One Last Kiss Goodbye by NJ Nielsen

Title: One Last Kiss Goodbye

Author: N.J. Nielsen

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (125pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (16th June 2012)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Jacen Ives comes face to face with his past when he finds himself sharing a house with Kayne Henderson and his children. Will a childhood crush lead him to happiness or destroy his life?

Jacen has always hidden his feelings from the boy he knew he was meant to love, while Kayne, eighteen and confused, married his high school girlfriend and started a family, unaware of the trouble looming ahead. So with one last kiss goodbye, Kayne lied about his feelings for his best friend’s brother and let his heart walk away.

Six years later, Kayne and Jacen must work together to find out who is trying to destroy their lives–George, a jealous, unstable ex-boyfriend responsible for assaulting Jacen; or Teagan, the woman overcome with seething hatred towards the man who stole her ex-husband’s heart?

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Review: Jacen left to start a new life when he left for college. All he had to really remember Kayne by was one last kiss goodbye. But, now years later he is back and his and Kayne’s lives become entangled again, but this time the truth comes out. Kayne hid his feelings, six years ago, to allow Jacen to grow and become the man he was meant to be and is now single with two young children. Kayne hopes to make up for the past and make Jacen face the truth.

This was a lovely story that had a bittersweet parting, some angst, some danger and some making up. Jacen believes that Kayne is straight. he has always believed it and still he is in love with him, even after all these years. Kayne couldn’t let anyone know that he pined for Jacen and ended up having a family. But, now he’s getting divorced and Jacen is coming home. But between their exs, trouble is following both of them.

This is quite a sweet novella, if you just concentrate on Jacen and Kayne’s relationship and ignore the flying debris of their past relationships, Jacen loving Kayne for years, Kayne wanting Jacen for years, but Kayne knows that Jacen has to spread his wings and become a man. He lets Jacen go physically, because no matter what he wants, at that point Jacen was only 15 and heading for university. Jacen takes that kiss with him knowing that is all he will ever have of Kayne. But, years later they struggle to connect, as Kayne tries to make Jacen realize that it is him Kayne wants. If we bring in the previous relationships, then we get quite a messy story as Kayne’s ex, Teagan, just wants to punish him and Jacen’s ex, George, wants him back even after beating the crap out of him. (Stupid man)

So, a sweet but troubled romance story, that will have you going awwww and dewy-eyed as their love unfolds. It’s the type of romance that you would tell the grandkids. letting love go and then fighting for it at the right time, becoming stronger for what has gone before and accepting that sometimes you have to take a chance on new/old love and believe that it’s right for you. This is a well written story that was a joy to read.

So if you want a story of lasting love, growing up, making mistakes, reuniting, a touch of danger, some angst and a wonderful ending then this is the book for you.

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