The Dom for His Alpha by Christine Shaw

Title: The Dom for His Alpha

Series: Dark Times 01

Author: Christine Shaw

Genre: Shifters, Vampire, Demon, Paranormal, M/M/M

Length: Novella (112pgs)

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing (1st March 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Dark faces the fact he will never enjoy the feel of a whip or a flogger on his ass again. The new alpha of the light pack cannot be seen as weak. Until the following morning when Dark answers his door to the sexiest vampire doctor he has ever seen, his mate.

After a day of unbridled passion between the sheets, Kai and Dark get thrust back into reality. When they see a man strapped helpless in a BDSM club, can they rescue him in time, or will they unleash a new threat upon them?

As a lust demon, Harry always knew he would have a mate with a high sex drive, but once he had met “master,” everything had turned pear-shaped. Now with two mates who love him dearly, can they overcome a threat that may be bigger than they realize, and will Dark finally get to submit?

With the supernatural high council present, will the light pack succeed in ridding themselves of the enemy?

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Review: Dark has just won the Alpha challenge when he comes across his mate Kai. Kai is not all that happy to have found his mate, especially as he lives in New York and the wolf lives in Texas.  But, just as Kai and Dark work things out they find they have another mate, Harry, who is being treated badly in Dark’s BDSM club. Can the three paranormals work things out or will their enemy win?

This is a story that I had high hopes for because the beginning was well written and a lot was explained about this author’s paranormals. But, then it seemed to fall apart not long after Dark and Kai first met. Dark is the new alpha, but he is a submissive and he gets really upset when Kai seems to reject him. So upset, in fact, that he tries to kill himself. Kai suddenly realizes that he doesn’t want to lose his mate and voila they are all lovey dovey. They then rescue Harry from an abusive Master and he fits nicely into a lovey dovey sandwich. Then, suddenly they are threatened by an unknown source for unknown reasons.

In the blurb it says that ‘Dark faces the fact he will never enjoy the feel of a whip or a flogger on his ass again.’ Urm, well unless this book isn’t to this blurb then that is total rubbish, as Dark couldn’t care less who knows that he bottoms and likes a flogging. What does seem to emerge is his past with another Master and how that Master disappeared never to be heard of again, leaving him feeling abandoned. Harry has his own problems to get through including the loss of his powers. Kai is the only one that seems to have no problems other than pressure from the council to do what they want.

There are several very good bits in this book and to be honest this feels more like a novel cut down to be a novella; there are lots of details and information for such a short book and there is a lot going on in the way of plot. It also seems to be quite choppy, switching back and forth between characters. The sex is very hot, the BDSM is well detailed and the characters are quite good (although Dark needs to learn not to cry at the drop of the hat).

I believe that this is this author’s first published m/m (*note:  Ms. Shaw has a full Siren backlist, which includes only M/M romance.  To learn more about her and read reviews of her other works, click here.*) and I have to say the potential is there; it just needs to be smoothed out more. So, all in all, I will recommend this to those who love shifters, demons, vampires, hot sex, angst and a pretty good story-line. I’d also recommend this to those who are fans of Lynn Hagen, Joyee Flynn, Gale Stanley and Stormy Glenn.




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