Painting In the Rain by Dev Bentham

PaintingRainTitle: Painting In the Rain
Series:  N/A  
Author: Dev Bentham
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Extended Novella (34K)
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (June 16th, 2013)
Heat Level:  Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Helping teenagers is tough. They face so many dangers—peer pressure, drugs, pregnancy, STDs. As a trained social worker, Mike knows all about it. He’s taken a temporary job on the Oregon coast working with at-risk kids. But when he meets Gabe, the father of one of his charges, he finds himself in another type of danger—that of falling in love and getting stuck in a small, conservative town, not to mention living with an angry teenager. And yet, he’s drawn to Gabe in a way he never imagined possible.

Gabe, whose own father left before he was born, stays in a town where he no longer feels welcome. He’s living the life of a lonely artist so that he can be a father to his son, a bond that’s been threatened by divorce and Gabe’s public coming out. When he meets Mike, Gabe is bowled over with a longing so deep that he finds himself willing to risk everything.

But there are plenty of dangers in a small town, and when a gay kid gets hurt and they refuse to leave him to his fate, Mike and Gabe may be risking more than their hearts.

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Reviewer:   GiGi
Review: I’m an artist, so I have soft spots for other artists and was immediately attracted to the MC, Gabe. This is a risky and fast-paced romance between a single father with a surly and confused teenage son, and a young social worker who juggles teen on a daily basis. The sex was hot, the romance seemed a bit quick, and I must admit to being pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns in the plot! This is a great rainy day read!