Les faits accomplis by Anna Martin

LesFaitsAccomplisLGTitle: Les faits accomplis
Series: N/A
Author: Anna Martin
Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: Novel (234 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 24th 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Blurb: Adam Hemlock rules the elite New Harbor Academy. With his mother in Paris, he throws hedonistic, alcohol- and drug-fueled parties for his equally rich, desperately bored classmates. How’s a guy who lives life to the extreme to stay entertained?

Take on a challenge, of course, and hope the exhilaration of the play-by-play fallout chases away the indifference. At the big pre-senior-year bash, Adam’s offered a dare—seduce the new kid. Adam initially laughs off the idea but changes his mind when he sees Jared.

Jared Rawell has spent the past two years at a Texas military school, where his father sent him to “pray away the gay.” He sees the academy in more liberal Washington as a chance to start over and achieve the grades he needs to get into an Ivy League school. When a beautiful but terrifying girl offers Jared a deal—don’t sleep with Adam Hemlock and she’ll help Jared get through senior year—he sees no reason to say no. But nothing is as simple as it seems.

With layers of hidden agendas, backstabbing, lying, cheating, drugs, and entitled teenage egos, Jared and Adam must navigate a high school minefield while waiting for the inevitable explosion.

ISBN: 9781632164728

Product Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5732

Aerin’s Review: ♥♥♥ 2.5 Hearts

It’s so hard to rate a book when you didn’t like any of the characters. If I started talking about what I liked about it, it would be over in one paragraph, so I’m going to get it out of the way. I liked that there were no grammatical errors. I find lately that more and more books need some serious editing and I’m pleasantly surprised to read books that are well written. The other thing I liked is the sex. Yes, that’s right; the sex is what got this book from a 2 to a 2.5 hearts rating. It was intense and hot, well done! Jared and Adam are the main characters and they’ll start a beautiful relationship when all the drama comes to an end. They have real chemistry, they really do.

And now let me tell you about what I didn’t like. Let’s start with the plot. You know that bet you read about in the blurb, about Adam convincing Jared to lose his virginity to him? The bet is the whole plot. And it didn’t even make any sense what’s so ever. I still have no idea why that bet was made and why Adam accepted it, but I’ll get back to that in a bit.

The secondary characters…..well Jared has it right. They are fucking “batshit crazy,” every single one of them, and I didn’t like them at all. They’re backstabbing and fake, dramatic, can’t keep a secret if it kills them, and they’re MEAN! Especially Clare; I wanted to beat that stupid bitch up, that’s how much she pissed me off.

And you know what? Jared wasn’t really a bad guy, but the fact that he wanted to be friends with that group of assholes left me feeling disappointed. They were so ridiculous….partying, gossiping, doing drugs and mindfucking each other (not in the good way) were their hobbies. Clare the queen bitch, an entitled brat, the rest of the girls (Clare’s kiss-ass crew), Biggie, Adam, and Jared are the members of the “cool” gang. Biggie….don’t get me started on Biggie…born the same day as Notorious BIG’s death, he’s the gangsta’ with more money than brains. No wait, he’s actually smart, just acts like a dumbass.

Since we brought up Biggie, let’s go back to that bet, the one the whole book revolves around. What did Adam have to gain from that bet once he won it?… Biggie’s pink Cadillac (previously owned by Elvis) *snort*. Ok, cool car, right? But Adam is a very rich kid who has a collection of cars. He can afford to buy that car, and Biggie admits at one point that he wanted to sell the car…so what’s the point of the stupid fucking bet?*pulls hair*. Honestly, the plot sucks. So do the characters.

Ok so we established the kids are rich brats. But how about the adults? They HAVE to be better, right? They can’t be as childish and irresponsible, no way! Wrong!!! Let’s start with the one adult we get to see the most of. Jared’s aunt, Hadley, is a 30’ish something woman who leaves Jared alone for weeks at the time so she can go party with her friends. And when she is home, her friends are there and they party every night, to the point where poor Jared has to go sleep at Adam’s house if he wants to get any rest. What a lovely lady she is!!! Jared’s parents suck, his mother is a pushover, his dad’s an asshole; they love Jared so much that the only way they could get through Christmas was keep their wineglasses filled.

I guess you can tell by now that this book frustrated me to my limits. Thank you Jesus for small miracles. Jared and Adam finally got their heads out of their asses (not each other’s unfortunately) and focused on their relationship and the feelings they have for each other. That part was beautiful. The happy ending helped because otherwise I would’ve gone crazy.

I’m not sure I’d recommend this book to anyone because I didn’t really like it and was very hard not to give up on it. But if you like YA books with rich, self entitled brats, a lot of drama and backstabbing, and Macklemore (yep, that’s right) then you might enjoy this.

Cat’s Review:  ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

This is a very complicated story about a group of extremely wealthy teens in their last year of High school. There is a clique that pretty much runs the senior class and school. Clare is a very conniving girl and has set her sights on humiliating the new gay boy. Chris, known as Biggie keeps the group supplied with drugs alcohol and whatever they need and helps organize and run the parties they through.

Adam is also top dog, but he pretty much falls in behind the rest of the clique. Jared is the new kid and though he isn’t hiding, he isn’t exactly out until he meets Clare and she pretty much tells him that she knows his entire history. She warns him against Adam and tells him he tries to get all the guys to bottom for him. Jared is a virgin and doesn’t plan to lose that until he is good and ready.

There is really a lot going on in the story. It really involves each character though Adam and Jared are the main characters. I did like the story but I have to say I wondered why most of the kids in town though 17 or 18, still in school, were left on their own. Practically each of these prominent characters were doing drugs, drinking a lot and it seemed there was a party in one of the houses at all times. I could see this if they were college kids living on their own but kids still in school and at home, it seemed a bit odd.

Having said that I really liked the relationship between Adam and Jared. It wasn’t love at first sight and they built a very solid friendship that grew into more and I will say it was hot.

I recommend this if you like Young Adults stories with lots of parties, conniving friends, and a sexy budding romance.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com *