Pup by S.J.D. Peterson

PupLGTitle: Pup

Series: Guards of Folsom 01

Author: S.J.D. Peterson

Genre: BDSM/Kink, Contemporary

Length: Novel (214pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (19th April 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Micah “Pup” Slayde knows he wants Tackett Austin the moment he lays eyes on him in the Guards of Folsom. Micah wants to have purpose, to be taken care of, and to take care of his Dom—wants to trust him completely, live for him, and belong to him. To become his everything. Micah is sure Tackett is the one. The problem is, in order to be the perfect sub, he needs to stay focused, and that’s not easy for Micah, who suffers from what he refers to as a “broken brain.” Focus and adult attention deficit disorder rarely coexist.

Ever since Ty Callahan and Blake Henderson’s collaring ceremony, Tackett’s been thinking too much about his own loneliness. Even though Ty introduces Micah and urges Tackett to give him a try, Tackett isn’t so easily convinced. He’s spent his life pursuing a successful business career, and the subs he dominates almost never enjoy the kiss of his leather twice. Twenty years Micah’s senior, Tackett has no interest in taking on and taming such a young and naughty sub—but it’s difficult to resist such an adorable pup when he begs.

Warning: Some readers with experience of Mental Health Issues may find some scenes offensive and distressing.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3756

Review: Micah has wanted Tackett from the first second that he set eyes on him. There’s something about the sexy older man who has Micah thinking that Tackett is the man to give him just what he needs. Tackett has been in a funk since his birthday. He isn’t sure what he wants anymore and even though he is tempted by sexy sub Micah, he really doesn’t think that they will be a good match. Being thrown together during a party leads Tackett to accept Micah’s offer and after a night of passion they agree to spend two weeks together to see if they are what the other needs; a disruptive pup and a strict Dom just watch the sparks fly.

S.J.D. Peterson has produced another punch packing, emotional wreaking book. Micah is an incredible character who needs help focusing to become the sub he wants to be. Tackett is a controlling Dom that Micah has chosen to master him. Both man need to find the perfect balance between them to make it work, but with only two weeks to find it and with Micah’s ADD it is a challenge for both men. will Micah be able to find his focus? And will Tackett be able to take on a demanding full-time sub?

This is a brilliantly written book and the sex is hot. The characters are wonderful and make a great couple. The relationship progresses well with some tender moments. Tackett really does try to be the Dom that Micah needs and Micah really does try to focus all his attention on Tackett and tries to become the sub that Tackett needs. The power exchange between them is wonderful, with Tackett turning to Micah when he has a need that he wants met. The sex between them is passionate and will make you burn. There is little angst and that is only when Micah has felt he has failed. There is no real conflict except conflicting feelings, but S.J.D. has still produced a story that many will love and adore.   

I had some niggles that disturbed me though. Tackett tries his best to discover just what Micah needs from him and he turns to his friends for advice and while I find that admirable, what disturbed me was, he never asked Micah if he was currently on medication or if he had received any therapy in adulthood. He never guided Micah to talk to a professional or even talked to one himself before diving into using his control and BDSM as a way to get Micah to focus.           

I have struggled at great length to keep my personal feelings aside, unfortunately I have failed. This book has received three stars for the characters and the strong feelings that this book invoked, for the attempt at bringing two people together for a loving power exchange and for the passionate sex. If this story hadn’t have touched such a tender subject that was close to my heart, then it would have been a much higher rating and I know that many people will disagree with my rating.   

In my eyes this book has failed miserably since the second ADD/ADHD was mentioned, having years of experience with this MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE, reading this book was painful. I could see years of progress being shoved forcefully back into the middle ages. I was proud of myself for getting through this book, but my breaking point was page 171 and I threw up. Being punished for something that can’t be controlled without extensive help from a qualified medical professional was just too much for me to bear. I wanted to stop reading but I couldn’t. I needed to finish this book so I could write this review. While some people with ADD/ADHD do enjoy the lifestyle of BDSM and the structure and peace it can give them, they also, usually, have received medical help with medication and/or Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); they do not use BDSM as Cognitive behavioral therapy.

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