Pet du Cajun by Jana Downs

91iEbFzMIyL._SL1500_Title: Pet du Cajun


Series: Rock Bottom Boys 01  


Author: Jana Downs


Genre: Paranormal


Length: Novella (131pgs)


Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (December 1st, 2012)


Heat Level: Moderate


Heart Rating:♥♥♥♥4Hearts


Reviewer: Pixie


Blurb: Gideon Green is homeless and alone in the unfamiliar city of New Orleans. Luckily, he’s taken in by a group of boys called the French Quarter Brats and shown how to survive by its members. A year into living with them, he sees the man the Brats call the Cajun King, and the instant attraction and unreasoning pull he feels will not be denied.


Evan St. Germaine, the Cajun King of New Orleans, has been looking for his mate since he became a werewolf a decade previously. When Gideon approaches him, he knows instantly who the boy is to him, even if the human doesn’t realize it yet. Taking Gideon home and building his mate’s confidence is just the first step in helping Gideon realize his self-worth, but will Evan’s mastery be enough to make Gideon realize that being his mate includes more than his obedience and willing submission?


Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.


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Review: This book is a revised edition of The Cajun’s Pet and although many of you will say, well it can’t be that different, you’d be wrong. Because there’s quite a bit added in. and although it doesn’t seem to have changed all that much, the added paranormal aspect adds a different depth to the story and there are other notable changes as well.


Gideon is sharing an apartment with five other men. All trying to get by in New Orleans. He tries to get honest work and sometimes will go for days without food, rather than turning to selling himself. The first time he sees Evan the ‘Cajun King’, he is intrigued and takes to hovering around the Café where Evan has his breakfast. Grabbing his courage, he approaches the Cajun and makes him an offer. Evan is surprised and intrigued when a brat approaches him offering to be his pet. There is something about the other man that makes his wolf sit up and whine, so he takes a chance. But Evan soon learns that Gideon is damaged and he has to be tough so both of them get what they really want.


I must admit to being surprised when I learned that Jana Downs had re-written The Cajun’s Pet and had added a paranormal slant to it. But to be honest I liked it. It added a bit more spice to the story line and adds a more intriguing aspect. Gideon is a sweet character, but he is lost. When Evan takes him in, Gideon immerses himself in everything that he is given and offered. But Evan knows that Gideon needs to find himself, before he commits to Evan fully. The paranormal aspect is one that I want more of. Evan is a wolf and has a small pack that is spread throughout the country. Finding out more about the circumstances of his change and when he changed Gideon would have been nice, but hey, it was still a good story. I will admit that there was one part where I thought that both Gideon and Evan were being selfish and that was when the vampire asked for their help after they had a slight misunderstanding.


I will recommend this to those who like 24/7 D/s, paranormal stories, finding yourself and a happy ending for a wolf and his mate.  

The Pen and the Sword by Jana Downs

ecm-jd-bg-penandthesword3131106_0248Title: The Pen and the Sword

Series: Beast Games 02

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (144pgs)

ISNB: 978-1-62740-918-6

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (16th November 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Trying to convince the gladiator master, Flavius, that bear shifter Corbin is what he needs is no easy task when the world says otherwise. The upcoming gladiatorial match takes the two of them to New Orleans, and Corbin hopes the change in scenery may be just what they need to get their relationship officially off the ground.

Flavius’s connection to Corbin could earn him jail time if he’s ever caught, but he can’t stop touching him or deny the ever-present connection between them. Resolving to stay away from Corbin has been terrifically ineffective, but the match provides him the opportunity to create greater distance if he has the self-control to follow through.

However, the event throws Flavius a curve ball that neither of them expects and it will take both of them to deal with the fallout. Will they buckle under the newfound pressure or will they find something unexpectedly sweet in a world designed to keep them apart?

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Review: This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Flavius is the gladiator master who doesn’t see his slaves as just beasts, he is trying to improve the lot of his slaves so they have more freedom but his own secret feelings for Corbin could lose them everything. Corbin, Flavius’ Lanista, wants nothing more than to be able to claim his mate but a relationship between a master and slave is forbidden, punishable by jail time for the master. Flavius fights his feelings for Corbin but Corbin won’t allow him to back off, then a deep dark secret about Flavius is discovered and Flavius’ household must pull together or lose everything.

Ah, we finally get the story about Flavius and Corbin, we all saw the tension between them in Cat and Mouse but now we see the full struggle that they both faced and we discover just how hard it has been for both of them. Flavius is doing the best he can with his gladiator house, but keeping away from Corbin proves to be impossible. Corbin wishes he could claim the one meant for him and refuses to be pushed away, hoping to find a solution he pursues his master but things become more complicated. Both Flavius and Corbin are shocked when the truth comes out and they have to rely on each other for support and can only hope for the future.

This is a brilliant story in a setting where shifters are slaves and humans the masters, using the shifters natures as a guide to their placing in the human world and having clear guidelines on shifter laws. Both Corbin and Flavius are in a difficult position with their forbidden relationship, Flavius tries to deny what is between them because of the laws and Corbin is beginning to no longer care about the laws. At the gladiator games, it comes to a head between them and they have to turn to their household gladiators for help. Flavius makes some surprising connections and Flavius’ slaves are about to get a freedom they have never had before.

This story feels very much like it continues on from Cat and Mouse. And in a way, it does, because we got to see from the outside Corbin’s & Flavius’s relationship in Cat and Mouse, so we knew there was something between them. It also carries on with the changing household situation for all the slaves. With Flavius wanting fairer treatment for the slaves, even before he learned the truth. The relationship between Corbin and Flavius is really well written with the conflicting emotions between following their hearts or following the law, dealing with the new discoveries and making surprising allies. They are a perfect couple in a very difficult situation.

I recommend this to those who love shifters in tight situations, a master trying to do the right thing, fighting the heart and losing, accepting fate, hot sex, a great storyline and a new beginning with hope for the future.


Angelic Ties by Jana Downs

13605103Title: Angelic Ties

Series: His Guardian Angels 02

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Paranormal, Angels, M/M/M/M/M/M

Length: Novella (99pgs)

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing (14th April 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Madigan Parker thought accepting a relationship with his five guardian angels was difficult. He’s learning that being in a relationship with all of them is more difficult as personalities clash. Bren still distrusts Cross, Yuri believes he’s the odd man out, and Michel is just too nice to put his foot down with any of them. While Dex is the only one admitting to the mutual affection and attraction that is growing between them, Madigan has his hands full.

He wants to take back his life and reopen his business. But being a baker proves difficult as old enemies circle closer, and keeping his lovers safe proves to be a lot trickier than Madigan originally thought. Torn between the life he had and the new life awaiting him, he has to decide if staying in the town he calls home is worth the risk to his men and to his heart.

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Review: Madigan thought that by accepting and bonding with his angels that he would be safe but it doesn’t work properly if the angels aren’t bonding as well, so Madigan gives them a helping hand but the hunters are determined and finds a new way to hunt.

This is a well-written novella that gives us the hot sex and interesting story line that we expect from Jana Downs (you spoilt us ;-)). Madigan is upset to learn that he can’t go back to work like he wants to because the angels haven’t been bonding properly so he sets the law down and gives his angels a helping hand. Dex, Michel, Yuri, Cross and Bren all try to come to terms with the relationship but it isn’t smooth riding for them and there are more than a few hiccups as they all try to form a relationship that suits them all.

