Reward by Jambrea Jo Jones

Title: Reward

Series:   Alliance 04

Author:  Jambrea Jo Jones

Genre:   Science Fiction

Length:  Novel

Publisher:  Total E-Bound (February 27, 2012)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:   Book four in the Alliance Series

Vacation can be its own reward.

James Rodrick deserved a vacation. Running around the galaxy protecting people can be a rough road. His first officer was nicely settled and a cure for a deadly disease had been found. Time for a break. Alphonse Carter was not what the doctor ordered. A con man on the run does not a vacation make.

Alphonse Carter lived life high on the hog pretending to be something he wasn’t. His undercover identity was discovered and now he must flee before he is caught by the wrong side. Hijacking a captain with Alliance ties wasn’t in the cards, but he had to take what he could.

Will mistaken identity cause havoc or romance?

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Reviewer:   Portia

Review:  The fourth installment of the Alliance saga opens with James Roderick on vacation.  Well, actually, it’s more of a pity party, but let’s not quibble with details.  James’ first mate oopsed up and fell in love and ran off to live with his lover.  James is happy for them, but he wouldn’t mind finding his own “happy-ever-after”.  Alphonse/Ali is up to his eyeballs in an undercover operation gone bad.  He’s just trying to get off the planet and keep his ass alive.

If you’ve read my reviews, you are probably aware that I have a serious girl-crush on Jambrea Jo Jones.  No one feeds my love of MM sci-fi like she does.  Reward has all the action adventure, steamy sex…all through that space ship, and intrigue I’ve come to expect from JJJ.  If you haven’t read the other Alliance books, relax…Reward does nicely as a standalone.

The guys of Reward are a bit rougher than some of her other male characters.  James is an ex-Alliance pilot, who hates all this Alliance.  He’s loyal and smart and a good guy to have around in a fight.  Alphonse, on the other hand, fights dirty and is well…Alliance to the born.  James and Alphonse’s attraction is immediate and off the charts.  Sex is not a problem for these two.  Unfortunately, that is the only easy thing in their lives, right now.  The road to their HEA is littered with spies, betrayal, and oh yeah…literal bombs.

I loved everything about this book.  But, especially, the fact that these two are all man.  Alphas males to the core.  They work hard, play hard and love hard.  They also complement one another and do what it takes to keep the other safe and happy.

I think you should read this book, for no other reason, that to keep Jambrea feeding my addiction.  I really need Angel’s story written faster.  😉  Highly recommend.

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