Sui Generis by Edward Kendrick

4f7951e707d18d75077ea919ed45c029.image.300x450Title: Sui Generis


Author: Edward Kendrick


Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Fantasy, Gay, Paranormal/Alternate World, Vampires, Werewolves


Length: Novel (232 pages)


ISBN: 9781622321186


Publisher: Silver Publishing (January 25th, 2014) 


Heat Level: Low


Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts


Reviewer: Cat


Blurb: Captured, imprisoned and tortured, Brand becomes… unique. After escaping, he vows revenge on his captor, Fedor. With the help of his friend and housemate, Mag, the search begins. Then others who also have a vested interest in finding Fedor become involved.


These others, who call themselves Enforcers, are not run-of-the-mill by any means. Their leader, Antton, convinces Mag that Brand is more than he seems. When Fedor captures Mag to demoralize Brand to force him to come to him, Brand and the Enforcers, including Randulf, set out to rescue him.

With that mission successfully completed, Brand admits he cares for Mag as much as Mag does him—something he has been previously unwilling to reveal.


Then Brand is invited to join the Enforcers—and accepts. The Enforcers receive another assignment and Brand and Mag meet Lew, Randulf’s ex-lover. There’s no love lost between those two, but Mag suspects that deep down they care for each other. He vows to force them to admit it—to themselves and to each other—if they survive the coming battle.


Content advisory: This title contains scenes of violence that may upset some readers.


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Review: I really like this cover; it has a mysterious vibe to it.

When I first started reading this story I kept wondering if it was a part of a series and if I had missed something. It just had that book two feel. Eventually the backstory is all well explained, but I can’t help but wonder if why it picked up after Brand had escaped from Fedor and we didn’t see his torture or more on why Fedor had him. 


This book has a lot going on. We have the first part, where Brand is hunting Fedor, meets the Enforcers, and deals with his feelings for Mag. After this all settles down we get another story, the enforcers go on another hunt but this one features Randulf and Lew more than Brand.  I’m not complaining though. I really liked the story and we actually got like two stories in one book. The stories were very interesting and fast paced.


The characters are also very intriguing. We have Brand who is part human / part vampire and now has another power after his torture from Fedor.  I really liked this combination.  Mag is a human and Brands friend with benefits.  He is smart, sweet, and sexy as all get out.  Then we add the Enforcers. Wow what a group! We have a couple older vampires and a couple of Werewolves. Each has his own powers. All of them are very interesting and I did like Randulf and Lew’s story a lot, maybe even more than Brand and Mag’s.


All in all this is a paranormal romance lover’s dream! You have a great mix of mystery, suspense, some unique characters, and a different take on Vampires and werewolf’s, yet with Edward Kendrick’s style of mixing suspense with just a small dose of sweet romance. The balance is perfect, the love and sexual tension is there without any actual sex scenes.


If you love a sweet romance, paranormal romance, Friends to lovers, Vampires, werewolves, suspense, intrigue and no actual sex scenes with a happy ending, this is for you!