These characters are all great men err… angels and Nephilim each with a personality that is uniquely them, each one has his own doubts to overcome as they bond with each other and Madigan has a lot to think about because when asked he had never even thought of admitting to his mother his new relationship. We get lots of really hot sex between these men some one on one, some ménage but always a hot and passionate experience.

I loved the added characters and the plot twist with the hunters was great and the new information that they received has added an interesting quest that I can’t wait to see unfold. There’s danger, injuries, hurt feelings, explanations and making up sex ;-). So if you enjoy any of that then I recommend you get this book and enjoy. Happy reading.   

Bound by Desire by Jana Downs

3125017Title: Bound by Desire    

Series: Owned 07 

Author: Jana Downs     

Genre: Science Fiction     

Length: Novella (120pgs)     

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (5th October 2013)    

Heat Level: Explicit     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts    

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: For Trev, falling in love with his alien captor after the lottery sent him halfway across the universe was easy. Navigating his relationship as time wears on proves to be much more difficult. He is bound by his desire for his master, but he doesn’t know if desire is enough. When his lover takes a job back on Earth, Trevor asks for his freedom.

Yanai is used to being desired, but love is another matter entirely. Unused to human customs but very much enamored with his lover, he will do just about anything to prove to Trev that he cares, including taking a job across the universe on Trev’s home planet. If he could only learn how to communicate properly with his human, he knows they will be able to work.

Will the two of them learn to communicate, or will both of them be unable to reconcile their differences?     

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Review: This book is part of a series and is best read in order. When Trev was handed over to his new master, he was chosen for the lottery. He was worried, but that worry soon turned to love. Now, heading for Earth with Yanai, he wants his feelings returned or he wants his freedom. Yanai is besotted with his human and will do anything for him. But, Trev always seems to reject what is offered and Yanai does the only thing he can think of… he lets Trev go. Can Yanai and Trev overcome their miscommunication of their customs or is it too late for them to share their love with each other?

So in this new addition to the Owned series, Trev has already been with his owner for nearly a year. So the relationship is already well established, but that doesn’t mean that everything is perfect… far from it. Trev wants more than to be a beloved pet to Yanai. So, when Yanai refuses to give Trev his heart, Trev asks to be released when they reach Earth. Yanai is devastated when Trev wants to leave him, but his only other option would be to give Trev his heart… and he can’t live without it. 

It soon becomes clear to us that there are huge misunderstandings going on between the two lovers. Even after nearly a year, neither really knows much about the others customs and it takes a while and also some nagging from the gray men for Trev to realize it isn’t all Yanai’s fault either. Now, while they both try to reconcile and express themselves in a way the other fully understands, there is more going on in the background of the story. Yanai wins another human in the lottery, which Trev is unhappy about, but they have much more to be concerned about when the Pressian’s turn up demanding the return of Trev. 

I really love this series because with each one we are introduced to more information about the Pressian’s and their subjugation of the Eoeans. And, finally, we are given a hint that maybe the Pressian’s bullying might be coming to an end. Trev and Yanai are wonderful characters, who are incredibly in love with each other. They just didn’t know how to communicate with each other. They are an incredible, hot couple, who burn up the sheets and give us some really hot sex. We see characters from Bound by Deception, and you even warm up to the gray men after a while. because they certainly develop as we see more of them.  

I have to recommend this to those who love aliens and humans falling in love, reconciling after misunderstandings, hot sex, passionate love, a desperate escape and a wonderful romantic, hot and sexy ending.


Bite Me, Too by Jana Downs

18483287Title: Bite Me, Too     

Series: sHarmony Shifters 02 

Author: Jana Downs     

Genre: Paranormal     

Length: Novella (123pgs)     

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (21st September 2013)     

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit     

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts    

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: The only thing that Evan enjoys is playing in a hacker hangout and chatting with a fellow computer expert, BlackJoy. Up to this point, he’s avoided the matches made by sHarmony’s “Love Experts,” but he is ready to try just about anything to find his prince charming. Little does he know that fate has already set him up with his perfect match.

Brandon is very intrigued by the man he plays games with on Hackverse. Working as head of internal security at sHarmony, he recognizes some of the programming he’s encountered in the system as WrightTrigger’s handiwork. Once he finds out that Evan has a profile on sHarmony, it’s all too easy to set them up on a date. He doesn’t know that the man who intrigues him is really the mate of his dreams.

As their courtship heats up, outside threats might put a permanent end to their courtship before it really has the chance to blossom into romance.     

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Review: This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Evan hasn’t had much luck with his sHarmony dates and much prefers to play in a hacker hangout with Blackjoy, a fellow computer expert. He has slightly flirtatious chats and develops a slight crush, but on his next date he meets a shifter he is strongly attracted to. Brandon enjoys playing with WrightTrigger on Hackverse and during a security update, he recognizes some of WrightTrigger’s work, it gives him the perfect opportunity to meet the man who intrigues him. Their relationship heats up but there are outside threats that threaten what they are building together.

Ohhhh, Evan, you are a delightful and Brandon, you are just a touch sneaky. I really enjoyed this story. The groundwork is laid out early between Brandon and Evan with them first meeting on-line building up a budding friendship. And then later meeting face to face with only one of them knowing the other is really their hacker friend. Evan and Brandon make a great couple, although they try to take it slow so Evan can be secure in his choice of man, they have a lot in common and enjoy each other’s company. But than Humans First, (bigoted group) step up their game plan and Evan finds out the downfalls of being mated to a shifter. 

This is a great storyline which I thought was great, we get a bit more information about the way shifters are treated by the human government *grrr* and we see the lengths that Humans First will go to try to purify the world. Evan wants to wait until he is certain till he is turned but a slight mishap moves up the timeline, and Oh My God he is sooooo cute as a shifter… and funny, the swimming pool incident had me giggling my head off, even now thinking back on it I can’t stifle a laugh. Brandon’s shifted form is one I’d never want to meet but compliments Evan’s in a weird sort of way. 

We see characters we met in Bite Me, with Orion getting a surprise and we catch up with Jude and Logan, and we are introduced to Quinn (receptionist at sHarmony and Brandon’s best friend). I have to say that this was a very satisfying story with danger, disapproval, prejudice, bigotry and on the other side of the spectrum, love, humor, great friends and enormous support. I really can’t wait for what is to come next.

I recommend this to those who love shifters, brilliant characters, hot sex, sweet love, disappointment and hurt, friends pulling together in times of need and a great ending. 

Bite Me by Jana Downs

18278180Title: Bite Me     

Series: sHarmony Shifters 01

Author: Jana Downs     

Genre: Paranormal     

Length: Novella (82pgs)     

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (24th August 2013)     

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit     

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3½ – 4 Hearts    

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: Jude Lawson has bad luck in love. When his friend stumbles upon a matchmaking service promising to pair him with the shifter of his dreams, he isn’t entirely convinced. Little does he know that his first match will be the man destined to change his bad luck forever.

Logan Carter is a fox shifter who is looking for a second chance. Since adopting his younger brother after their parents’ death, he’s not had much luck with relationships. Deciding to date a human might be a bit of a culture shock but it has to be better than not dating at all. Taking it slow might have been his plan but one glance at Jude shows him he wants anything but.

