On Shaky Ground by Andrew Grey

Andrew Grey - On Shaky Ground 3d Cover 4383jap

Andrew Grey - On Shaky Ground Cover 4383japTitle: On Shaky Ground

Author: Andrew Grey

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (70 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-64405-441-3

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (14th June 2019)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Martin Graham built his business from the ground up with hard work and intuition. Due to a degenerative eye disease, he’s learned to rely on his other senses to feel out the competition. To realize his dream, he just needs to broker one last deal… and finally secure an assistant.

Brock Littleton is desperate for money—desperate enough take the job no one else wants: assistant to demanding, fussy, intensely private Mr. Graham.

Everything about Brock gets under Martin’s skin in ways he never expected, making him realize a successful business isn’t the only component to a happy future. But as Martin’s deal comes together, one of the prices could be the relationship with Brock that Martin is just starting to believe could be real.

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Review: On Shaky Ground is a standalone novella by Andrew Grey. It was previously published as part of an anthology in 2018, although I never read it at the time. However, Andrew Grey is a must read author for me. I love reading anything by Andrew Grey and will do so without taking too much notice of the blurb. I love his writing style, I always connect with it and always feel the emotions of the characters that he weaves throughout the prose. Grey has a talent for stories of incredibly strong and inspirational MCs that have children or some sort of physical disability.

In the case of this novella, one MC, Martin Graham, has a degenerative eye disease which is slowly taking away his sight. Martin hasn’t let his medical issues stop him from building a very successful business and playing an active role as the CEO as his company. But in order to be able to work so hard, Martin needs an extremely competent personal assistant. Unfortunately, he has trouble keeping anyone because no one he’s hired has met his exacting standards. This is where Brock Littleton steps in.

Brock Littleton has just finished college and is desperate for a job. So much so he applies to become a personal assistant to a businessman, which is a complete side step for his career considering his qualifications but he needs to earn money and he needs to get his foot into the door for anything that could lead to his dream job. And so he accepts the job, trying to get a handle on Martin’s exacting standards.

Quickly, Brock becomes the perfect PA. Martin and Brock grow closer and Martin needs to battle his growing feelings for his PA, as well as knowing that the man is meant for more than being a PA. The two men need to work together so that they can see where their relationship may go. They take their time and get to know each other, while brokering a business deal, and showing each other just why they work so damn well together.

Fans of Andrew Grey will not be disappointed. For others, if you’re into the whole falling for the boss kind of story, this is a wonderful book to read.

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