Make Me Watch by Adam Cameron

81Gs2B4KyGL._SL1500_Title: Make Me Watch
Series: The McIntyre Men 1 and 2
Author: Adam Cameron
Genre: Gay Erotica
Length: Novel (213 Pages)
Publisher: Minuit Press (March 10th, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2.5Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: #1 Bobby’s Plan

Henry Ruiz loves living down the street from a university campus. There’s a non-stop parade of gorgeous young men in and out of the former Marine’s garage apartment, eager for the kind of off-campus lessons only a handsome older man can provide. But when fraternity boy Bobby McIntyre comes to Henry with a devious plan, everything changes. Bobby wants to make his handsome, uptight boyfriend a little less controlling, and he needs Henry’s seductive powers to do it. There’s just one problem. Bobby is the son of Henry’s closest friend in the world. And his plan is anything but orthodox.
Will Henry give into temptation? Will Bobby’s plan even work?

#2, Campus Security
Fraternity boy Bobby McIntyre’s plot to make his handsome, uptight boyfriend a little more submissive didn’t go according to plan. And now his manipulations have left him at the mercy of two campus security officers with a burning desire to peer inside the walls of Bobby’s fraternity…literally. But Bobby McIntyre is nothing if not resourceful and there’s nothing he knows how to do more than make an older man happy. Picking up exactly where Episode #1 left off, Episode #2 is told entirely from Bobby’s point-of-view.

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Review: This is book one and two of the McIntyre Men. Book one is about Bobby’s plan to at least top his boyfriend once. He had planned on having his Uncle Henry show Devon how good bottoming was. He wanted Henry to show him an excellent time, but he got caught in his own web. He had to sample Uncle Henry too.

Things didn’t go as plan. He had enjoyed Henry way more than planned. He wanted Devon to catch him topping a pledge brother. Making him run to Henry for comfort. What he had not expected was his father handcuffing him to the chair and watching while he and Henry played with Devon. Making Devon beg to be taken.

He was so turned on and so pissed at the same time. For his father and uncle had decided to teach him a lesson. Devon had been the perfect boyfriend. Caring, loyal and devoted to Bobby. He wanted to bottom for Bobby but he was scared. However to get even with the evil plan that Bobby had come up with he had decided to let Bobby’s dad be his first.

His father had more than just that lesson for him to learn. He had left him cuffed to the table for the campus police to find. One was a married man who wanted to watch while the other officer showed Bobby just how well he topped him. It doesn’t stop there though, because campus police had something else in mind to teach Bobby a lesson.

He had to put camera’s to catch three other pledges in their glory. This story was more about sex then actually having a true story. I mean it does show what happens when someone plans something so devious that someone always gets hurt. It was a very hot story. However, it was not something that I would spend my time with. It was just a lot of boys having sex.