As jealous exes and hate groups try to drive a wedge in their newfound relationship, Logan and Jude will have to decide if staying together is worth whatever price they have to pay in order to find happiness.     

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Review: Ohh. I loved this new shifter story with its interesting take on shifters. Jude is a proper cutie and is really fed up with his abysmal love life. He has always had a thing for shifters… well, the ones in his romance books anyway. so, when he and his friends stumble across sHarmony, a dating site that caters to humans and shifters, he signs up and meets the love of his life on the first date *yay*. Logan is a wonderful man who took his little brother in when their parents died, most dates run when they discover this though, Logan is also fed up of dating shifters who subscribe to the 3 second rule “your eyes meet, one second, you take a breath, two seconds, you fall in love, three seconds.” Logan wants a relationship of substance and signing up for a date with a human seems like the way to go. Not everything is rosy for the couple though because of outside interference and they have to support each other when the prejudice and bigotry begin.

So a new series and a newish take on shifters. Shifters are known to the world, most have accepted them, but there are some groups that like enforce their bigotry. Human’s can be changed by a virus from their mate but there is no real way of telling what their animal would be, the animal is linked to the humans personality. I liked how it was all set out and easily explained. There was no confusion or mystery just an easy explanation. The story flowed well, with everything coming together to make an enjoyable story with very likable characters, Jude and Logan were both delightful and their relationship moved quickly but with a huge amount of passion and a good dose of friendship between them. 

The secondary characters were great, Evan, Collin, and Orion all adding something to the story, you just know they will get their own stories in the future. While Jude and Logan’s relationship is perfect for them, others try to make trouble for them and they both face a bit of danger. The shifter aspect was fascinating, especially trying to guess what type of shifter Jude would turn into… and he is so cute when he does. 

I recommend this to those who love shifters, hot sex, great characters, tension and a touch of danger, a great story and a wonderful ending. 



Angelic Alliances by Jana Downs

5162700_origTitle: Angelic Alliances     

Series: His Guardian Angels 05 

Author: Jana Downs     

Genre: Paranormal, MMMMMM      

Length: Novella (117pgs)     

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (3rd August 2013)    

Heat Level:  Explicit     

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥ 3½ – 4 Hearts   

Reviewer: Pixie     

Blurb: A week to prepare for battle hardly seems like much, but a week is all Madigan Parker and his lovers have to prepare for the battle to save Urun. Awakening Madigan’s powers is just the beginning as the former baker gives himself over to the trainers to make him the leader of an army before the week is out. Practicing with Scepta enables him to achieve more than he ever thought possible, but new power brings new gifts and problems that he wasn’t expecting to deal with.

As Madigan learns more about himself and his angelic powers, his lovers try to hold the fear of failure at bay as they work toward their goals. When Madigan finally starts to believe that he might actually be able to win the unwinnable, his lovers reluctantly start to feel that same hope. However, as the pawns fall neatly into place, unexpected challengers, and new allies may end the war before it’s even begun.     

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Review: This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Madigan, Cross, Bren, Michel, Yuri and Dex are gearing up for the coming war with Azrael and his Hunters. All the angels are finding it hard to allow Madigan into danger but they know he has to open his powers and gain control of them if they are to win, they are all feeling the pressure but as more angels are pledged to fight by the Archangels they begin to feel hope. Surprise allies come into play but first Madigan has to prove his worth and if he doesn’t learn to call upon his powers the war maybe over even before, it has begun.

This is a great addition to the His Guardian Angels series with the war rapidly approaching Madigan and his angels manage to still find time to love. As the war approaches, Madigan, and his angels discover that they have many more allies than they ever imagined, Madigan has to open his powers and with the help of allies old and new he begins to get a grip on them. Cross, Bren, Michel, Dex and Yuri find they have lots to keep them occupied as they help to train the Nephilim for the upcoming battle, but the fear that Madigan isn’t going to be ready lingers. 

Oh damn this is a steamy addition to the series which is packed with surprises. Jana Downs pulls out all the stops as sides are taken and allies are forged as the war approaches, she has given us something to look forward to as Madigan’s powers come to the fore. We see our favorite angels coming together in support and love, we see them handling their fears with a reaffirmation of their love, and we watch as amazing allies come to their aid. Their sex lives don’t falter one bit as Madigan uses his powers in a sensual way and boy are they smoking hot. The ending is one that you want to choke the author for…. I wanted to cry in sheer frustration.

I recommend this to those that love mixing it up with your paranormals, watching as your pages start to smoke because of the hot sex, seeing the army come together and a pure frustrating ending that ends much too soon. 


Bound by Deception by Jana Downs

18191143Title: Bound by Deception

Series: Owned 06

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Science Fiction, Futuristic

Length: Novella (117pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (20th July 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Jack Corbet has been chosen, just not in the traditional way. When the Eoeans demand another sacrifice, the human government doesn’t want to give up one of their upstanding citizens. Though completely innocent, convicted felon Jack is pretty indifferent to being chosen as the aliens’ latest sacrifice. Arming himself with the hypothesis that Eoeans can’t be that bad, he steps willingly into the unknown.

Kelr, an Eoean diplomat, doesn’t really want a human. Being half Renka, he is disturbed by the touch of others and doesn’t want to risk becoming enamored with one. What he doesn’t count on is a human determined to have him, or the unexpected pleasure Jack’s touch brings him.

However, criminals are considered inferior goods to the alien government, and Jack might find himself in hot water well before he and Kelr are comfortable in their newfound relationship.

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Review: This story is part of a series and although it can be read as a standalone, it is best enjoyed as part of the series. The government has decided to pull a fast one on the Eoeans when they demand an extra sacrifice. Jack is in prison serving a long sentence when he is told he is going to be a sacrifice, with no other real option he takes the government up on their offer and finds himself the property of an Eoean/Renka diplomat. Kelr doesn’t want a human, the touch and vibrations coming off others unsettle his Renka half and he doesn’t like the idea of owning a slave. What Kelr doesn’t count on though is the human’s determination to have a relationship with him and Kelr finds his defenses breaking down. But Eoean society looks down on criminals and when the Pressian’s start to make trouble Jack and Kelr could find themselves in hot water.

This story is a great addition to the Owned series as it expands the storyline of the Eoeans background. Jack is in prison for something he hasn’t done but he will gladly stay there to save the person he is protecting, but he is given an opportunity that he can’t really turn down. Kelr is pretty unique, he is half Renka so he can manipulate vibrations and change the resonance to something different but he is also half Eoean, which means he has the same urges, but touch is difficult for him. Jack discovers a way for them to still find pleasure but Kelr swears he will find someone for Jack to be full partners with, Jack doesn’t want that but Kelr is stubborn.

I really enjoyed this story, we discover more about the Eoeans position with the Pressian’s and the demands they are under, we see another human find soul resonance with their beloved alien and we see how they work through the problems they face. Their sexual escapades are extremely hot and I loved how they first tried to solve the touching problem. I also really liked that Kelr tried to do what was best for Jack before admitting defeat in the face of Jack’s need. Each story brings us a bit closer to understanding why the Eoeans want the humans, the soul resonance is one, but we also discover that the Pressian’s are demanding them as payment as well.

