Nico's Fire by Sui Lynn

Title: Nico’s Fire

Series: Elements of Love 02

Author: Sui Lynn

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Alternative World, Futuristic (2216)

Length: Novel (251pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (12th May 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Jude’s been attacked, what has kept him alive is his strange power to set things on fire. Nicolai sees a gargoyle circling a burning building, goes to investigate to find his mate amidst the rubble. Is this love’s first fire?

Jude Jamison is a Jesuit Inquisitor, part of the pope’s force of special investigators. He suspects his cover has been blown as he’s been under constant attack. Without the gargoyles his friend Evan sent along as his guardians, and a strange ability to start fires, he’d already be dead.

Nicolai sees a gargoyle circling a smoldering building. He investigates the rare creature and is totally unprepared for the discovery of his human mate, lying amid the rubble. After waiting two millennia to find his mate, fate must be laughing. A human will never survive in his world. Yet he’s unable to leave the beautiful man behind.

Together can the two find a way to survive? Is this love’s first fire?

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Review: Jude is in desperate need of help, as more and more demons are sent after him.  But, there is only so much he can accept, because of the fear of hurting someone by accident. Nico is surprised to learn that his mate is human. What on Earth could fate have been thinking?  But, as he gets to know his mate, he learns that Jude’s life is in grave danger and that there is far more to Jude than he first realised.

This is the second book in the Elements of Love series and must be read in order, as events in Adel’s Purr lead to discoveries in this book. Jude, Jesuit Inquisitor, is running for his life. He suspects a certain faction within the church is responsible, but getting the proof has been difficult. But, that isn’t his only problem, he feels like something is trying to consume him from the inside and it has something to do with his ability to suddenly create fire. Nico is seeking to protect a little gargoyle when he comes across his mate nearly unconscious and severely injured. Now, he has to help his mate delve into the underbelly of the church and help his mate control his fire.

This is a fantastic addition to the Elements of Love series and it continues with Jude’s story. As we saw at the end of the last book, Jude can now manifest fire, but the how and why is discovered in this story. Jude is drawn to his rescuer, but is terrified of hurting him. Nico tries to reassure Jude that he won’t, but he also worries that he will injury Jude. So it is an interesting beginning for our two lovely MCs, as they both come to realize that they are perfect for each other. We find out more about the Elementals and the history behind them, along with a slew of new characters, who add a broader horizon for future books.

So with the relationship between Jude and Nico, they might be a well matched pair, but that doesn’t mean that it is going to be easy for them. Both these characters are great, with Nico trying to show Jude that he will always be there for him, and Jude putting his trust in Nico although he is scared of losing him. With everything going on we mustn’t forget that they have the church to contend with and, gah, they are really nasty.

Well, what can I say? If you love paranormal, danger, rescues, gargoyles, hidden agendas, conspiracy, hot sex (lol), really hot men, and a happy ever after and an open end for the next book, then this is for you.




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