Red by Pelaam

red400x600Title: Red

Author: Pelaam

Genre: Paranormal, Twisted Fairy Tales

Length: Novella (85pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (6th April 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: A fairytale with a twist. Ceron, known as ‘Red’, befriends Storm, son of the Alpha Wolven whose pack lives nearby. The Wolven are accused of crimes Storm denies they committed. They must face prejudice for their love, and an unknown nemesis.

Ceron known as ‘Red’ due to his beautiful rose-gold hair, works two jobs to help support himself and his grandmother. He cannot understand why the local Wolven pack would suddenly begin to attack villagers after generations of living next to his village in peace. When he is attacked by Torrin, a big, cruel woodsman who seeks to be the next village burgher, it is a Wolven who rescues him.

Storm is the son of the pack’s Alpha, and the two men are instantly attracted to one another. Storm courts Ceron carefully, each man knowing that to love the other would meet with disapproval. But their love will not be denied.

However, if the Wolven are innocent, who is guilty?

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Review: Ceron works hard to help support his grandmother. He works two jobs and visits his grandmother nearly every day.  Ceron doesn’t worry about the Wolven when he crosses the forest, because he doesn’t believe that the Wolven are causing trouble like others think. When he is attacked in the forest it is the Master Woodcutter, Torrin, who is the culprit and the Wolven, Storm, who rescues him. Developing a relationship is risky as neither Storm nor Ceron know how either of their communities will react. But, their love is worth the risk. And, if the Wolven and the villagers are innocent, then just who is attacking the human villagers and causing problems for the Wolven?

Ah. the twisted tale of Little Red Riding Hood, with a slight mystery as to who is causing trouble for the villagers and Wolven. Ceron and Storm make a very sweet couple. both of them are willing to take a risk for their love to be recognized. After they first meet, Storm slowly and gently courts Ceron, easing him into a relationship. They meet in secret, because they both know they would face disapproval at first and also because there is tension between Ceron’s village and Storm’s pack. After meeting Storm’s pack, Ceron discovers that it couldn’t be the Wolven attacking the villages unless there is a rogue Wolven about. But, it causes problems for Ceron when the culprit targets him.

This is a great retelling of an old well-known fairy tale with its own added twist. the story is well written and has a romantic feel throughout. The lovemaking between Storm and Ceron is sweet and gentle and very loving and fits with the story that is woven perfectly. The danger they face is unexpected and fierce, and the support they both receive is heartfelt and shows everyone pulling together. I love how Pelaam has revitalized this tale with an M/M twist and the way she has given it a twist to the end. giving the Wolven a happy ending but still giving it an edge of danger.

I have to recommend this to those who love twisted fairy tales, romance, true love, sweet lovemaking, great characters and a very happily ever after.



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