First Kiss by Penny Brandon (2nd Edition)

Title: First Kiss (2nd Edition)

Series: Looking Glass Book 02

Author: Penny Brandon

Genre:  Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Novella (176 Pages)


Publisher: Penny Brandon (14th June 2018)

Heat: Low

Heart: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: The second Brenn saw Joey’s image in the magic mirror, he was hooked. The moment he saw him in real life, Brenn knew Joey was going to be his forever. Joey was flirty, and fun, and he had the most gorgeous smile, but then Joey told him he was dying. Though devastated, Brenn didn’t want to give up on Joey, so he offered to look after him and make his last few days as comfortable as possible, but was that going to be enough when all Brenn really wanted was for Joey to live?

Brenn was everything Joey could have wished for; strong, built, and with amazing eyes, and Brenn was in love with him. That would have given Joey something to live for, if it hadn’t been too late. He had about three weeks left, but that didn’t seem to matter to Brenn. Brenn wanted to take him home, and Joey was willing to go with him, but on two conditions. He wanted Brenn to make love to him before he died, but no kissing.

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Review: This is book two in this series and they need to be read in order. Usually it gives you an insight into the characters and their world, but in this particular series it tells you about the mirror. A mirror that shows someone their one true love. Simon is the keeper of the mirror and he guides the ones who come stumbling in, not sure why but they do and gives them the answers. Brenn is not like anyone I have ever met. He walked into the store and Simon showed him the mirror. It shows him a young man that will be his.

He looks for him, and finds the sexiest man he had ever seen. However he realizes Joey is in a wheelchair, and then Joey drops the bomb on him. Joey is dying of a disease that no one understood and there was no cure. Brenn decides right then and there that he wanted this man for however long he could have him. He goes to the hospital and brings him home with him. He shows him the love that he has for him and helps him. He loves this man more than anything in the world, but it was tearing him apart to know he only had a few weeks with him.

Joey was falling in love with Brenn but he was so scared. He was scared because he didn’t want to die and he didn’t want to leave Brenn alone. He got so scared one night that he had called his friends to come get him, because he didn’t want to hurt Brenn even more than he already knows he has. What he doesn’t realizes is his very first kiss would be the man who can save him. That was the only thing he never let anyone do, he had never been kissed.

This story made me cry more than I have at any other time. I felt the pain that both of these men felt. The pain of losing someone that you love would tear anyone apart, and knowing that Brenn would feel this way when Joey died just about made me loose it. And Joey had been young and vibrant, a life guard at one time to find out that he was dying and none of the medicine or treatment would save his life. He had given up and was just waiting, but he looked at life around him like a child at a fare. He still saw goodness in the things around him. He wished that he had Brenn with him before he had made the choice to stop all the treatments, and now he was scared to try again. To know all that would break any ones heart.

I loved this book and I can guarantee that you will too. It gives you two very sexy men who love each other, tenderness, compassion, feisty young men, and a touch of pain, but in the end there is a happiness that will steal your breath.

I loved it and cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this series. It caught my attention from the moment I started reading it and kept it all the way to the end.

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