How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps by Josephine Myles

HowToTrainYourDomInFiveEasySteps72lgTitle: How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps

Series: N/A

Author: Josephine Myles

Genre: Contemporary/BDSM

Length: Novel (295 Pages

Publisher: Samhain Publishing (September 23rd, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb: Sometimes the little head really does know best.

Jeff White’s needs are simple. All he wants is a submissive to help him explore the dominant side that his ex-girlfriend couldn’t handle. Problem is, inexperience in both dating and domming has resulted in a string of rejections.

What he needs is an experienced sub willing to show him the ins and outs of controlling a scene. Unfortunately, the only one willing to take him on is male, and Jeff is straight. One hundred percent, never-gonna-happen straight.

Easygoing painslut Eddie Powell doesn’t care that Jeff is younger, working class, and shorter. Eddie likes a bit of rough, and Jeff fits the bill perfectly. The trick will be convincing him to follow Eddie’s five-step training program—which would be easy if Eddie wasn’t starting to have feelings for the rough-around-the-edges landscaper.

Once Jeff lays his hands on Eddie, things definitely get out of hand. But it’ll take more than hot, sweaty, kinky sex to persuade him to come out of the closet—especially to himself…

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Reviewer: GiGi

Review: Hot, sweet, fun and a bit of pain for both body and soul are dished up by Jeff as he’s trained my his male sub Eddie.
I’m not huge on the gay-for-you plots, but this is more bi-for you, and the main character does not stay oblivious for long. Jeff has had some obvious marital and relationship problems and just can’t seem to figure out why.

Eddie sees the hot piece of rough meat that Jeff is and wants a bit right away. He manages to plot and scheme his way into Jeff’s bed, on his knees as a sub to help Jeff with his “problems” and introduces him into the finer tuned aspects of being a good Dom.

Before long, Eddie sees deeper layers to Jeff, layers he finds he’s starting to love and want a real bond with. Jeff is getting more and more confused each day by the fact that his successes in learning to become a better Dom are with a guy. But he finds himself attracted to more than submissive behavior in Eddie, he enjoys their banter, their easy friendship, and yes, Eddies sexual response to him.

The closer they grow together, the more nervous Jeff gets about discovery, and also about accepting that he might just bit a bit gay (or a lot!!), and Eddie fears for his own heart.

Cant’ tell you much else without giving the drama away, but Five Easy Steps is a lot of sexual fun, and yet has plenty of “aww that’s sweet” moments in it. Some of the sexual scenes are a bit clinical feeling, but they are set up as lessons after all. Over all a good entertaining read with some fun British lingo.