Lost and Won by Sarah Ann Watts

Title: Lost and Won

Author: Sarah Ann Watts

Genre: Historical (England 1651)

Length: Novella (77pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (7th July 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥2Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: ‘There was a battle and you lost.’ Philip prayed never to see Francis again. Now the man who stole his heart is his prisoner, staking his life on Philip’s honor. All Philip has to do is let him go.

1651: the Battle of Worcester is lost and won. Charles Stuart is a fugitive with a price on his head and Cromwell has the ‘crowning mercy’ of victory. Philip, a sober, respectable young man, fought bravely for the parliamentary cause and is looking forward to peace at his own hearth.

Francis, his lover and childhood friend, returns to make peace with his dying father and to give back Philip’s heart.

Soon Philip finds himself reluctantly sheltering a royalist spy and protecting the witch in his family.

Philip’s duty is clear and Francis staked his life on his honor. All he has to do is let Francis go. But how can Francis ask Philip to deliver him to justice?

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Review: There isn’t really anything to add to the blurb because it really does say it all and it hasn’t missed anything out. Philip is a Roundhead following behind Cromwell, but now with the Battle over he is discharged and sent home. On his return home, he finds Francis a Cavalier. his old friend and now his enemy. Francis knows what Philip will do; nothing and no one will come before Philip’s loyalty to Cromwell and he fully expects to be handed over to Cromwell.

This is an interesting novella from a historical point of view, but I found it to be sadly lacking in the romantic/love department. Philip and Francis have apparently shared something in the past, but now they are on opposite sides of a war, with the last Battle fought and the Roundheads rounding up all of Charles Stuart’s supporters it is only a matter of time before they catch Francis. Francis returns to his childhood home to say goodbye to his father and to give himself up to Philip. Philip just wants Francis to go, he never wants to see him again, as it reminds him of his youthful actions, but with Francis before him, he knows he has to do his duty.

Yes, a very interesting historical m/m, but sadly for me there was no spark between the MCs at all and Philip had a stick so far up his arse you could see it coming out the top of his head. I really, really, really disliked Philip and his stuck up pious ways, oh and his political beliefs. Francis would have been so much better off with anyone else. I mean Francis risked it all to see the man again and then he asked Philip to come with him. If Philip had really wanted him and not his land etc. then he should have gone. Francis… why did you waste your years on that man? There are some interesting tid-bits after Francis escapes where it looks like they were meeting up in secret and then the final homecoming when Charles Stuart is returned to his throne.

So, I will recommend this to those who love historicals, pious men, righteous men, men who stick by their beliefs and a happy ending.


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