Paradox by Chris Quinton

Title: Paradox

Author: Chris Quinton

Genre: Contemporary, Historical (Roman England), Time-Travel

Length: Novel (232pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (5th May 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: A diversionary kiss from his work partner, Ryan, shakes Phil’s world, but when an accident sends him into a dream that soon invades his waking life, he must separate past from present before he loses the best relationship he’s ever had.

Phil thrives on the danger and excitement of his job, and he trusts his partner with his life. Until Ryan kisses him. It’s a diversionary tactic, but the kiss shakes Phil to his foundations. He doesn’t need or want a long-term lover, but now it seems his heart does.

A short time later, Phil finds himself trapped in his wrecked car, drifting in and out of a dream-haunted coma where he’s living a parallel life. Centuries in the past, someone’s trying to kill Caius Marcellus Valens, and nothing is the way it seems. When the dream invades Phil’s waking life, he must separate past from present before it tears apart his world–and the best relationship he’s ever had.

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Review: Phil loves his job and his casual relationships. The only thing that he likes being permanent is his work partnership with Ryan, but even that gets shaken up when Ryan kisses him to cause a distraction. When Phil crashes his car, his consciousness slips into the mind of a man thousands of years in the past and into the mystery of who is trying to kill Caius. Ryan can’t believe Phil’s attitude after a small kiss, but now he has more important things to worry about Phil is missing and Ryan has to find him.

This story was great and gives us a wonderful view of what Roman England must have been like. Phil does not do permanent outside his job, so when Ryan kisses him it shakes him to the core because he now wants more. When he crashes his car and wakes up in Roman England, he discovers that the person he is now (who seems a bit of a wet blanket), is in danger so he sets about discovering who wants Caius dead. Ryan sets out to find Phil when he goes missing, but when Phil has recovered, his treatment of Ryan is terrible. Now, Ryan forces Phil to tell him the truth and Phil has to face the truth of what his subconscious has been trying to tell him.

I really enjoyed this story and the way that it was woven; with the past and the present being woven together.  And we are left with to wonder if did Phil’s conscious really slip into the mind of a man from the past or was it really an elaborate convincing dream? Phil is fighting himself and the wanting of permanence that he feels.  Phil fights until the bitter end, but he is no match for Ryan and his subconscious. Ryan really wouldn’t mind giving it a go, but Phil has cast him as the baddie in his mind and Ryan has to force Phil to find the truth.

The details of Roman England are exquisite and beautifully drawn.  You can picture in your mind, the villa and the frescos and the mosaics *sigh* Chris Quinton really brings that time to life. I really liked both Phil and Ryan, but there really isn’t any relationship between them until the end.  But, it’s a great journey to watch, as we watch the struggle between the two.

I will recommend this to those who love difficult stubborn men, time-travel with a difference, a mystery to solve, some hot sex and the beginnings of a great relationship.

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