Isle of Wishes by Sue Brown

IsleOfWishesLGTitle:  Isle of Wishes

Series:  Isle of Wight, Book #2

Author:  Sue Brown

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Length:  Novel (242 pages)

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (August 19th 2013)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   Sequel to the Isle of… Where?

After a whirlwind vacation on the Isle of Wight, where he found the love of his life, Sam Owens sends Liam Marshall home to Michigan to tie up loose ends so they can be together forever. When all communication with Liam goes silent, Sam worries. Fearing the worst, he enlists the help of his brother, British Metropolitan police officer Paul Owens, to help him find Liam and get him back safely in time for their wedding. Paul has little difficulty digging into this mystery across the pond. Paul is also good-looking and openly bisexual, all of which adds to the dismay of Wisconsin Detective Olaf Skandik.

Olaf is ex-military and still closeted now that he’s part of the police department. He’s frustrated, hemmed in by the walls he’s erected, and when he meets Paul, he wonders if this may be the time and opportunity for change. Looking into his brother’s missing fiancé, Paul also starts looking into Olaf, and business soon mixes with pleasure, a bit of romance that may strengthen his case for them to make a future together.

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  In Book 1, The Isle of Where, we were introduced to Sam and Liam. Now in wishes Liam has approval to move to and live in the UK so he and Sam are crazy busy planning their wedding. When several days pass with no phone call, email, or text from Liam, Sam knows something is wrong. He calls his brother Paul, who’s a police detective, and the Owen’s family backs the brothers as they make plans to fly to the US to find Liam.

Paul puts his experience as a cop to work and quickly gets information on Liam’s missing rental car and get’s the local police involved. The officer assigned to Liam’s case is Olaf Skandik, an extremely tall and extremely attractive cop with blonde hair and aquamarine eyes that stirs something inside Paul. A few stolen glances from Olaf, and Paul is assured that the feeling is mutual. But the sexy US cop is so far in the closet he probably couldn’t find the knob with a map and a flashlight!

Paul is really good at his job and gets under Olaf’s skin in more ways than one, as he wiggles his way into the investigation. While following the leads to find out what happened to Liam, the two become very close, in more ways than one. When Olaf finds himself in London for Sam and Liam’s wedding, will it be just one last hoorah for him and Paul? Or will he find that knob, and have the courage to turn it so he can be happy with Paul?

I’ve read several of Brown’s books now and I’ve yet to be disappointed. I love the way she’s able to show the difference in the various characters with speech and mannerisms, I can seriously hear Paul and Sam bickering with their British accents in my head while I’m reading! She also conveys the differences in cultures to the reader. Paul is a bi-sexual cop in London who hasn’t been given much grief about the fact that he likes girls and boys. A few heads spin when he falls in love with a man, but overall there aren’t any big waves. Olaf on the other hand stands to lose everything and everyone. But he’d gain one sexy as husband that he can’t keep his hands off of and the obnoxiously loud and loveable Owens family.

Must read for Sue Brown fans, another success. Hopeless romantics that love a couple of sexy men that can’t stop throwing themselves at each other just might like this one as well, I sure did!


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