Wolf Wanted by Marie Harte

{6DBF15AB-6FEE-456A-A8EE-0E079D9E45C0}Img100Title: Wolf Wanted

Series: Mark of Lycos #2

Author: Marie Harte

Genre: MM / Paranormal

Length: Novella

Publisher: Total E-Bound (January 31, 2011)

Reviewer: Thommie

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3.5Hearts

Blurb: Only a sacrifice can break his curse, and only the love of a maddening werewolf can satisfy his heart.

Trying to avoid an arranged marriage is easier said than done. But Anson seems to have accomplished the impossible. Now if he can put off fighting his twin to the death, he can avoid becoming alpha of his clan as well. The Wolf in the Forest hears and grants his unspoken wish, because one minute Anson’s in Alaska with his clan, and the next he’s in southern Germany surrounded by athmae—lust demons. One particular demon takes an interest in Anson, a very personal interest. Anson isn’t attracted to men, but around Liam, he can think of nothing but getting to know the demon in every way possible.

Liam cast a spell for a wolf, and Anson exceeds his expectations. He’s golden, he’s sexy, and he’s a werewolf— a unique being in the world of shifters. After a hundred years of cursed living, Liam has a chance to finally break free from the spell holding his inner wolf at bay and embrace both his wolf and demon heritage. He never planned on falling in love with Anson, or of taking the maddening werewolf to mate. But his plans for a happily-ever-after come to a screeching halt when the evil sorceress who cursed him returns. She refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer, and then she sets her sights on Anson…

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Review: I totally loved this paranormal world. I was completely fascinated by the Silver Wolf Clan and the Athmae world. If there weren’t some holes in the story I’d have been completely takes by this book. So I’ll venture and tell you what I loved and what I felt was lacking and let you make your own mind.

So the story follows Anson, a twenty-five years old wolf who barely reached voting aged and his uncle-Alpha of the Clan is practically forcing him to take part in the mating ritual. But, Anson is special in too many ways. He is direct descendant of Lycos, baring his star.  He also has no interest in having a mate and he has no wish in becoming an Alpha, which among others involves fighting his twin brother to death. In addition to all that, Anson is also a Werewolf, a rare species deeply respected by the rest of the shifters for their ability to combine Human and Wolf nature into one.

Anson’s only wish is to be free. Part of the pack, but with no obligation that all come from his legacy. So when forced to take part in the mating ceremony, his prayer to the Wolf in the Forest (the spirit wolf of the pack) is for that freedom, silently begging not to be mated with a she-wolf yet… Well, he should have been more specific in my opinion.

Liam is part Demon, part Wolf. After declining a sorcerer’s proposition she cursed his Wolf in eternal prison within his soul. Crippled Liam has tried for over hundred years to undo the curse. This year he cast a different spell, one that calls to the Wolf in the Forest for help, for another wolf to come to his side and help him unleash his imprisoned part. Little did he know he cast a mating spell.

While fighting his confusion of traveling through space and finding himself from Alaska in Germany, Anson has to fend off a very horny demon as well. Apparently in Liam’s world, intimate relationships between males is a pretty normal one. As are orgies. To top it all, this half Demon/half Wolf not only requires his help but seems too fond of him, too intimate perhaps. And what is that that he called him? Mate? That can’t be true… or can it?

Love, lust, carnal instincts. Wolves, Werewolves and Sexual Demons. Creatures mate for sex and fight, poisonous seduction and flaming love. Orgies that were not only frown upon but encouraged and part of the world. Bonds created from body fluids that were made stronger when the animal within those creatures came forth. Well, I loved it all. It was fascinating at least.

But, I didn’t get how Anson was going to help Liam in first place. The way it evolved, he was only able to do that within his ability as Liam’s mate, so the original spell Liam cast for a wolf didn’t make sense. And then there was the Queen of the Athmae who was supposed to be powerful yet she stayed well hidden when things went toward a fight. What was with that? And I’m not even going to comment on the fight with the Evil Sorceress. I had been anticipating that fight from the start and… well… it actually disappointed me. It was too fast and not nearly bloody enough to show the hundred years of fury and desperation she caused. In the end, the only feral, carnal and downright base instinctive action in the book was the sex scenes.

The end of the book was (again) too lukewarm for the intensity promised in the beginning. It left me with wanting to know more of Anson’s twin brother, and I don’t think he’s going to have a book for himself.

So bottom end, I did like the book, I loved about two-thirds of it while the last part didn’t met the expectations. Never the less I recommend it to all paranormal lovers out there. It was a fascinating take on the merging of different species.

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