The Sea Vixen by Pelaam

Title: The Sea Vixen

Series: A Demonica Story 03

Author: Pelaam

Genre: Action, Adventure, Paranormal, Alternate World

Length: Novella (99pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (23rd June 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Frank thinks proposing to Nathan is his hardest task until an ancient evil is disturbed. The crew of the Sea Vixen faces a powerful adversary. They must prevent the evil from escaping a remote island into the world.

Frank Reinhart thinks his hardest task is plucking up the courage to propose to Nathan, his lover, until an ancient evil is disturbed on a remote island. Called in to investigate strange deaths, the crew members of the Sea Vixen find they are facing a powerful preternatural adversary–a centuries old demonic creature released from its prison. A way must be found to prevent the evil escaping from the remote island into the world at large. But in answering the call for help, Frank also finds himself vying with the beast for the life and soul of his young lover.

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Review: The Sea Vixen is a submarine and its crew is tasked to missions involving the supernatural. Frank has been dithering over asking Nathan to marry him and has now plucked up the courage to ask when they are both next on leave.  But, before that can happen, they are sent on a mission which makes him realize that the time for dithering is over.

This is a well written paranormal novella. Frank and Nathan have been together for five months. It hasn’t been perfect, what with different working shifts, but what time they do have together is perfect. Frank has been thinking of asking Nathan to marry him, but because Nathan is ten years younger, he worries that he will say no. But that is all put into perspective when the next mission they are on puts Nathan in danger from a supernatural being that is determined to have him.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it had a great storyline where a military type unit was set up to investigate paranormal actions that would do harm. Frank and Nathan are members of that unit and began a relationship that has blossomed even under the limited quality time that they have together. Frank and Nathan love each other deeply and it is lucky for them that they do, because there is something which is determined to have Nathan after it spots him and it is only their love which stops him from succumbing to the creatures allure.

All the characters including supporting characters are well written and you get to know them quite well, they add a lot to the depth of the story and they do intrigue you about what skills they possess. Nathan and Frank are quite something together, very hot and erotic, but you can clearly see that the sex isn’t just all that is between them. They both genuinely care about the other and it shines through in different ways for both of them.  For Frank it’s his worry over what could happen to Nathan and his need to protect him. for Nathan it’s his full belief in their love and his belief in Frank as a man who keeps him tethered in his time of need.

So, I will recommend this to those who love the paranormal, supernatural, strong surviving love, military men (some who aren’t too bright) and a really happy ending.




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