I have to recommend this to those who love science fiction, futuristic, alien loving, if they want red-hot sex, if they love humans who know what they want, if they want a great storyline with a developing twist and a great ending. 



Born to Please by Jana Downs

17452606Title: Born To Please

Series: Pleasure Vessels 01

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Futuristic (3006), Paranormal

Length: Novella (124pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (9th March 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Vessel 8189, Payne, doesn’t want the man who the Facility has deemed his perfect match. A specially designed person whose DNA has been spliced with shifter DNA, his entire life has prepared him for his owner and mate. However, the man they’ve chosen isn’t the spoiled, arrogant jerk he anticipates.

Alecander Kane is the CEO of marketing for the Facility where Payne is housed. He never wanted to take a Vessel because he craved more of a partner than a slave. Unfortunately, his father has other plans. He has gifted Payne as a birthday present.

After they meet, a problem at the Facility sends them rushing back to the place Payne grew up to deal with the cleanup. Together, they will uncover all the secrets that have been festering for years and change the way Vessels are treated forever, all the while discovering that being born for pleasure doesn’t necessarily preclude falling in love.

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Review: Payne is a Vessel, a person designed to be the perfect companion for just one person, he is nearing the end of his training and will soon be given to his owner, but Payne doesn’t want anyone claiming him especially after his hellish training and knowing that his owner only wants a mindless pet. But Payne’s match is nothing like he thought he would be and just as they are coming to an understanding, a problem at the Facility looks set to rip them apart. Alec has no idea about the real story behind Vessel’s, but when he receives his own as a present he rapidly learns that everything he thought he knew isn’t right and with his Vessel at his side he looks into setting things right.

This is a cool little novella that is set in the far future and has a little twist of shifter mating, but it also has a dark tinge to it that leaves lingering questions. Payne was created for Alec, his DNA was spliced with that of shifters to create the perfect mate, but not everything is wonderful in the Vessel world as brutal training and mind-altering practices ensure Vessel compliance. Alec is appalled when he discovers what is happening and swears to Payne that they will dig for the truth, but the discovery of illegal practices at the Facility leads to a shakeup of the treatment of Vessels.

Alec and Payne clash when they first meet and it continues until Alec realizes that he doesn’t really want a mindless sex toy, Payne challenges him at every turn and makes him see that Vessels aren’t just objects, but are people with their own thoughts and feelings. You warm up to both Payne and Alec quickly and when Alec’s father, David, comes on the scene he seems unfeeling and callus, it isn’t until later in the book that his façade changes and that’s due to his own Vessel, Amber, Alec’s mother. The storyline is brilliant and a little bit taboo, playing with genetics’ to make the perfect companion, but the system is hijacked when the Vessels are treated inhumanly.

I am really looking forward to seeing which direction this series goes next, because there is unfinished business and people disappeared before they could be caught… and we also have the surprising twist of shifters coming out of their hiding places. We also have the uncertain question of the Vessels mating, now that they will no longer be forced, how will this twist work out?

I will recommend this to those that love shifters, mates, a touch of danger, hot sex, a touch of conflict and a happy ending.


Bound by Duty by Jana Downs

18070516Title: Bound by Duty

Series: Owned 04

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Science Fiction

Length: Novella (132pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (6th July 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Jess Taylor has been selected. Chosen by the annual lottery as a sacrifice to the aliens that saved mankind from the Great Plague, he could care less what happens to him. Little does he know that his first alien master doesn’t provide much and has a gambling problem to boot. When the debt gets too high, he’s sold to another who might provide all he needs and so much more.

Noss, the first spawn of Prince Kranok, is duty bound to take care of his family. Unfortunately, for him, no one wants to marry him because of his father’s scandal. Noss doesn’t expect much when he buys the human, but he gets more than a handful.

Passion spirals quickly into something more meaningful, and they’ll have to decide if being bound by duty can make them happy in a world where changing the rules might mean the destruction of the house that Noss is trying so hard to keep together.Anitra_Jana_Owned_final750x1125

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Review: This story is part of a series and can be read as a standalone but is best read in order. Jess has been chosen by the alien lottery and he thinks that it won’t be all bad, after all anything would be better than the complete indifference of his parents. Things aren’t too bad but then his owner’s gambling debts get too high and Jess is sold off, and he discovers being picked by the alien lottery is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Noss was forced to take on the role of Arak when his father Prince Kranok was arrested, it is a role he dreads, but to keep his family together he will put his own happiness aside. Noss has to buy a human when the scandal keeps away marriage prospects and he gets much more than he bargained for in Jess, their passion is explosive and they both find what they are looking for in the other but Noss has to decide whether he can accept what is being offered or if he will be bound by duty.

This is a great addition to this wonderful sci-fi series Owned. We briefly met Noss in Bound by Defiance as he took over responsibility for his family. Noss never wanted a traditional household but with his father gone, he has to take over his role to keep his family together, but he can’t become Arak unless he gets a concubine and nobody wants him now buying a human is his only hope. When he gets Jess he has his hands full with the horny human but the bliss he finds in Jess’ arms might not be enough. Jess finds something he has never had when he is sold to Noss. He finds a family that accepts him. But, getting Noss to see that he can have a happy life and keep his family together is harder than he thinks.

I loved this story, both characters are wonderful, and they are perfect in this story together. Jess has had a crappy life being ignored by his parents; he will take anything that life throws at him with a smile so when he is chosen for the lottery he figures it won’t be so bad. When Jess is sold onto Noss, he accepts that he is a convenience but still manages to find his place in the family. Noss feels he has no choice but to become Arak but finds himself longing to submit to Jess, he also doesn’t know if he can hold out hope for what Jess offers him.

This is a great story that brings two men together who both have something that the other one needs, Noss needs Jess to show him how to let go and accept change and Jess needs Noss to show him how a family really are and the love and comfort they bring. Jess is a character that you can’t help but feel compassion for; he has been treated badly by his parents and has to find the love of a family in an alien family. Noss is trying to protect his family and you can’t help but love him, but he also fears changing their family standing.  

I recommend this to those who love science fiction, human and alien smoking hot sex, accepting love, and family, bucking tradition and a very successful conclusion.  



Bound by Defiance by Jana Downs

ecm-jd-o-boundbydefiance (3)Title: Bound by Defiance

Series: Owned 02

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Science Fiction, BDSM

Length: Novella (137pgs)

Publisher: Siren BookStrand (22nd June 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Alexis Bedlam has been chosen. Selected by the annual lottery as a sacrifice to the alien race that saved mankind from the Great Plague, he’s none too happy to be carted off to be some alien’s snack pack, love slave maybe, but not someone’s dinner. Little does he know that he’s about to come face to face with the master of his dreams.

Elia, the twenty-seventh spawn of Prince Kranok, has been ordered to wed. Luckily, for him, the annual lottery has provided a being that is rumored to be the perfect first concubine for him. What the rumors didn’t tell him is that his particular human is stubborn, sexy, and determined to make a new path for the both of them in an alien world.

As questions about the legitimacy of Elia’s ownership arise, he will have to decide if he will surrender to authority and follow tradition or if defying his past is worth a future with Alexis.

