His by Elizabeth Coldwell

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Title: HIS

Author: Elizabeth Coldwell

Genre: BDSM

Length: Novella (61pgs)

Publisher: Accent Press Ltd & Xcite Ebooks Ltd (18th Jan 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥1Heart

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When Sean Bradley gets an invitation to Dante’s, the most exclusive gay club in town, he doesn’t realize it will change his life forever. This is no ordinary club, and its world of decadent delights is designed to pair wealthy dominant men with cute young submissives. The club’s owner, Dante Capello, is immediately taken with Sean, and sets about leading him into a world of BDSM pleasures, where he will learn how to receive the strictest of punishments and obey without question. But though Dante is a demanding master, he has a reputation for keeping his emotional distance from the boys who submit to him and discarding them after a weekend in his servitude. How far is Sean prepared to go to truly become his?

Warning: This book contains sexual practices that some people may find offensive. Humiliation, unsafe sex, voyeurism etc.

Review: Ok, I have read a lot of BDSM and D/s books and I have never found them offensive, but this book I was disgusted with.

Sean is a relatively innocent young man.   He’s dared one weekend, by his flatmate, to go to a club and that’s when his life changes forever.

The story is quite smooth and moves quickly, Dante was the perfect image for a Dom/Master but his practice was all wrong for a sub/slave that was new to the scene.  No matter what, any Dom/Master or sub/slave has to play safe especially if you have never played with them before; the Safe word is there for a reason.  Sean is a perfect sub/slave but everyone knows that a sub/slave has to find their own level slowly.  the author paid lip service to this then ignored it.

This is the type of story that gives BDSM a bad name.  An innocent walks in off the street and the Dom swoops down, snatches him up, and gives him no choices.   Doesn’t explain what he wants or expects, then proceeds to humiliate him and then throws him away. Yeah, really feeling the love. I don’t know where you did your research, Ms Coldwell, but all those that I know that are into the scene would kick this Dom to the curb and he would be banned from any reputable club. And as for the unsafe sex in the club, do you really think that by saying they get tested monthly is going to make them safe? Geeze, they could be having sex with people not connected to the club, bring a disease in and infect everyone before the next monthly test. Do not even get me started on the naked men being paid to fight and the loser being f***** by the winner.

I would recommend this to people who like the kind of things described above, if you don’t like any of the above then steer clear.

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