Slayer by Pelaam

Slayer -lgTitle: Slayer

Author: Pelaam

Genre: Paranormal World (1500)

Length: Short (54pgs)

Publisher: Torquere Press (6th February 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥3½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Alexus’ role in life as a Slayer is to remove or eliminate preternatural beings as dictated by his town’s bishop, Mathias. He is deeply in love with Josiah, the town apothecary, who also creates weapons and protective garb for Alexus. When dealing with the latest supernatural threat to the town, however, Alexus quickly realizes that the real threat is something far darker and more deadly than it first appears.

When Josiah is attacked, Alexus goes after his abductors and uncovers the true evil. But in trying to save Josiah, will his own life be forfeit?

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Review: Alexus is a Slayer, he eliminates evil on the command of his Bishop Mathias, but he is starting to yearn for the quite life with his lover, Josiah. Josiah is the town apothecary and is always waiting for his lover, Alexus, when he returns from a journey. But, this time there is a threat to the town and they both fall under danger. Alexus has to make life and death decisions and can only hope to defeat the evil haunting the town.

This is a great little story that shows love, danger and a solution to Alexus and Josiah’s problems. Alexus has spent most of his life working for the church. he knows that his love for Josiah would be frowned upon if he wasn’t a Slayer, but he now wants out to be with his lover, vowing that it will be his last mission he and Josiah look into the preternatural goings on around town. Josiah just wants Alexus and will have him anyway he can.  He knows that if Alexus ever gets away from the church, then they will have to leave and he is perfectly happy with that. But, first they have to face the horrors in the mist.

Alexus and Josiah are really great characters and the opening scene in the book shows us how much they love and need each other. The supporting characters are good and add a little extra and the storyline is good with an added twist. This story is one that could be expanded if Pelaam ever wish to; it has such potential and not just as a Slayer story and I am hoping that there are follow-up stories with the various characters in this book. I must admit it reminded me a lot of Van Helsing with a twist and the added bonus of hot sex.

I will recommend this to those who like old world paranormal, nasty surprises, good surprises, hot sex, abiding love and a happy ending.



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