Kissing Orion by Amber Kell

Title:  Kissing Orion

Series:  A Vampire’s Kiss 01

Author:  Amber Kell

Genre:   Paranormal

Length:  Novella

Publisher:  2nd Edition, Silver Publishing (April 21, 2012); originally published in 2009 by Literary Road Press

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Blurb:   Detective Aaron Bradshaw sweet talks his way into a vampire club, hoping to get the local master’s cooperation for a drug bust. Little does Aaron know Master Orion plans to keep Aaron for his mate.

Aaron Bradshaw’s boss orders him to acquire the vampire Orion’s cooperation in their police investigation. Little does Aaron know sweet talking his way into the club is the first step in establishing a long-term relationship with a vampire.

The master vampire, Orion, has been alone for a long time. One look at the sexy detective and Orion decides who he wants to keep by his side. But Aaron’s insistence of throwing himself into danger drives Orion insane.

How can he keep his lover safe and still let Aaron do his job–hunting down drug runners in Orion’s club?

He may not be able to…

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Reviewer:   Portia

Review:  Orion knew the moment he laid eyes on Aaron that they were supposed to be together.  Aaron isn’t into vampires, as a rule, but he’s willing to make an exception for the sexy vamp.

Kissing Orion is classic Amber Kell with a twist.  Originally published in 2009, it is being reissued by Silver Publishing.  As with many Kell tales, there is a nice suspense thread.  In this case, drugs are being dealt out of Orion’s night club and Aaron is the lead detective on the case.  Orion is a very typical alpha man; possessive, arrogant, etc.  But, the twist is he’s so sweet.  There is nothing he won’t do to make Aaron happy.  Their relationship is very much a pairing of equals.  The big strong vamp with the weak little human gets old.  This was a refreshing deviation from the usual vamp/human duo.

Anyway back to the story.  I was just about to be unhappy with the nice neat ending when Kell threw a major twist in the mix.  Not quite a cliffhanger, but damn close. Secrets are revealed and Orion again shows himself to be the perfect partner for Aaron.  Loved it. There sure had better be a book two or Amber Kell is going to have a very irritated reviewer on her hands.  Highly recommend from the beautiful cover art, straight through until the happy-ever-after.