Finding the Wolf by Mell Eight

Title: Finding the Wolf

Series: Dragon’s Hoard 01

Author: Mell Eight

 Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Short (78pgs)

Publisher: Less Than Three Press (27th June 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When Prince Leon disappears and his people are unable to find him, they turn to the dragons for help. Nyle is the unlucky dragon tasked with finding the missing prince, a duty he dreads as it forces him into the confounding human world and away from his collection of pretties.

Locating a missing prince should be a simple matter, but if Nyle has learned anything about humans since being forced out among them it’s that they needlessly complicate everything. When he finally locates the errant prince, however, what Nyle finds is a treasure worth all the complications—worth protecting at all costs.

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Review: An’nanyle (Nyle) is the dragon tasked with finding the human prince, Leon. But, Nyle discovers that things have been kept from the dragon Elders, as he is swept away by the young prince, who he wants as his pretty.

This is a very enjoyable fantasy, with its combination of dragons, wolves, magi and humans. Nyle is a very innocent, three hundred year old dragon. When he is tasked with finding the human prince, he is not happy to be taken from his pretties. But, he finds a pretty that he wants even more. Leon may be a prince, but his situation keeps him from returning home. With Nyle, he can be himself and together they uncover the secrets that the human King is hiding; that will bring the humans, wolves and dragons together to fight a common foe.

Well, this is a well written story that has good world building, great characters and an enjoyable storyline. Nyle and Leon are great characters who pull you into the story and keep you reading. Nyle is not quite your typical dragon, because although he loves his pretties and his hoard, he likes to do things his own way and he is the first dragon to have sex in hundreds of years! Leon is a werewolf and his wolf wants Nyle as well as his human side, but I don’t really think it is in the instant mates’ sense, more like both wolf and human like what they see and they corrupt the innocent dragon all too well ;-).

I enjoyed learning about Nyle and Leon’s world and we learn about the by-play between the species and some of the background about each of species. The characters are charming and the interaction between them all was great and I loved the fact that all the personalities are so different; two of the supporting characters that I thought were great were Nyle’s hatch mother Gail and maybe (complicated) father Toel. The storyline has plenty of action and humor (Nyle and his pretties), but it also has plenty of snuggles as well, we get some hot sex and see a dragon and wolf fall in love quite quickly.

I have to recommend this to those who love fantasy, shifters whether their dragons or wolves, who enjoy a touch of danger, humor, hot sex, pretties and a happy ending.