Full Moon Gamma by Jackie Nacht, Review & Giveaway!

Well today we have a special treat for all you readers, Thommie has been doing some schmoozing and has Jackie Nacht stopping by for a brief visit with an incredible giveaway, I will leave it up to Thommie and Jackie to tell you all about Full Moon Gamma and what you can win. So read the review and enter the Giveaway and good luck guys. *hugs* ~Pixie~
Hello everyone, Thommie here. I’m here today with the help of my Book Goddess and aspiring Universe Conqueror, Pixie, to introduce you to my favorite series Moon Compound and the release of its new installment Full Moon Gamma.
Now all of you, who know me, know that I have a serious love for wolves and shifter stories. One of my favorite ever since they started was Moon Compound with their first knock out the Full Moon Lockdown Full Moon Lockdown review. It was apparent that this series was going to be my undoing, but then again I said to myself “Thommie, wait it out, they usually get boring”.
So I waited and out came Full Moon Feral Full Moon Feral review and while the pace there went a bit slower, the story didn’t fail to intrigue and make me bounce on my toes in anticipation of the next one.
Still I felt reserved, but now came the newest baby, Full Moon Gamma, and ok, I’m throwing my towel and pledging my eternal servitude because I’m officially well and truly captivated by this series. That said I’m going to leave you at the hand of the wonderful Jackie Nacht and her special surprise for you today.
Jackie Nacht:
Hi Everyone!
First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Thommie, Pixie and Portia for having me on today. Second, I’d love to have some fun and do a giveaway today to celebrate my new release of Full Moon Gamma. Plus shhh, this is a secret, but it’s my birthday today as well. Don’t tell anyone!  Here’s the prize and how to enter. Winner will receive a $10 Amazon card and choice of pdf backlist of one of my books. How to enter: Just leave your email addy and name below to enter. I’ll pick the winner on January 21st.
Have a great day and good luck!
Jackie Nacht
Where a little love goes a long way.
YA LGBTQ and M/M Romance Author
Published at Devine Destinies and eXtasy Books
Jackie Nacht - Full Moon Gamma1Excerpt:
Malach, Ripley and Lukas were waiting for him at the front door. Malach opened the door.
Rayce nodded and led the team out.
They climbed into the vehicle and drove off. Malach drove while Ripley sat in the passenger side, giving directions to the bar. He should be focusing, watching where the hell they were going, but his mind was back with Peyton. Gripping his hair, he felt like pulling the damn strands out.
Malach stared back at him in the rearview mirror. “Do I need to turn around?”
Rayce really fucking thought about it. “No, but tonight, get someone else down here. I’m a weakness.”
Ripley turned in the front seat. Rayce remembered how powerful that feral was. “You better get your head out of your ass. We’re all counting on you, and my mate is counting on you. Hell, yours, too. Think of that and that’ll be all the focus you need.”
For someone thrust into this world, Ripley had more insight than anyone else in the car. Ripley knew the right words to say to bring Rayce’s mind back on the mission.
The drive was short, a mere five minutes. The place was off to the side of a road and there was a guy standing outside checking identification. They all exited the vehicle as one.
“That normal?” Rayce nudged Ripley.
“That’s the same guy I’ve seen every damn time I come here. Can’t believe he’s still working here.” Ripley cracked his neck. “Are we ready?”
Malach stared at the bouncer as well. “Is everyone armed?” he whispered.
“Just knives and daggers,” Rayce murmured.
Lukas nodded. “Same here.”
Malach eyed the door again. “Be ready for anything.” He turned and led the group and Rayce took up the rear.
The man at the door was human, but to Rayce, he appeared crooked as hell. Ripley nodded and handed over his ID. Thank gods, Malach had thought to get one made up for him when they planned the recon mission last week and that they had the connections to get one made.
“Ripley, been awhile.” The bouncer handed Ripley’s identification over.
“Yeah, been busy,” Ripley said smoothly. Rayce was impressed. The guy didn’t so much as pause.
The bouncer checked all their licenses and then they were waved in the bar. The lighting was shitty, and voices could be heard even in the hallway. They walked as a group and turned the corner.
Malach halted in his tracks, and Rayce immediately stopped and scanned the area.
Holy fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.
The room fell silent as all eyes turned and focused on them. All black soulless eyes. The entire room was hellhounds. The entire fucking room.
Jackie Nacht - Full Moon Gamma1Title: Full Moon Gamma
Series: Moon Compound # 3
Author: Jackie Nacht
Genre: Paranormal / Werewolves
ISBN: 978-1-77111-797-5
Length: Novella (142 pages)
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Heat Level: Low~Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.5 Hearts
Reviewer: Thommie
Blurb: When Rayce finds he has two paths before him, the unknown consequence is the only alternative to help the man he loves survive.
