Normal Enough by Marie Sexton (2nd Edition)

Marie Sexton - Normal Enough CoverTitle: Normal Enough (2nd Edition)

Series: Wrench Wars #2

Author: Marie Sexton

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Short Story (54 pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (3rd August)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3 ½ Hearts (Combined)

Blurb: When Brandon Kenner shows up at Kasey Ralston’s garage with a 1970 Chevelle SS 454, Kasey is smitten by both the man and his car. Between what Kasey considers a shameful fetish and his long estrangement from his family, Kasey finds it easiest to be alone, even distancing himself from his coworkers. But Brandon doesn’t think Kasey’s fetish is weird. In fact, he likes it.

Kasey doesn’t know how to resist a man as charming as Brandon, and he’s more than willing to be seduced. But what are Brandon’s long-term intentions? Kasey is afraid of hoping for too much, but equally afraid that when all is said and done, Brandon will leave, and Kasey will be left alone once again.

ISBN: 9781611245714

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Reviewers: Aerin & Pixie

Aerin’s Review: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Kasey is a mechanic who specializes in old cars, and we’re told from the beginning that Kasey has a muscle car fetish. When Brandon brings his muscle car in for a timing belt adjustment, he quickly figures out Kasey’s fetish and doesn’t hesitate to bring it up.

Here’s the thing: the whole beginning of their story seemed creepy and farfetched. How exactly did Brandon figure out that Kasey got a hard-on for his car? A regular person would assume his boner would be for Brandon himself, but I’m no expert in undercover kink so my opinion doesn’t count.

I liked Kasey and his personal issues and realizations, but this book wasn’t long enough to understand Kasey and Brandon as a couple, and that’s mostly because of how little I got to know about Brandon. For a second edition, this was seriously uneventful, unimproved, and underwhelming. I expected more the second time around, maybe an epilogue or a few more chapters where Kasey and Brandon’s relationship was showcased. The way this book ended can’t even be called a HFN.

Normal Enough had the potential to be outstanding, but unfortunately there was nothing special about it.

Pixie’s Review: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

This is a second edition and other than some minor editing the story remains the same.

Kasey has an unusual kink that he keeps hidden, but when Brandon drives into the garage Kasey works, in a 1970 Chevelle SS 454, Kasey is quickly smitten, with the driver and the car. Brandon picks up on Kasey’s kink and finds himself intrigued with the cute sexy mechanic, but trying to get the shy man to believe he is interested is hard. Kasey begins to worry over his kink and whether he will ever be able to hold Brandon’s attention; can he put aside his fear and embrace what Brandon offers?

Ah there’s nothing like a cute mechanic who has a bit of a kink for classic cars and a sexy lawyer who just happens to have a classic car collection, oh you can just imagine the steamy times ahead! Kasey is really wary of putting himself out there, in his experience it usually leads to him being embarrassed; Kasey has no confidence so when Brandon shows an interest in him he thinks it will be a quick fling. Brandon seems to have a bit of a fetish of his own, he is attracted to men with fetishes and Kasey’s fetish is one that suits Brandon perfectly. Kasey finds himself amazed that he can open up so much to Brandon but the doubt lingers and Brandon puts Kasey’s fears to rest.

This is a great sexy little number that is amazingly hot and has two great characters. We get to know Kasey really well, the character development for him was wonderful and we watched as he began to gain confidence not just with Brandon but also his workmates as well. Brandon we don’t get to know quite as well, but well enough to know he is a perfect match for Kasey.

Together they are hot and their relationship moves along smoothly, and for me the best thing was that they are still in the early stages and haven’t declared their love after such a short amount of time, it’s a beginning of a relationship that could develop into something much more solid and wonderful.

I recommend this to those who love hot men finding common ground, sparks flying, erotic hot sex, great character development and two men at the beginning of a hot sexy relationship.