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Review: This story is part of a series and can be read as a stand-alone but is best read as part of the series. Alexis has been chosen for the alien lottery and is terrified, being left for pick-up he has no idea what he is about to face. Elia is Eoean and has been ordered to wed now that his mating urges have begun, his father presents him with a human as his first concubine, and Elia begins the process of setting his own home up and getting to grips with his sexy, feisty human. Alexis is just coming to terms with his relationship with Elia when it is threatened and both Alexis and Elia have to decide if they are willing to fight to stay together.

Jana Downs has written an excellent addition to the Owned series, showing the side where the Eoeans keep some of the humans and their settlement on Earth. Elia is now mature enough to have mating instincts and to set up his own house as Arak, his father gifts him with a human, Alexis, as his first concubine but the feisty human may be the only concubine he ever takes. Alexis was chosen for the lottery but at least he is still on Earth, fitting into the Eoeans society isn’t going to be easy but at least Elia seems open to changing some of the rules.

I really enjoyed the way that the Jana Downs has gone down a slightly different tract than Anitra Lynn McLeod; Anitra’s portion of the series is focused on the selling of the humans onto different worlds, while Jana keeps her humans on Earth in the Eoeans settlements. The world building is good and we get more information on the Eoeans because we spend time with them, we still get that BDSM flavor threaded throughout the story (which is hot), and we come to a better understanding of the lottery. Both Alexis and Elia are great characters and boy do they set off sparks together, their relationship isn’t easy and obstacles are put in their way. It also doesn’t help that Elia’s society has certain expectations that clashes with the human society that Alexis has grown up in, but they come to a wonderful compromise before Elia’s fathers’ idiocy nearly ruins it.

I have to recommend this to those who love humans and aliens falling in love, different species merging their cultures, just a touch of BDSM, hot sex, finding your soul mate and the beginning of a very happy ending. 

Saved by Surrender by Jana Downs

ecm-jd-m-savedbysurrenderTitle: Saved By Surrender

Series: Marked 04

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Paranormal, BDSM

Length: Novel (186pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (8th June 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Regan Adamson has a secret. As beta for the Blackfoot pack, the only thing required of him is acting like a Dominant male. In the world of pack, switching is not an option but when he meets the omega, Titus, his resolve to ignore his need for occasional submission is put to the test.

Titus Oswin is on a mission to rescue a kidnapped group of humans. He never expected to meet his mate in the process. An admitted switch, Titus refused in the past to accept a lover who doesn’t Dominate and submit. But Regan is so deep in the submissive closet that Titus isn’t even sure the instant attraction and growing respect between them is enough for him to take a chance on their relationship.

As troubles within and without the pack arise, Regan will have to decide if being with Titus will be his ultimate downfall or if he will be saved by his surrender.

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Review: This book is part of a series and is best read in order. As a beta for the pack, Regan is expected to be Dominant wolf and Regan wants that. His wolf, on the other hand, wants to submit, which is strictly forbidden. In addition, even though Regan does love the kiss of a whip, it is a side of himself he has to deny. A wolf can be Dominant or submissive, but never both. Titus is an Omega and an admitted switch. He is on Blackfoot pack lands to investigate a neighboring pack so meeting his mate is a surprise. However, the bigger surprise is how his mate reacts. Titus has to decide if he can deal with the unsureness of his mate. Regan has to make hard choices because his wolf is rebelling. Being at odds with his wolf is hard, but losing his place in the pack could be harder. Regan and Titus have to work out their relationship and quick, because Regan could lose more than just his mate.

This is a great story showing the angst and turmoil of a wolf pulled between his nature and pack rules. Regan is being pulled apart by denying part of his wolf nature, but what his wolf wants is forbidden. The rules are simple, a beta is a Dominant wolf and a wolf cannot be Dominant and submissive. Nevertheless, Regan is all those things. When Regan meets his mate, Titus, he is tested beyond his control. Titus is an Omega so him being both Dominant and submissive isn’t unknown, but it is kept secret by the Circle. When he meets Regan, he tries to explain to him that they can work everything out. But, it takes a near call for Regan to come around.

Both the main characters, Titus and Regan, are excellent in this story. they are doing something that is different in the shifter world. If you have read the previous books then you know it is a very rigid world. There are rules for nearly everything and the shifters have a very fixed mind as to what wolves go where in the pack and this is where Regan and Titus blur the lines. They make an explosive couple and Titus is a huge support as Regan struggles with what to do and Regan really does struggle. You get the full impact of his internal struggle and his pure relief when he finally accepts himself for a switch. The sex and BDSM between them is beautifully done and both characters make incredible Dominates and submissives.

I recommend this to those who love BDSM, hot sex, even hotter characters, a great story line of an internally conflicted shifter and a very hot, sexy ending.

 Marked banner 3


Relay for Life by Jana Downs

mem-jd-d-relayforlifeTitle: Relay for Life

Series: Deadzone 02

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Paranormal, MMM

Length: Novel (180 pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (20th April 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Andrew Ainsley is a Deadzone-sponsored runner participating in the most intense cross-country race of his life. However, a double marathon through the wilds outside the safety zones will bring trouble he didn’t anticipate.

Marcel Carter has been in love with Andrew since he started running for Deadzone five years previously but never had the courage to ask him out. It isn’t until Andrew is lost that he realizes he’s been wasting time.

Matthew Gibson volunteers frequently for dangerous field missions, leaving little time for real relationships. He thinks he’s ready to put that life behind him until his cousin, Brooklyn, asks him to help rescue Andrew. When the three meet, sparks fly, and Matthew thinks he’s finally found what he’s been missing.

As they fight to survive zombies unlike any they’ve faced before and uncover dangerous government conspiracies, they’ll have to determine if their newfound love is real or if it only exists in the dead zone.

Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

Purchase Link:

Review: Andrew is a runner preparing for the most intense run of his life, a fifty-two mile run through the wilds for his sponsors, Deadzone. Andrew has had a crush on Marcel since he joined Andrew’s run security team, but Marcel only seems to see him as a brother. Marcel has wanted Andrew for years, but has always been reserved. But, now with Andrew missing Marcel is determined to tell him how he feels when they find him. Matthew volunteers to be a member of a small team sent in to find one of the most famous athletes of their time. Finding himself attracted to his fellow rescuer, Marcel, he has no qualms in letting the man know he is interested. Finding himself also attracted to Andrew, Matthew makes it his mission to get Marcel and Andrew to accept how they feel and all three find what they have been missing. But, getting out of the wilds is dangerous, especially when they uncover a government secret. Can the three men protect their new-found love?

This story is a great addition to the Deadzone series, giving us a mysterious government conspiracy and the love of three men. Andrew lives to run. it is what he is good at and he loves it. Marcel works as a field agent at Deadzone. His first assignment was for the run team and he has stuck with it ever since. Matthew worked for SCAB, but after a traumatic assignment he isn’t sure what he will do next. The three men come together when Andrew’s run goes horrible wrong and he is running for his life in an area overwhelmed by zombies. Andrew, Marcel and Matthew make a startling discovery as they make their escape, a discovery UFM doesn’t want to get out.

Although this story still has zombies, chases, escapes and new discoveries, it is mainly focused on the relationship between Andrew, Marcel and Matthew. As they explore their new love and relationship, they also discover where they fit together in the relationship; Matthew and Andrew have to put their fears to rest. Marcel is the most well-balanced and is a calm influence who will push his men when needed. Matthew is losing himself to depression when his dad disappears and he is unable to get a job. and Andrew has a fear of crowds and prefers his solitude life, although he opens up enough for his two lovers to share his life.

