The Heart of the Jungle by Jeremy Pack

Title: The Heart of the Jungle

Author: Jeremy Pack

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Length: Novel (247pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (30th April 2012)

Heat Rating: Low

Heart Level: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Chris James is Fate’s favorite plaything. When She took his parents in a car crash, Chris narrowly escaped the grief with his life, and he has the scars on his wrists to prove it. Seven years later, just as his life is finally turning around, Fate smashes his universe once again, taking his partner and two-year-old daughter and leaving behind a bloodbath.

After nearly a year of investigation, with no bodies, no motive, and no clues, the police are giving up. Enter Jason Kingsley, a wickedly handsome private investigator with a troubled past and a disconnected puzzle piece he could never find a place for. Jason has his work cut out for him: his search leads down a road that was never meant to be traveled, where a ruthless and hidden enemy lurks and dark secrets await. With passion drawing them together and sinister forces threatening to tear them apart, Chris and Jason race against time to unravel the mystery and get to the shocking truth that lies behind it all: The Heart of the Jungle.

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Review: Chris has been handed a harsh hand by fate.  Those that he loves have been taken from him, but he has no closure. A chance encounter brings a man who might be able to give him some answers, but as the digging begins and secrets come out, he realizes that the betrayals go deeper than he could ever imagine. Jason is haunted by an incident in his past.  As he helps Chris get to the truth, he begins to fall for his client, but there are some things that are just too hard to overcome.

This is an incredible suspense/mystery that has you gripped and intrigued right from the prologue. Chris is bordering on the brink of destruction.  After 10 months of investigations into the disappearance of his partner and daughter, all that was left was bloodstains.  But, now as the police close the investigation, one man steps forward with information that was kept hidden; one man that will dig for the truth and get the answers that Chris has waited for. Chris fights his attraction for the private investigator, as he knows that this is the wrong time and the loss he has suffered has scarred him. Jason falls hard for Chris as he investigates the disappearances; the silent strength of the man, the tenderness and the rock solid core touches something inside him that he wasn’t even sure he had.  But, the case comes first and as he delves into intrigue and danger he begins to discover that it delves much deeper and further than he thought.  As someone somewhere wants The Heart of the Jungle at all costs.

Oh. This was brilliant. A true suspense/mystery/thriller that was an absolute thrill to read. Do not think that this is a romance first because it isn’t. There is a romantic element that adds to the story, but it isn’t the main focus… far from it. This was a well-written, well-woven story that pulls you in, as you pull all the links together and find an elaborate long game plan from an adversary who is hidden in the shadows. You might think you have an idea of what is going on, but just as you reach to grasp it, it slips from your fingers as more scenes unfold and more players emerge.

All the characters are solidly written and the storyline and plot are fantastic.  This book is solid and I really can’t find any fault with it.   If it was mainstream m/f, it would be on the bestsellers list. The action and danger were spot on, not over the top, not underplayed, the characters not supermen but regular guys who get hit, bleed, stagger and fumble, but with an inner strength that shines through. They might have their own demons, but some things have to be set aside to finally go forward.

Was I disappointed that there was only a touch of sex… no.  Because, this story fed me so much more than just romance; it fed me intrigue, mystery, twists, hope, despair, desolation, unwanted lust, guilt, danger and betrayal. This story didn’t miss a spot and if you want a true thriller, mystery, suspense book to read then this is it and I highly recommend you go get this book and thoroughly enjoy the journey it takes you on.

*Portia’s Two Cents:  I just had to jump in and share a picture of Jeremy Pack I found while formatting this review.  What a beautiful family.  I promise y’all, I’m not going to rest until I get a chance to interview the writer that has my Pixie all hot and bothered.  ;-)*


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3 thoughts on “The Heart of the Jungle by Jeremy Pack


    (May 3, 2012 - 9:11 am)

    Pixie, you can’t know how grateful I am for your incredibly kind words. The wonderful team at Dreamspinner took a chance on me–a new author–and I have been positively terrified of letting them down. I am so happy that you enjoyed the story, despite the ways in which it strays from the standards of the genre.

    And I am overjoyed to see Jason and Ellie smiling out at me from this page! They are my reason for, well… EVERYTHING, so it thrills me to have them at my side in such a beautiful moment.

    Thank you again. You have done me a great honor, and I treasure every word!


      (May 3, 2012 - 12:31 pm)

      Jeremy, your book was a pleasure to read and I am looking forward to your future releases… like To Touch The Stars, I wish you all the best and hope that it gets accepted soon 😉 it sounds fascinating.


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