Moving Mountains by Freddy MacKay

Title: Moving Mountains

Series: Finding Peace 1.5 (Spin Off)

Author: Freddy MacKay

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (222pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (28th April 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: After being dumped by his lover, George Sanders threw himself into his research, burying his broken heart. When his friend Max kisses him, can George figure out what’s going before it’s too late or will Max leave him for good?

George Sanders threw himself into his research trying to bury his broken heart. The past week out in the field gathering research for his doctorate thesis hasn’t gone any better than the previous six months. The only positive is the company of his friend, and lab assistant, Max Flint.

Max’s behavior has become erratic and their conversations awkward and stilted. When Max kisses him and asks for more, George isn’t sure he can handle his advances, especially if Max is leaving for another university.

Can George figure out what’s happening before it’s too late and Max leaves him for good? Or will the past keep him from seeing what’s been right in front of him for the last four years?

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Review: George is confused by his best friend’s behavior.  Max is running hot and cold and George doesn’t know how to approach him to find out what’s wrong.  But, then Max kisses him, confusing him even further.  By the time George has caught up, it just might be too late. Max has wanted George for some time now, but George is just clueless to all the signs. Then, when Max goes out on a limb and still gets rejected, Max just can’t take it anymore.

A wonderful story of friends-to-lovers filled with misunderstandings and crossed wires. George was hurt badly by his ex-lover, when he was forced to hide his relationship and then dumped by e-mail. Now, he is wary of another relationship.  When Max kisses him, it throws him for a loop, as he never even knew that Max was gay, never mind interested in him.  But, now he is worried, as Max will be leaving soon for his new graduate program. Max has tried everything except throwing himself at George to get him to notice him and now, after one more last-ditch attempt, he is giving up.

This is a well-written story that draws you in with the confusion of a young man who just hasn’t got a clue about anything other than his work. George is absolutely clueless about anything going on around him and it is quite an endearing quality that grows on you.  At first, I thought that Max was being mean when he was calling him dense but George really was; when it came to subtle interaction going on around him. Max is a wonderful young man who has been holding out hope that his best friend would notice him for more than friendship. These two together make a great couple, as long as they both know exactly what the other really means.

There are quite a few misunderstandings, wrong conclusions and getting the wrong end of the stick, as they try to find a way through the mine field that both their emotions lay down. Both Max’s and George’s reactions throughout the story get to you, as you want to grab them both and say LISTEN and EXPLAIN, as they both jump to conclusions. Their relationship moves along at a nice pace without them jumping into bed for hot sex right from the start.  They do get to it and it really is hot, but it is when they both feel secure in their relationship.

I will recommend this to those who enjoy friends to lovers, clueless academics, a bit of angst, misunderstandings, developing love and a happy ever after.

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