I really enjoyed this story and its new discoveries. The characters are excellent and I found their relationship to be loving, with just a few difficulties thrown in to shake it up a bit. The storyline moved well and I liked that they had normal worries like finding a job to think of. Their relationship slotted together perfectly and while they were in the wilds they had some really hot sex that only gives you a slight niggle about appropriate places. The support they showed each other was wonderful and I was happy that they waited before declaring their love. I really can’t wait for future stories from Deadzone because the discoveries that are made are really tantalizing and have really got me intrigued.

I will recommend this to those who love threesomes, zombies, chases, hunting, government secrets, hot sex, great characters and a very happy ending.             


The Incubus Lesson by Jana Downs

ecm-jd-ic-incubuslessonTitle: The Incubus Lesson

Series: Incubus Contracts 02

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (128pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (23rd March 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:   ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Remy Eschette has been a bad boy. So bad, in fact, that he’s attracted the attention of a class A Incubus with sex and contracts on his mind. Remy’s soul is up for grabs, and Deacon steps in with an offer Remy is better off not refusing. He can become his Hell Hound, his live-in servant, in exchange for his life.

Deacon Anderson is an immortal Incubus with no idea what it takes to make a commitment. Unfortunately, taking on a Hell Hound is the biggest commitment of all. Avoidance is the only viable option. But when Remy refuses to sleep with him until Deacon helps him right the wrongs of his past, the Incubus is faced with spending more and more time with him.

Love brings redemption, but both struggle with their respective sordid pasts. Time will tell what sacrifices they have to make in order to find a loving relationship in the new bargains they strike.

Purchase Link:

Review: This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Remy has been a bad, bad boy.  He lies to get what he wants and picks up women for his bed, but his behavior and attitude are in response to being hurt five years ago by the man he loved. Now, his soul is up for grabs and to avoid Hell he accepts an Incubus contract to become a Hell Hound to Deacon, a Class A Incubus. Deacon jumped at the chance to take up Remy’s soul, determined to bring him to heel and enjoy the delights of gay sex.  But, it backfires when Remy insists on a deal; he will sleep with Deacon, but only when Remy has fixed the mistakes of his past. But, falling in love was never part of the deal, and they both have to make a sacrifice in order to finally be together.

This is a great story where a different sort of Incubus Contract is entered into. Remy was hurt by his Moon Mate when he caught him cheating.  Since then Remy has slept his way through as many women as he could.  hurting them with his callus behavior and devil-may-care attitude. Finding himself in the position of an Incubus Contract or Hell, Remy takes the easier option and is handed over to Deacon. Deacon is pleased to get Remy’s contract and sets out to prove that Remy will be his.  But, it is harder than he thought it would be when he begins to have feelings for Remy. But, to admit his love would mean becoming mortal.

I really enjoyed this story and loved the clashes and conflicting feelings that both Remy and Deacon have.  Both characters are very interesting and even though Remy comes across as an Alpha, he also has submissive feelings that Deacon draws out. The storyline is really good and I thought Remy’s mumblings and grumblings were funny.  Deacon’s sacrifice is sweet and the two together are a great match. This story is well written and gives a different sort of Incubus Contract that was quite imaginative, there’s some slight D/s and some really hot sex and a whole load of love.

I will recommend this to those who love the paranormal, some great twists, stubborn men, hot sex, falling in love and a happy ending.


Prince of Submission by Jana Downs

ecm-jd-fs-prince-full-200x300Title: Prince Of Submission

Series: Fae Scandals 01

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Paranormal, Light BDSM, Kink

Length: Novella (144pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (2nd February 2013)

Heat: Explicit

Heart:  ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Corrin DeMarco is a prince of the light court of Fae whose days of freedom are about to end. He only has a week before he must return to his kingdom and start his training to be king. Though it’s forbidden, he engages in an affair, never expecting to meet the man who would become his fantasy.

Adrian Cadence is a prince of the dark court of Fae who was kicked out of the Seelie kingdom for his love of other men. When he runs into Corrin he’s drawn to the Seelie prince who likes to dabble in darkness, and an unexpected proposal leads to a night of passion.

A cross-country pursuit, an unconventional courtship, and an opportunity to find love will make Corrin face his desires. But he will have to decide if love is enough for him to shrug off duty and turn his back on everything he’s been taught in order to become Adrian’s Prince of Submission.

Purchase Link:

Review: Corrin is a prince of the Seelie Court.  He has spent the last five years in the human world and now it is time for him to return home. But, before he settles down into the life planned for him, he has one week to enjoy himself with his two human best friends and what better way to begin than a night in Purgatory, a fetish nightclub forbidden to the Seelie. Adrian is a prince of the UnSeelie Court drawn inexplicably to a sexy man with white-blond hair. Taking the young Seelie on a journey of discovery in the forbidden, he knows he will take any risk to see him again. But, Corrin has a choice, live a miserable life ignoring his needs or embracing the forbidden and facing banishment.

Well, well, well, Jana Downs what a naughty girl you are, you have written a story that has a wonderful blend of want, need, love and kink *bites lip* oh yeah, kink *shudder*. Corrin has had forbidden dreams for years, dreams of submission, dreams of a man.  It’s something that he knows he can never have, because if he ever caved into the dark needs he would lose everything. Adrian embraces his sexuality with open arms and embraces the task of initiating Corrin in the ways of man on man sex and submission. But, when Corrin disappears back to the Seelie Court, he looks for any way to get the delicious submissive back.

This is a great story of accepting your wants and needs, finding love in unexpected places and a determined love. I have to admit that the world that Jana Downs has created for her Fae world is startling in its views. The Seelie Court is very strict and everything is proper.  Men join with women and their sex is strictly vanilla. If you fail to comply, then you are either beaten and exiled or entered into the ‘sexuality rehabilitation program’ (brainwashed). While the UnSeelie Court embraces those who are seen as perverted by the Seelie and encourages them to be who they want to be.

Adrian and Corrin’s relationship is wonderful and the sexual spark between them is explosive.  The sex between them is intense, passionate and erotic with a delightful dash of BDSM and you know that the intensity of their feelings will endure. I really enjoyed this story and have to admit that it did produce conflicting feelings, because although I loved Adrian, Corrin and one or two of the Seelie, the rest of them could get trapped in hell for their attitudes. Corrin pulls at your heart towards the end, his torment makes you want to cry.

I have to recommend this to those who love paranormal, Fae, a judgmental society, angst, kink and light BDSM, hot explosive sex and a love that will endure.


A Cajun's Christmas by Jana Downs

ecm-jd-arbbcs-acajuns3121205_0121Title:  A Cajun’s Christmas

Series:  Rock Bottom Boys 02

Author:  Jana Downs

Genre:  Paranormal

Length:  Novella (82pgs)

Publisher:  Siren-BookStrand (15th December 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb:  The Cajun’s first Christmas with his mate is filled with the promise of many things. Chief among them is a key for Evan St. Germaine’s house and a collar for Gideon Green. Their relationship has progressed far enough that they both feel like the most important people in their lives should come together at a special party for both the French Quarter Brats and Evan’s wolf pack. It is promised to be a very eventful party, and Gideon and Evan are hopeful for a wonderful time.

