For By Grace by Adrian J. Smith

514NbJ1tanL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_Title: For by Grace
Series: Spirit of Grace 01
Author: Adrian J. Smith
Genre: FF Romantic Suspense
Length: 25 pages
Publisher: Supposed Crimes (June 1st 2014)
Heat Level: Low
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts
Blurb: Being a Sheriff’s Deputy is not all about saving lives and arresting criminals, and each day Grace wonders if she’ll make it home.

While kids at the schools Deputy Grace Halling visits see her as the knight in blue-cotton armor, people involved in the cases she is dispatched to have a different opinion. She has every confidence in her ability to do her job and arrest criminals. She easily takes down a knife-wielding woman and a drunken combatant teenager without hesitation. Everyone—victim, suspect, or witness—has a story to tell or to lie about, and Grace is never perturbed by their tales.

That all changes when she looks down the barrel of a gun. She loses confidence in her ability as a deputy, she loses trust in herself and fellow officers, and she struggles to stay afloat as shift after shift passes. Grace cannot find her rhythm of being a deputy again. And when the Police Chaplain unexpectedly barges into her life, her personal and professional lives are flipped upside down.

Grace struggles to find even ground, worrying that the next time she stares a murderer in the face will be the last.

ISBN: 9781938108440

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: NOTE: This is a Police procedural and not a romance.

Grace is a female police officer whose past hasn’t always been the best. She has many friends on the force and isn’t out. She meets Amya the new chaplain and her life personal life changes. Will this affect t her job?

For me, the story starts out a bit slow as each chapter is basically a day by day accounting of her day at work. Sometimes minute by minute, move by move. I felt the description was a bit too much at times.

Now having said that. This is a pretty good beginning of a series. I really liked Graces character, and I think that was the saving Grace to this story (pun intended). There are some good stories in her daily tales that are heartwarming and show how concerned and caring Grace is.

I would have liked more of her relationship with Amya and Grace and more about how she met Crystal and their friendship as well. I guess I am saying I would have liked more of her personal life.

The ending was quite a dramatic and wow was I am not expecting that! I have to read the next one now, for sure!

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