Angelic Union by Jana Downs

Title: Angelic Union

Series: Unexpected Angels 01

Author: Jana Downs

Genre: Paranormal, Angel, M/M/M/M/M/M/M

Length: Novella (120pgs)

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand Publishing (28th July 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Levi, Erik, and Marius think that by moving to sanctuary they’re getting their happily ever after, a future that includes a small wedding, some cake, and a little family drama. Little do they know that Levi and Erik’s angelic fathers have a surprise wedding present for them—four Elite guardian angels sworn to protect them.

Brax, Axis, Keer, and Jade claim the three are destined to be their mates and that they’ve been watching over them since the beginning. They also offer redemption for their Fallen lover, Marius, and a family far larger than any of them had originally planned for. Can Levi, Erik, and Marius overcome their insecurities and fears for the chance at a love of a lifetime? Or will they let their scarred pasts ruin all chances of happiness?

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Review: This story picks up where His Guardian Angel 03 – Angel Kin ended, with Levi, Erik and Marius getting married and will run parallel with some overlap. Marius is overjoyed to be marrying his Nephilim, but a spanner gets thrown in the works by his new fathers-in-law, and now he has to contend with four Elite guardians. Eric and Levi have both realized that the four Elite will be more to them than just guardians, but they know it will be hard on Marius to accept them and try to ease him into having them around. Axis, Brax, Ker and Jade know that the two Nephilim and the fallen angel are their mates, and they know that they will have to take it slow and ease them into a relationship especially Marius but they get unexpected help from Uriel.

This is a well written novella that shows us more of the Angelic aspects and the redemption of Marius. Marius, Levi and Erik are really happy, they are in love and are getting married but when they are presented with four Elite guardians, and Marius knows that his Nephilim will never be able to resist the pull of sex. Levi and Eric fight the pull hard but Marius discovers that all seven of them are meant to be, but that doesn’t stop the doubts or the fears they harbor. The four Elite know that they have to slot into an already established relationship and they know it won’t be easy, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t chaffing themselves to create the bond between all seven of them.

You know, I started this book really excited. I was going to get to know Marius, Erik and Levi better after meeting them all in The Guardian Angel Series and see what would happen with the Elite guards they were given, *sigh* I am glad I got to know Marius and Erik better and got the chance to meet Axis, Brax, Keer and Jade, but, Levi I wish I had never met. Jesus. what a manipulative little shit and how proud he was of himself for wrapping the men round his little finger and such a whiny brat. I can’t remember the last time I disliked a character so much. WHAT happened? I can’t remember Levi being like this before!! Anyway, I am ignoring him. Erik and Marius are really good characters and I wish we could have spent much more time getting to know their backgrounds better, and what made them both tick more. the same for the four Elite Axis, Brax, Keer and Jade, we did get to know them slightly, but not as well as we could have hoped for. Hopefully, we will get to know them better in the future books.

I am looking forward to the future books and seeing how Marius handles going from Fallen to Elite with that special little power that he has developed. I want more from Erik as he is a spit-fire and I want to see a more solid development of the extended group and I want Levi to grow up and act like a man. Now, the sex in this is very hot and plentiful with quite a bit of verity. the storyline is good and you really do hope that they all work it out. the only thing that niggled for me was that it felt that Marius was forced into a situation that should have happened naturally.

I am going to recommend this one to those who love angels, fallen angels, nephilim, hot sex, a slightly awkward relationship and an eventually happy ending.




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