On Angel Wings by P. F. Whitney

Title: On Angel Wings

Author: P.F. Whitney

Genre: Fantasy, Angels, Heaven

Length: Novel (253pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (26th May 2012)

Heat Level: Low-Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: A wingless angel is sent to Earth with two missions: help a heartbroken human regain his faith and return the first angel created, now called The Fallen, to Heaven. Xavier’s life and his soul mate both depend on his success.

Xavier is the only angel in Heaven to have been created without wings. When he is sent to Earth to help a human regain his faith and retrieve the first angel ever created, he finds everything he knew about his home is a lie. Heath Noland is a broken man. Restoring his faith seems impossible, but trying to return the angel called The Fallen to Heaven may be deadly. He’s lived a long time on Earth as Adam by successfully killing all the others sent to take him back to Heaven. Neither Adam nor Xavier expects this time to be any different, but Xavier must succeed. His life and his soul mate are on the line.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains scenes of rape or near rape.

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Review: Xavier has been called forth to go on a double mission, to restore the faith of a mortal and to return The Fallen angel to Heaven, neither task is easy. Heath has been shattered by the deaths of his fiancé and his grandfather, his faith is rock bottom and when a man appears at Heath’s feet, who then later proclaim that he is an angel, Heath ends up helping the man. Adam refuses to return to Heaven, and he has the wings of the angels sent to retrieve him as proof, nothing can make him go back… except the little angel sent to help his friend.

This is quite an interesting novel, which has a few different twists on Heaven. Xavier works in the ACD (Animal Creation Division) in Heaven. well, he is mainly a paper pusher now after too much to drink and a little experimenting (oops here comes the Platypus), so he is very surprised to be sent to Earth to complete two missions… especially when he doubts very much that he will be coming back intact. Heath lost his fiancé to a horrific attack and then his grandfather, now he has no faith in God, but the little angel he meets helps to heal his soul a little. Adam hates God and refuses to return to Heaven, but when he meets Xavier he knows that God has played the trump card and there will be one last confrontation between them.

I found this storyline to be intriguing and I enjoyed the twists that presented themselves, I found the writing to be a bit rocky at first but it soon smoothed out and it was easier to stay in the story. The characters are interesting, Xavier truly seems meek at first and then turns a bit fouled mouthed when he gets to Earth but his gentle nature stays the same. Heath is a well portrayed character who really does get beaten down in the faith department and I was really surprised that he wasn’t suicidal (I would have been in those circumstances) and although he is brisk and brash at first you warm up to him quite quickly. Adam is The Fallen but not everything is as true as it seems, when we first meet him he comes across as evil but you get the feel that something is being kept from us, when you find out the truth you want to bitch-slap God right in the face… yes my hand was itching.

The relationship between Xavier and Adam is slow to form, but progresses well. Xavier and Heath become good friends. although there are one or two kisses between them. Adam and Xavier are really hot together and they don’t jump into bed straight away. The image of Heaven that is portrayed in this book is like nothing we have been led to believe, and God is not quite as benevolent as portrayed either, during the last scenes you really do want to do violence towards God just to cause God the same pain that God caused Xavier. Oh and the warning about rape, well it’s spoken about, there are no rape scenes or near rape.

So, if you fancy your Heaven a bit different, your angels good and bad, your sex causing sparks, your friendships fast developed but strong and a happy ending for those involved then this is the book for you.



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