The Cajun's Pet by Jana Downs

Title: The Cajun’s Pet

Series: New Orleans Rent Boys 01

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Contemporary, Slight D/s

Length: Novella (147pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (7th July 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Gideon is a New Orleanian prostitute. Evan, the Cajun King, is magnetic, dominant, and attractive, impossible to resist. The Cajun’s embrace is tempting, but Gideon needs to conquer his feelings of inadequacy to find something lasting with his dream man.

Gideon went down to the Big Easy to escape his old life; unfortunately, things got worse. He’s homeless and alone in an unfamiliar city until a group of rent boys called the French Quarter Brats take him in. Gideon learns to use his body to survive. However, eager tourists and the occasional lonely local get boring and Gideon begins to yearn for more.

When Gideon meets the Cajun King, Evan St. Germaine, he’s struck by the man’s dominant personality and rugged good looks. He becomes obsessed with becoming the Cajun’s pet rent boy.

But Evan isn’t an everyday john and he demands more for his cash than Gideon’s body and his willing submission. Evan demands Gideon’s heart.

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Review: Gideon hoped for a better life when he moved to New Orleans, but found himself on the streets turning tricks. He shares an apartment with five other Brats who work the Quarter with him. Gideon approaches the Cajun King (Evan) one day and makes a cheeky offer, one that surprises even himself, now he has choices to make, but can he really live as the Cajun’s Pet?

This is a Prince in Shining Armor story…but with a twist. Gideon doesn’t like tricking and he only does the minimum of tricks to pay the rent and to eat and even then he will go days without food. One day a man catches his eye and he is mesmerized. When Gideon finds out the mystery man’s name and where he eats breakfast, he is compelled to approach and make him an offer Gideon never thought he would ever utter. But, Evan knows exactly what he wants and although Gideon rises up to expectations, Evan needs to be sure that Gideon knows what he is getting into and what Gideon wants for himself as well.

This is a really well written novella that delves into an aspect of D/s that isn’t portrayed very often. When Gideon offers to be Evan’s pet he confuses himself. Because, although he will act submissive, he has never had a need to be submissive to someone. But, Evan draws that out of him without even trying. Now, Evan knows what he wants and yes, that is a pet, but he also wants something more and he has to get that across to Gideon. When Evan does try to make Gideon understand, Gideon reacts badly and it is only on later reflection that Gideon realizes that he needs to grow up and to take back control of his own life. And yes, you will sit there shaking your head at Gideon’s behavior, but remember he is young and headstrong and can you all honestly say you never got pushed aside, then got drunk and did something stupid (yeah me either, I am an innocent Pixie lol).

This story isn’t just about a Dominate, a rent boy and hot sex.  It’s about getting what you truly need and want. it’s about finding yourself when you are lost and getting your own control back again and Jana Downs has done a great job of putting that across and also of writing some fantastic hot sex scenes, which were also erotic, but also sweet. I also really liked the fact that in the epilogue everything wasn’t sweetness and light between them and they had things to work through it added a more realistic dimension to it.

So, I recommend this to those who like light D/s, really hot sex that is also sweet and erotic, growing up and finding your Prince Charming who gives you a nudge in the right direction. And I am really hoping for stories for Ter and Jamie (two other Brats).



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