Serve & Protect by Megan Linden

Serve-and-Protect-CoverTitle: Serve & Protect
Series: DC Files
Author: Megan Linden
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (167 Pages)
Publisher: MLR Books (May 28, 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5 Hearts
Blurb: What happens when you fall in love in the heart of politics?
Sam Daniels’ life turns upside down when he meets an amazing guy and gets a job offer he can’t refuse almost at the same time. Working in politics and sustaining any kind of personal life is never easy, but when you’re running a campaign to elect the first woman to the office of the President of the United States, it may become nearly impossible.

Blake Morin, after spending years as a SEAL, lives a quiet life with his daughter and he’s fine with that. He can’t deny the attraction between him and Sam, but is he ready to enter the world he used to avoid?

ISBN: MLR-1-02015-0414

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: When I first came across this book all it took was the title. I didn’t even bother looking at the blurb. Which turned out to be a big mistake. There is no action and it is a very slow love story. I was disappointed in this book. It however is a great story with characters that will draw you in.

However it just dwindled along and did not give me a desire to read it again. I want a story that is going to draw me in and keep my attention the whole time I am reading. This was predictable. I knew what was going to happen even before reading the next chapter. They don’t argue, there is no tension but a little bit about pictures and there was nothing there that was jumping out at me.

Sam was a politician’s favorite man. He had helped them get into office. However the man he worked for was retiring. He wasn’t sure what he would do from then on. On a night out to think, he meets a sexy seal. Then to his luck one of his favorite politician’s wants him to help her win the President spot. Here he was starting a new relationship and he was hardly ever there.

Blake wanted Sam and it would seem his daughter wanted the same thing. It would take some getting used to but it sure is hard being away from his lover. He had to remember his time serving and how his parents were with it, and then use that strength for his relationship with Sam.

It is a very good story with tender touches, long kisses and some hot sex. The thing is there is not a lot of sex in this, which is disappointing in one. Then it just flows in one direction with no attitude to it. The title is hot but misleading, which shows me to always look at the blurb. I would recommend this if you are for love stories, tender moments, and cute kids.

I hope that the next book has some action, danger or something in it to keep my attention.

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