Play It Again, Charlie by R. Cooper

Title:  Play it again Charlie

Series:  N/A 

Author:  R. Cooper

Genre:   M/M contemporary

Length:  869 KB

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (April 19, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts-loved it

Blurb:   After an accident left him broken in body and spirit, Charlie Howard retired from the police force to teach at a community college. Life has taught him that he’s unlikely to get what he wants, so he’s stopped asking. Instead, he hides from the world in the apartment complex he manages. After all, no one can leave him if he doesn’t let anyone in.

Will, a sexy, classic-film-loving twink, moves into the apartment across from him and—to Charlie’s surprise—makes it clear that he’d like nothing more than to hole up with Charlie and get kinky. Will has no problem expressing what he wants in bed or out of it, but he’s never dated anyone long-term, and Charlie isn’t sure Will’s ready for anything serious.

Charlie is a serious kind of guy. He wants Will and everything a relationship could mean, even if he doesn’t have any experience in that scene—even if that makes him vulnerable. As they grow closer, Charlie realizes that it’s time to start asking for what he wants, and if he wants to be happy, he’ll have to risk everything and ask Will to stay.

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Reviewer:   Artemis

Review:  Charlie had to retire from the police force due to a severe car accident that left him scarred, both emotionally and physically.  He has to deal with chronic pain as well as the pressure of being ‘the rock’ for his slightly chaotic family.  He teaches Criminal Justice at the local community college and manages his family’s apartment complex.  He is a take charge kind of guy, but suffers from a little bit of a self-esteem problem.

He finds himself falling fast and hard for a very sexy and flamboyantly gay tenant named Will.  Will is giggly and looking for fun, but also sweet and wanting a bit of a father figure.  Charlie’s insecurities refuse to allow him to believe that Will could possibly want him for a long-term relationship.  He doesn’t want to tie Will down and sees his injury and a decade age difference a huge weight on the relationship.   There is an incredible amount of heat and passion to their relationship and also a lot of tenderness, but Charlie and Will have some MAJOR lack of communication issues to overcome.   Charlie doesn’t mind playing ‘daddy’ (even in the bedroom!), but needs to know he doesn’t have to be strong all the time.  Will is just as eager to take care of Charlie, but isn’t always sure how since they don’t talk much about it.

The sex between Charlie and Will is sweet and passionate, with a little bit of light BDSM that is totally realistic and well written.  You really get to know each one of these characters and there isn’t a huge angsty plot to deal with…just the realities of a developing relationship, with all of the ups and downs that are involved.   Sometimes, I got a bit lost in the dialogue and for some reason I felt like I got to know Charlie better than I got to know Will.  I got frustrated a number of times with their lack of communication skills, but isn’t that just like a guy?  Despite these minor flaws it was a very enjoyable read and I will be looking for more by this author!

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