Paging Dr. Scott By Rosina Scott

Title: Paging Dr Scott

Author: Rosina Scott

Genre: Contemporary, Mild Medical Kink

Length: Novella (146pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (16th June 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: On the eve of his annual medical, Darcy Reed visits his favorite club to calm his nerves. He wasn’t looking for love but finds more than he expected in the arms of his physician Dr Sheridan Scott.

Getting up close and personal is not what people expect when they go for their annual medical, but Darcy Reed has to try hard not to enjoy it too much. He has a thing for doctors and this year his medical is about to get interesting.

On the eve of his medical, he visits his favorite club in search of the mind-numbing release only alcohol can bring. Instead, he meets the enigmatic Sheridan Scott.

The chance encounter is only the beginning. Sheridan is a doctor and Darcy is about to get more than he bargained for when he goes for his physical. Darcy hasn’t had much luck in love. Will Sheridan be just what the doctor ordered?

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Review: Darcy is worried about his physical the next day, so goes out for a drink to relax. There he meets a man who sparks his interest, the first man in eight long years. Sheridan is surprised when the man he nearly picked up the night before is his new patient and he quickly remedies the problems that might cause. Now Darcy and Sheridan begin a journey of discovery as they explore their fantasies.

This is a gentle novella that is a slow courtship for a man who has been hurt in the past. Darcy has been wary about men since his last relationship ended. But, now a new man has sparked his interest and his fantasies after eight long years. Sheridan has fantasies of his own and he imagines Darcy filling the role. But, he has to take it slowly with the sensitive younger man, as he has little experience and was hurt in his past relationship.

Well, what to say? This is a gentle love story where, from my point of view, Sheridan really did all the work, he gave a lot and pleased Darcy sexually and didn’t really get much in return. There was also a huge deal made out of Darcy having been hurt emotionally in his previous relationship, but, we weren’t given many details, just vague references. and those we did get, didn’t make me feel like it would take eight years to get over it. Darcy still being a virgin… well, that I can understand, he isn’t the type of man to give himself unless he is 100% sure of his partner. Sheridan was a sweetheart taking his time and courting Darcy until he was sure.

The sex between Sheridan and Darcy is really good, but it does feel solely one-sided until near the end and the kink is hot and has some bandage play. It isn’t heavy Medical play, just the very edges of it and is nicely done for a virgin. Both characters are well suited and this is a really nice love story.

So I will recommend this to those who want light kink, light medical play, a touching love story, some really hot sex and a happy ending.






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