However, tensions arise as the party begins and outside influences cause the partygoers to fall under a spell designed to make them behave cruelly toward one another. Hateful words are exchanged, and Gideon leaves the house to escape the conversation. Little does he know that old friends are waiting for him and an unexpected Christmas intervention will make the celebration a bit more exciting than the couple originally planned.

NOTE! This is a holiday book featuring the characters from Pet du Cajun and is not stand-alone.

Purchase Link:

Review:  This story is part of a series which must be read in order. Evan has big plans for Christmas which include introducing Gideon to his pack. But, things don’t go to plan when the party for both sets of friends takes an unexpected turn and fears come to light. Can Evan convince Gideon that he wants him for good and can Gideon shake off his past and embrace what Evan offers him?

This is a good continuation of Rock Bottom Boys, letting us see how Gideon and Evan are progressing in their relationship. As Christmas approaches, Evan has decided that it is time to claim Gideon as his boy. He has the collar and a key to the house to give to Gideon, but Gideon has noticed that Evan hasn’t become his master fully yet and it has caused him unease. The insecurities break free during their party and when Gideon leaves he lands in trouble, and his friends and Evan’s have to come together to find him.

I must admit to having a bit of disquiet as I read at first because of how deep into the submissive mind-set that Gideon seemed to be in and how he seemed to pander to everything that Evan wanted, but I was soon set at ease as Gideon bit back with a snarl and showed that he still had his backbone. It is so easy sometimes for a character to get lost in the wants of others, but Jana Downs has these characters nicely balanced out, and although there is some butting heads from the dominate men; there was no walking all over the submissive men.

This is a really good book and we get to know the members of Evan’s pack, we meet Gideon’s friends and there is more from the vampire prince. We have a better idea of what is going on in New Orleans and there are some interesting connections made, and it is interesting to learn more about the paranormal aspects as well.

I will recommend this to those who love D/s relationships, hot sex, frustrating wolves, impish brats and a happy ending with the promise of more interesting stories to come.

Angelic Union by Jana Downs

Title: Angelic Union

Series: Unexpected Angels 01

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Paranormal, Angel, M/M/M/M/M/M/M

Length: Novella (120pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand Publishing (28th July 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Levi, Erik, and Marius think that by moving to sanctuary they’re getting their happily ever after, a future that includes a small wedding, some cake, and a little family drama. Little do they know that Levi and Erik’s angelic fathers have a surprise wedding present for them—four Elite guardian angels sworn to protect them.

Brax, Axis, Keer, and Jade claim the three are destined to be their mates and that they’ve been watching over them since the beginning. They also offer redemption for their Fallen lover, Marius, and a family far larger than any of them had originally planned for. Can Levi, Erik, and Marius overcome their insecurities and fears for the chance at a love of a lifetime? Or will they let their scarred pasts ruin all chances of happiness?

Purchase Link:

Review: This story picks up where His Guardian Angel 03 – Angel Kin ended, with Levi, Erik and Marius getting married and will run parallel with some overlap. Marius is overjoyed to be marrying his Nephilim, but a spanner gets thrown in the works by his new fathers-in-law, and now he has to contend with four Elite guardians. Eric and Levi have both realized that the four Elite will be more to them than just guardians, but they know it will be hard on Marius to accept them and try to ease him into having them around. Axis, Brax, Ker and Jade know that the two Nephilim and the fallen angel are their mates, and they know that they will have to take it slow and ease them into a relationship especially Marius but they get unexpected help from Uriel.

This is a well written novella that shows us more of the Angelic aspects and the redemption of Marius. Marius, Levi and Erik are really happy, they are in love and are getting married but when they are presented with four Elite guardians, and Marius knows that his Nephilim will never be able to resist the pull of sex. Levi and Eric fight the pull hard but Marius discovers that all seven of them are meant to be, but that doesn’t stop the doubts or the fears they harbor. The four Elite know that they have to slot into an already established relationship and they know it won’t be easy, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t chaffing themselves to create the bond between all seven of them.

You know, I started this book really excited. I was going to get to know Marius, Erik and Levi better after meeting them all in The Guardian Angel Series and see what would happen with the Elite guards they were given, *sigh* I am glad I got to know Marius and Erik better and got the chance to meet Axis, Brax, Keer and Jade, but, Levi I wish I had never met. Jesus. what a manipulative little shit and how proud he was of himself for wrapping the men round his little finger and such a whiny brat. I can’t remember the last time I disliked a character so much. WHAT happened? I can’t remember Levi being like this before!! Anyway, I am ignoring him. Erik and Marius are really good characters and I wish we could have spent much more time getting to know their backgrounds better, and what made them both tick more. the same for the four Elite Axis, Brax, Keer and Jade, we did get to know them slightly, but not as well as we could have hoped for. Hopefully, we will get to know them better in the future books.

I am looking forward to the future books and seeing how Marius handles going from Fallen to Elite with that special little power that he has developed. I want more from Erik as he is a spit-fire and I want to see a more solid development of the extended group and I want Levi to grow up and act like a man. Now, the sex in this is very hot and plentiful with quite a bit of verity. the storyline is good and you really do hope that they all work it out. the only thing that niggled for me was that it felt that Marius was forced into a situation that should have happened naturally.

I am going to recommend this one to those who love angels, fallen angels, nephilim, hot sex, a slightly awkward relationship and an eventually happy ending.




Reluctant Surrender by Jana Downs

Title: Reluctant Surrender

Series: Alchemy Mates 01

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Historical (1815), Paranormal

Length: Novel (192pgs)

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing (23rd June 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: A former member of a legendary vampire-hunting family, Andren MacGregor is now a vampire under the care of an extremely sexy and absolutely forbidden ancient Roman vampire named Lucian. He’s spent the past seven years fighting the growing attraction for his maker, and the fact that he is no longer human just seems to compound his prickly personality.

When his family steps back into the picture and a killer starts targeting Lucian, Andren has to come to grips with the things he’s been denying about himself. He’ll have to learn to balance being a vampire and being a hunter in order to protect the man he’s growing to love and the family that he’s sworn to protect.

Purchase Link:

Review: Andren has had a lot to cope with first going from vampire hunter to vampire, then his unexplained attraction to his sire and finally having to cope with no longer being human. And now just when he is accepting his fate, his family are back and someone is out for him and Lucian. Lucian has waited patiently for years for Andren to come to terms with being a vampire. Now, he just wishes that Andren would turn to him for love. In the mean time, Lucian has to help Andren hunt down a killer who is targeting them both.

You know I wasn’t sure at first about the setting for this book, 18th century England, for vampires, but after reading it I found what better timeframe to have vampires live, than regency England when the aristocracy slept most of the day and partied at night. Andren used to be a vampire hunter, but then a hunt went wrong and he was turned. His family turned their back on him and he only had Lucian (his sire) left to rely on. Andren has now spent the last seven years basically sulking for the loss of his old life and refusing to come to terms with what he now is. He has also denied his feelings for Lucian.

