The Pearl by Geoffrey Knight

the-pearlTitle:  The Pearl, 2nd Edition

Author:  Geoffrey Knight

Genre:   Contemporary Erotic Romance

Length:  Novella (50,000 words)

Publisher:  Wilde City Press (April 24th 2013)

Heat Level:  Moderate to Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   The Top End of Australia—a tropical paradise filled with beauty. Wonder. Danger.

For two young boys growing up in the Northern Territory—half-Aboriginal Jarrah “Jad” Yindi and his best friend Luke Lawson—the remote beaches and aqua waters of the Top End are a playground of adventure. And as two best friends become young men, true love washes over them like the sea upon the sand.

But life is full of challenges and change, and if Jad is to discover who he really is, he must piece together his ancestral past, his dream-filled present and his uncertain future to become the man he was always destined to be.

Through water and fire; through love and loss; through the days of youth to the stories of the world’s oldest living culture, journey across the heart of Australia—

—to discover what’s in the heart of one young man.

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Reviewer:   Tams

Review:  This story was simple but beautiful. Erotic but tasteful and well worth the read!

Jad and Luke have been best friends since they were children in their exquisite community by the ocean in Australia. They swim with dolphins, dive for pearls and live life to the fullest. As they grow up to together they form a bond and a love for one another that is unmistakable and unbreakable. But they graduate and go off to college soon and Jad is leaving for Sydney to go to medical school. Absence makes the heart grow fonder though, right?

While at school Jad meets Brandon, a fellow med student who is also gay. Struggling with being away from his home, family and Luke; Jad is confused with his feelings for Brandon. He loves Luke and he’s only ever wanted to be with him. But there is an undeniable attraction to Brandon. When a call comes that Luke has gone missing, Jad is on the first plane back home to find his friend, and lover? Still confused with his feelings, Jad has to decide between his dream of being a doctor and travelling the world helping people, going back to Brandon. Or staying where he knows in his heart he belongs, with Luke.

The Pearl is a beautiful and emotional coming of age story with one hell of a background. The land and the culture are just as much a part of the story as Jad’s journey through life. He’s always surrounded by love. Be it from his family, Luke or Brandon. There was never a transition from Jad and Luke as friends to Jad and Luke as lovers, it was seamless. And when they finally come together one night on the beach they’ve grown up on, it’s absolutely perfect. Luke gives Jad his pearl he got that day during their dive. Jad carries that pearl with him through everything from that day forward. They come full circle years later on that beach, with each other and the pearl.

This is a must read for my fellow lovers of romance. There are some emotionally charged, sexy guy on guy scenes as well, bonus!

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