Missing, Presummed Dead by Christiane France

Title: Missing, Presumed Dead

 Series: An Amethyst Cove Mystery

 Author: Christiane France

 Genre: Suspense, Mystery

 Length: Novella (84pgs)

 Publisher: Amber Quill Press (Amber Allure) (2nd October 2011)

 Heat Level: Moderate

 Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥2 ½Hearts

 Reviewer: Pixie

 Blurb: Private investigator and ex-cop, Greg Stewartson, is on his way to bed when his Hollywood-producer brother, Vance, shows up on his doorstep. With him is the handsome, sexy, and blond Tim Fensham, the brother of Vance’s latest girlfriend, movie star Petra Lianne. Vance says Petra went missing more than a month ago after last being seen in Amethyst Cove. He has new information, but the police refuse to follow it up. They’ve closed the case, declaring the actress “Missing, Presumed Dead.” But Vance and Tim don’t believe Petra is dead and ask Greg to take the case. After Greg agrees, Tim stays to help him find Petra, while Vance returns to L.A. Greg doesn’t want or need help, and wishes Tim would leave, too. He’s attracted to the man and figures the feeling may be mutual, but he doesn’t mix business with pleasure and he doesn’t need the distraction of Tim staying in his house. He also doesn’t like the way Tim keeps trying to interfere in the investigation, or the unexpected moves Tim puts on him during a power failure. Still, Greg can’t tell Tim to take his case elsewhere for fear of upsetting Vance, but he does tell Tim to back off. The trouble is Tim is not a very good listener.

Review: Okaaayyyy.  Greg is hired by his brother Vance and Tim Fensham to find Tim’s missing sister. While he investigates he puts off his attraction for Tim, although Tim continues to tempt him.

This story is from Greg’s POV and although the mystery and investigation is interesting, Greg’s inner thought process and inner monologue bored me silly.   I never felt the connection that he seemed to develop with Tim. He didn’t seem to have a very high opinion of Tim either other than for his looks. It felt more like a case of two men finding each other reasonably attractive and then getting their rocks off and Greg is definitely a selfish lover.

The mystery is good though and is interesting to watch as Greg unravels the disappearance of Tim’s sister and connects the dots.

I’d recommend this for the mystery alone as there is no romance, some mediocre sex and a pretty poor ending.




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