Rock Hard by Vona Logan

Title: Rock Hard

Series: Hard, Hot and Sweaty 01

Author: Vona Logan

Genre: Contemporary, Adventure

Length: Short (58pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (23rd June 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Successful gym owner Aidan Walker has everything to live for, but finds himself preparing to die. Professional rock climber Matt Raine shows up, defies the hand of fate, and changes everything… Is Aidan lost or has he been found?

Dynamic and successful businessman Aidan Walker is hanging on for dear life, but knows it’s a matter of minutes before death will claim him. He despairs at leaving his sick sister behind and not fulfilling his dreams.

Professional gay rock climber Matt Raine shows up in a magnificent display of heroics. In those agonizing minutes of terror, Matt awakens something in Aiden that he would’ve never thought possible — the attraction to another man. During the days following his ordeal Aidan can’t stop thinking about Matt. He resolves to give Matt space to train for the world championship, until Matt pays him a naughty surprise visit.

Can Aidan accept Matt in his life or is the price just too high?

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Review: Aidan is rock climbing when his lead rope falls to the ground and he is left contemplating his fate as he grips for all his life onto the rock face. Matt is about to start his own climb. When he sees a rope unravel from where it was tied, he rushes, as best he can to the rescue, annoyingly flirting with the man to keep him conscious, but it stirs something in him and he decides to pursue the straight man.

Well. What can I say except…hot and spicy, with a bit of ‘gay for you’ thrown in for good measure with two hot, muscled, sweaty, hunky, sexy men *drool*. Aidan is confused by the feelings that Matt has evoked in him and it gets him reflecting. Has he has always felt this way and buried it or if it is just Matt that can get him hot and horny. Matt is determined to make Aidan his, but after an attack of his pride he pushes Aidan away. But then Aidan makes a choice that Matt can’t disagree with.

Aidan is a great guy, has his own business, has money behind him and truly seems like a likable guy. Whereas, Matt is a professional sports personality who was dropped by his sponsors for being gay. He comes across as mischievous and fun-loving and, to be honest, when they are together sparks fly. The sex is mega hot and the time that we spend with them was fulfilling. Because, even though it is a short story, there is enough packed in to keep you satisfied. It is well written and flows smoothly giving us some great descriptions. And for those of you left wanting more, then don’t worry as there is a sequel in the pipeline.

So I will recommend this to those who want a bit of tension, confusion, a touch of worry, some hot sex, two sexy rock climbers and an ending that is a beginning.

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