Just a Vampire by Stormy Glenn

Title: Just a Vampire

Series: Tribal Bonds 01

Author: Stormy Glenn

Genre: Paranormal, Shifter

Length: Novella (158pgs)

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand (4th February 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Electus Luca Ucathya has waited hundreds of years to find his anamchara, his soul mate. Rowan Connelly was not what he expected. For one, the man doesn’t have a submissive bone in his body. Even worse, Rowan is a wolf, one of the most dangerous and hated enemies of a vampire. But giving Rowan up isn’t an option.

Discovering that he is the mate of a vampire isn’t so bad for Rowan, but the things required of him as the mate of the leader of a vampire tribe just might be more than he can handle.

When Rowan is kidnapped, not once, but twice, Luca knows he has to do everything in his power to keep his mate safe, something that would be much easier if Rowan would accept his place as the mate of a vampire and behave. Instead, Rowan is drawing Luca into more trouble with every breath.

And Luca just can’t seem to mind.

Purchase Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/just-a-vampire

Review: Luca finally meets his anamchara, Rowan, and he plans on keeping him from the start.   When he discovers that Rowan is a wolf he has a few doubts, but Rowan grows on him. Rowan is out clubbing with his brother when he meets Luca.  He isn’t sure about Luca at all, especially the way that Luca keeps trying to tell him what to do.  Will Rowan bow to Luca’s will? Or will Luca cave to Rowan’s personality?

Oh My God, this was so funny.  I haven’t laughed so much at a book in ages.  it was brilliant and really brightened up my day. Luca is a vampire to be reckoned with and when he meets his anamchara (his mate), he expects him to behave in a certain way.  What he gets in Rowan is so far from what he dreamed about, but he wouldn’t change him for the world.  Rowan doesn’t know what to expect from Luca or what is really expected from him, but he will only bend so far.  Luca will soon find out that Rowan isn’t going to be a push over.

This is a lovely, charming and funny as hell story.  I would love to tell you why but I won’t ruin it for you.  Rowan and Luca are brilliant characters who are both well written and their personalities shine through. The relationship between them is a bit rocky at first, but becomes solid quickly.  the sex is smoking hot between them. The story is quite good and is quite light-hearted and although there is a bit of danger, there are plenty of funny bits.

This one I will recommend to those who love shifters, vampires, hot sex, a great story, lots of laughs, great characters and a happy ending.



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