Nine Small Sips by V.L. Locey

V.L. Locey - Nine Small Sips 3d Cover 83hfw2

V.L. Locey - Nine Small Sips Cover 87gpmcTitle: Nine Small Sips

Series: Tales of Bryant 02

Author: V.L. Locey

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (108 pages)


Publisher: V.L. Locey (12th June 2019)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: 💖💖💖💖 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Prime

Blurb: Life for Isamu Taylor is now a Cinderella story that includes a Manhattan loft, a new position in the hottest LGBT film production company in New York City, and an upcoming wedding in Bryant Park to his very own handsome prince.

He’s come a long way from that struggling film student with ratty sneakers and shaggy hair. Isamu is now living an urbanite’s fairy tale with that happily ever after just around a bustling city street corner.

But as all wedding planners know, even the best laid plans seem to go awry, and Isamu and Brian’s wedding is no exception. But love—both old and new—is in the air, so nothing can go too badly, right?

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Review: Nine Small Sips is the super heart-warming sequel to Tales of Bryant by VL Locey. This would probably work as a standalone book, however, why deprive yourself of the story that sets the scene for the characters as they move onto the next stage in their lives? I absolutely love VL Locey’s writing, she is one of my favourite MM authors and every book is a must read.

The story picks up the life of Isamu Taylor and his fiancé, rich businessman Brian Gillies. Things have changed a lot for Isamu since the first book and not just because he is now engaged to the love of his life. He’s now finished with college and has a new job for a production company that specialises in LBGTQI+ projects. After meeting in New York’s Bryant Park and moving in together, Isamu and Brian are getting ready to get married in the very park where they first met. There’s drama in the form of Isamu’s Japanese grandmother wanting the traditional sake ceremony included into the nuptials, as well as a very flighty wedding planner.

This is a short read and the plot, much like the first book is simple. The most important thing is the journey here and it’s great to get to know more about Isamu and Brian. I knew at the end of the first book that these guys weren’t fully developed and I feel this one completes them more. In addition, knowing more about Isamu’s family was absolutely perfect.

This is the first of two wedding novellas that I’ve been looking forward to this year by VL Locey. Though the one that I am looking forward to the most is the Harrisburg Railers wedding novella, Nine Small Sips was the perfect chance to catch up with some characters I recently got introduced to and gets me into the mood for more from the fantastic VL Locey. This is a sweet story with a sprinkle of funny moments and so much love.