Irrevocably Intertwined by Frey Ortega

23271641Title: Irrevocably Intertwined
Series: Into the New World, #2
Author: Frey Ortega
Genre: Paranormal/ Vampires/ Werewolves
Length: Novel (167 Pages)
Publisher: Siren Publishing (October 23rd, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Blurb: Jayce Barton’s life doesn’t need any more trouble than it already has: having a poor family and having them somewhat blame you for it was already trouble enough. To top it all off, Jayce gets kidnapped one night and finds himself in an unknown, ritzy apartment.

Dmitri Marchetti is the son of one of the strongest vampire coven leaders in New York City. When his coven uncovers new intel on a human-supernatural trafficking ring right in their midst, their coven immediately acts. Jayce and Dmitri meet, and the sparks fly. The easygoing Dmitri finds renewed purpose: something he’s never felt before, and he finds it in Jayce.

With the threat of a crazed madman looming above Jayce, Dmitri vows to protect the human. But even vampires have their limits—and it will take a lot of love, a lot of trust, and a hastily put together plan to save not only the man he was growing to love, but also each other.

ISBN: 978-1-63258-441-0

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This is part of the Into the New World series and they should be read in order. Each story gives you a new romancing couple but the stories mingle with the previous books. The characters are beautifully written with quite a lot of heart and soul put into them. This is the second book but it was way better than book one, and book one was pretty good. I love the kick ass feeling one gets when someone you loves kicks ass to get you back. I also am left a little heartbroken to learn who sold Jaycee to begin with.

Jayce had been at home, alone when the door was broken down, and he was abducted. He was sold to a man as a slave, but another man bought him to save him. He wakes up to find a very sexy man but he is a bit lost in why anyone would do what they did to begin with. Demitri and his family bought Jayce from the slave traders to save him from the horrible fate that many receive. Demitri is surprised that Jayce is more willing to go forward without a fight and Jayce is surprise to learn that Demitri is a vampire. Who knew the paranormal world existed.

When the sparks fly between these two, you might as well just hold on for dear life because it is extremely hot with these two. However, the dangers still come for Jayce and when he realizes who sold him to begin with it is up to Demitri to help him overcome the pain.

I loved this book and cannot wait to get my hands on the next one. It gave me everything I could possibly want in a story and in fact went way over my mark. It caught my attention the moment I started reading and kept it going all the way to the end. I was a little surprised at how easy Jayce takes it all but he is one of the strongest young men I have ever had the fortune to read about. He is so young that you would expect parties and fun, but he goes to school, works two jobs to support himself and help his family. He is so easy to fall in love with. Demitri comes off a little bit lazy but when it comes to his mate, heads will fly.

I loved this book and I can’t wait to check out the rest of this author’s stories.

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