Lucian has had the patience of a saint, looking after Andren and teaching him the ways of a vampire could not have been easy. The support that he has shown Andren is amazing and it is only his love for Andren that has had him being so strong in the face of Andren’s treatment of him. Lucian is a wonderful vampire and some of his close friends are great and they really fill the story out. When Andren finally let’s himself accept his circumstances, Andren and Lucian are beautiful together. And then they have Andren’s family to deal with and whoever is after them both.

This is a really good story that weaves a web of deceit and murder, of love and betrayal and of hope and forgiveness. Andren’s family discovers truths that their father hid. Lucian’s friends just might not be friends and Andren finally accepts Lucian’s love. I liked the way that this story was told and the descriptions of regency England, the sex is hot and passionate and the vampire powers are cool and varied. I will admit to not liking Andren at first, god what a big baby, but when he finally accepts that there is more to life and that he doesn’t have to give up his calling of taking down rogue vampires, he improved in my eyes by a huge amount.

So, if you love vampires, vampire powers, regency, danger, love, accepting your fate, finding out truths and having a happy ending then this is the book for you.




Working Stiffs by Jana Downs

Title: Working Stiffs

Series: Dead Zone 01

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Zombie, Post-Apocalyptic, Ménage (M/M/M)

Length: Novella (173 Pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand Publishing (7th July 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: After the collapse of civilization, Ager Munez finds work as an agent, helping customers with their zombie insurance needs. He’s a bit of a workaholic and a romantic at heart, but the only romance he’s been experiencing lately involves watching his bosses in tight-fitting jeans on casual Fridays.

Jim and Jason Tanner agree they want a third in their relationship, but have never been able to find the right man. When Ager begins working at Deadzone, they know that they’ve found their match. He’s smart, funny, and adorable in a way that should be illegal in at least four sectors.

When a zombie outbreak in Sector 7 requires field representatives, the two know the perfect candidate for the job. Little does Ager know that this mission will test him in ways he’s never been tested and land him not one but two hot men in his bed and his heart.

Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

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Review: Ager works at Deadzone, an insurance company that takes care of ‘all your Zombie needs’ including disposal of a zombie outbreak. Ager fantasies about his boss, Jim and on occasion Jim’s husband, Jason, but he never truly dared hope that he would ever catch either of their eyes, especially seeing as they are happily married. Jim and Jason have had their eyes on Ager since he started working for them, but have held off for the right time. Now, in the middle of a zombie outbreak, Jason is impatient and rushes things, but he is lucky, as Aga is receptive. Now, all they have to do is get out of sector seven alive.

This has got to be one of the best zombie stories that I have come across. I thought the characters were brilliant, the world building was great and the plot was really interesting. Ager is terrified of zombies, his dad worked for the UMF (United Military Forces) and sat on his balcony shooting zombies that strayed too close for the fun of it. But, it left Ager scarred and now Ager is quite happy to stay in his nice safe zone, in his nice safe job and not have to see a zombie ever again. Well, that is until his bosses ask him to go to Sector 7 with them. Both Jim and Jason own Deadzone and they have the perfect marriage, but they long for a third. Both are positive that Ager is that third and want to ease him in gently, but being in Sector 7 puts a rush on their relationship.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I cracked open this book, but it sure was a treat. Jana Downs has created a world in the future where a military experiment went wrong and they are now plagued with zombies and not just the run of the mill ‘brains brains’ zombies, no she has also given us second level Necros and Necro-Kings who are more cunning in their hunt for ‘food’. Ager, Jim and Jason find themselves cut off and hunted by these zombies and it is a trek for their lives, to get to a safe zone before they are caught. Ager has to let go of a lot of his fears and Jason comes to a realization about his active role in ‘clean-ups’. And Jim realizes that he isn’t cut out for field work anymore.

The progression of the story is great and yes, the sex is extremely hot and even though it might seem quick, it didn’t really feel quick because although they have just got together, they have all been sniffing around each other. Each man has to face something personal to them, Ager’s is the toughest to confront, as it is not just fear. Jim and Jason’s is more of facing the truth and accepting their limitations.

So, with this one, I will recommend it to those who love zombies, three hot men, hot sex, a run for your life, some slight betrayal, a bloody battle against zombies and a very sweet and happy ending.


The Cajun's Pet by Jana Downs

Title: The Cajun’s Pet

Series: New Orleans Rent Boys 01

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Contemporary, Slight D/s

Length: Novella (147pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (7th July 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Gideon is a New Orleanian prostitute. Evan, the Cajun King, is magnetic, dominant, and attractive, impossible to resist. The Cajun’s embrace is tempting, but Gideon needs to conquer his feelings of inadequacy to find something lasting with his dream man.

Gideon went down to the Big Easy to escape his old life; unfortunately, things got worse. He’s homeless and alone in an unfamiliar city until a group of rent boys called the French Quarter Brats take him in. Gideon learns to use his body to survive. However, eager tourists and the occasional lonely local get boring and Gideon begins to yearn for more.

When Gideon meets the Cajun King, Evan St. Germaine, he’s struck by the man’s dominant personality and rugged good looks. He becomes obsessed with becoming the Cajun’s pet rent boy.

But Evan isn’t an everyday john and he demands more for his cash than Gideon’s body and his willing submission. Evan demands Gideon’s heart.

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Review: Gideon hoped for a better life when he moved to New Orleans, but found himself on the streets turning tricks. He shares an apartment with five other Brats who work the Quarter with him. Gideon approaches the Cajun King (Evan) one day and makes a cheeky offer, one that surprises even himself, now he has choices to make, but can he really live as the Cajun’s Pet?

This is a Prince in Shining Armor story…but with a twist. Gideon doesn’t like tricking and he only does the minimum of tricks to pay the rent and to eat and even then he will go days without food. One day a man catches his eye and he is mesmerized. When Gideon finds out the mystery man’s name and where he eats breakfast, he is compelled to approach and make him an offer Gideon never thought he would ever utter. But, Evan knows exactly what he wants and although Gideon rises up to expectations, Evan needs to be sure that Gideon knows what he is getting into and what Gideon wants for himself as well.

This is a really well written novella that delves into an aspect of D/s that isn’t portrayed very often. When Gideon offers to be Evan’s pet he confuses himself. Because, although he will act submissive, he has never had a need to be submissive to someone. But, Evan draws that out of him without even trying. Now, Evan knows what he wants and yes, that is a pet, but he also wants something more and he has to get that across to Gideon. When Evan does try to make Gideon understand, Gideon reacts badly and it is only on later reflection that Gideon realizes that he needs to grow up and to take back control of his own life. And yes, you will sit there shaking your head at Gideon’s behavior, but remember he is young and headstrong and can you all honestly say you never got pushed aside, then got drunk and did something stupid (yeah me either, I am an innocent Pixie lol).

This story isn’t just about a Dominate, a rent boy and hot sex.  It’s about getting what you truly need and want. it’s about finding yourself when you are lost and getting your own control back again and Jana Downs has done a great job of putting that across and also of writing some fantastic hot sex scenes, which were also erotic, but also sweet. I also really liked the fact that in the epilogue everything wasn’t sweetness and light between them and they had things to work through it added a more realistic dimension to it.

So, I recommend this to those who like light D/s, really hot sex that is also sweet and erotic, growing up and finding your Prince Charming who gives you a nudge in the right direction. And I am really hoping for stories for Ter and Jamie (two other Brats).