Sex in the Sun Temple by J.C. and A.C. Ellas

3743SexInTheSunTemple510w-430x645Title: Sex in the Sun Temple

Series: The Dark Servant, Book 2

Author: J.C. and A.C. Ellas

Length: Novel (99 Pages)

Publisher: Extasy Books (September 1st, 2012)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Blurb: S’Rak, a high priest of the Lord of Night, has been sent far from home to defend both a prophecy and a prince. His problems began the very day he arrived in a kingdom that views him and his kind as demons, and his half-brother Prince Jethain, the man he has sacrificed everything to save, isn’t helping matters.

Only Jisten, the captain of the palace guard, is willing to help S’Rak, but can the two learn to work together in time to save the prince.

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: This is a really good read, but is very hard for me to get into. S’Rak is a high priestess with a very high sexual drive. He has many husbands and wives, but can take lovers to keep the fires at bay. S’Rak was sent to a kingdom to defend a prophecy and a prince, who was no other than his half-brother Prince Jethain. He sacrificed everything he had to save his brother, but his brother is still very wary of him. There are many characters in this story that are considered slaves, but the stories told about them are amazing. If I was into this type of book, I know I would love it. 

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