the next book. I would have loved to smash those scientists and can’t wait to see what our sexy men and kits do in the next book.