Silence by Peter Melillo

silence_400x600130902_1039Title: Silence

Author: Peter Melillo

Genre: Erotic

Length: Short (30 pages)

Publisher: JMS books (Sept 1st, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb:Brazie Deschinney had a talent for resurrecting dead or dying internal combustion engines, both large and small. Since his childhood in the San Gabriel Indian Reservation, he fixed cars, trucks, model aeroplanes … bartering food, goods, and sexual favors for payment.

Urged by his parents to join the Navy to see the world and have fun, Brazie discovered that while discrimination always lurks, his amazing mechanical skills could make him friends in all levels of society.

Running roughly parallel to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the peaking AIDS pandemic in the USA, this is the story of one boy who found love and achieved victory in the end.

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Review: This is a bittersweet story of a young American Indian and how he had to fight so many levels of bullying and discrimination. Brazie was always good at any kind of engines and goes into the service to see the world, have fun, and hone his craft.  He immediately is harassed and goes through hell.

There are parallels stories of the Iraqi war and outbreak of Aids.  I liked the story of Brazi his turmoil, and the story of him finding himself and his sexual encounters. I personally could have done without the war parts; it was sort of like reading news reports. I felt the poignancy of this story and focusing on Brazi, the bullying, and the Aids were quite good.  My heart truly went out to the young men and the ending made me cry. (By the way, I like a story that makes me cry)

I recommend this if you like stories with conflict, war, about bullying and discrimination, mechanics, coming out and bittersweet endings.