Figuring It Out by Shawn Lane

FIO2__01899.1362089505.300.450Title: Figuring It Out

Author: Shawn Lane

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short (30pgs)

Publisher: Evernight Publishing (4th March 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥2Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Gay, dramatic, and flamboyant, Avery Jennings first fell in love with Joe Gunderson back in their sophomore year of high school when Joe asked Avery to tutor him for an English Lit class. Avery didn’t think he stood a chance with straight Joe and therefore hid his attraction to the handsome football player. When the tutoring ended, so did Avery’s time with Joe. The years pass and both men go off to college. When Avery’s boss at the diner introduces him to his new co-worker, he’s shocked to come face-to-face with Joe.

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Review: Avery fell in lust with Joe when he first spotted him in his sophomore class, but put his feelings aside when it became clear that Joe was straight. Meeting again in the diner where Avery works during his time in college, brings new discoveries for Avery. because Joe has a boyfriend, Jeff. When Joe is dumped by Jeff, Avery comforts him. But, life gets in the way and they lose touch. They meet again and this time will they be able to figure it out?

This is a brief short that tells the tale of two young men who miss the secret longings and whose timing is off. Avery and Joe pass through life as ships, passing each other at ports before separating again and neither knowing what the other one feels for them. When they do finally have a shot at finding out what they could have life gets in the way, and it takes family to bring them together again. The POV is from Avery. So, although we know how he feels and what happens to him, with Joe we haven’t got a clue and I suppose that’s why it just didn’t feel right between them. There didn’t seem to be a connection between them, no lingering glances when they worked together and no secret yearnings.

I must say that when I read the blurb that I was expecting a very different sort of character than the Avery we got. he is described as Gay, dramatic and flamboyant… well he‘s gay, he was in the drama club and he had rainbow badges on his bag, so I suppose you could say I wasn’t entirely misled if I used a very loose definition for dramatic and flamboyant. Although this story had great potential it came across flat, there was no oomph, no life and that surprised me because it’s a Shawn Lane story.

I will recommend this to those who want a short high-school crush into adulthood love, getting the man you long for and a happily ever after.