Rayce is sent on a recon mission to find out if hellhounds are in Lansing. What he discovers on his way is his mate, Peyton, has followed him into the very heart of danger.
Peyton has loved Rayce from the moment Rayce saved him. He knows he probably shouldn’t be following Rayce, but the instinct driving him to protect the man he has already fallen for causes him to go recklessly into the city. All is not as it seems, and Peyton will have to find strength to survive for not only himself but his mate and friends as well.
Authors note: This may be read as a standalone book however for better reading enjoyment, it is advised to read the series in order. Thank you!
Review: I am NOT going to reveal this story or talk about the blurb or give away spoilers. One must read it and feel the full impact of this story without anyone spoiling it or taking away from the tension that surrounds you the entire read. But I am going to tell you my opinion on Full Moon Gamma.
I knew it, I knew it the first time I laid eyes on the series that I’m going to get hooked. I knew it. But Sweet Mother of Hades, this is beyond good. I love, love, LOVED this book. It was painful, it was horrible even, it was explicit to the point I felt the welts on my own flesh and the pain wreaking havoc on my own body. Add to that the emotional break-down of a mating pair being slowly torn apart and I had a lump the size of an elephant on my chest for mostly half the read, and yet I loved every single moment of it. But it was incredibly painful reading the story as it unfolded. Even as I knew it’s all going to be well in the end, even as I saw how and where the help was going to come from. And oh my god, can you believe I felt sorry for the “helper”? At some point I wished for him not to be able to feel, because damn, his inner turmoil dealing and coping with those emotions must have been HELL, which by the way I can barely stand to wait for his turn and story.
I just, oh dear me, don’t you just love it when a book makes you forget everything and lets you immerse in its clutches and just get lost in it. There are no words to describe the wicked idea behind this story and how brilliant I found the Gammas. You know, up until now we’ve only seen the Alphas and Omegas. In Brendan’s case we literally witnessed how important the Omegas are for balancing their Alpha mates. But the Gammas are seriously incredible. They just plain rock, and the possibilities they bring in the overall lore are numerous. They are like superheroes. Yay for the Gammas people! In a way this book feels like a crossroad or a stopping light after which the party begins. It’s like all three books together up until now slowly gathered they basics of the core story while simultaneously introduced us with the core players and now that the chess game is set up and every piece and pawn taken its place the battle can begin. It’s plain brilliant, it’s amazing how a series can evolve with each installment, how it’s not only about the “couples” and their sex life/mating, but there is a deeper story in there, one that hooks you, and drives you crazy, enthralls you and makes you a slave of it without you even knowing it until it’s too late. Yeah! I’m a captive of this series and never want to escape.
Have I gone on too much? I feel like I can talk and talk forever and words will keep on coming. Not so sure they make sense though. If you haven’t read the series, you probably have no idea what the heck I’m babbling about, but there I can help. I strongly urge shifter-lovers out there to go ahead and make the jump. Dive in the murky and dangerous waters of Moon Compound series, let this lore take you in an incredible journey filled with action and adventure, love and want, and a tale that will rock you and make you see shifters with a whole different perspective. You might get a bit addicted and feel differently for other shifter books out there after this, but that’s not a bad thing.
Now I seriously need to stop reading for a while and get my brain back in track, or go and re-read the series from the beginning… Hmm, choices, choices…
Strongly, wholeheartedly, blindly recommended!
Daegal and Oren… ugh… uhm… yeah, their story is going to be… fun? Well, it does start with a heartfelt “I hate you”.
A big Happy Birthday to Jackie and may you have a fabulous day!
And with that I leave you to the fantastic world of Moon Compound! Have fun!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jackie!! Never read any of your books before. I love shifter books. Will have to check out your other books on ARe. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you. 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday! 🙂 Hellhounds? I’d love to read how they get out of that predicament.


  3. Hi everyone!
    I just wanted to thank everyone for the warm birthday wishes and stopping by. Thank you! Also, I wanted to let you all know who won the contest. The winner of the Amazon card and pdf backlist is Lisa G. Hugs everyone!

    1. Thank you for your generous giveaway Jackie. It’s been a delight to have you here. I can’t wait for your next work and perhaps your next stop on the site.
      Many hugs!

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