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Hey guys *waves*, today we’re taking part in Divine Magazine’s Summer blog hop with a little something about my summers as a kid, MM Good Book Reviews is also throwing in a $10 Dreamspinner Press credit to one lucky reader who comments on this post about their own childhood summers! So enjoy the post, click the giveaway link and leave a comment to enter our giveaway on this post! ~Pixie~

Reddish Vale Trees 1

Soooo the one thing about the summer holiday’s that has always stuck with me was that my mother and father were saints for not killing any of us… seriously I have five sisters and six brothers and none of us were angels!

As you can guess having such a large family was not conductive to holiday’s away from home which meant my mum and dad had to come up with ways to keep us occupied while being cheap and cheerful, and lucky for them (and us) we lived in an area that Reddish Vale swhile wasn’t the best area it did happen to be five minutes walk from a huge natural playground for both adults and kids… a country park. Reddish Vale was (and still is) a beautiful, free wonderland.

Every year a huge picnic would be packed, us kids were rounded up and we were corralled for the long assed walk through nature. Reddish Vale Trees 1Storming through the never ending forest, climbing tree’s, throwing sticks at each other, pouncing on each other from low hanging branches till we got to the open fields where we’d stampeded towards the river determined to beat ‘red rock’ and dive bomb into the river hopefully missing the undertow, and then jumping out the river to drag an unsuspecting sibling into the water with us. (I’m still surprised none of us are dead)River Tame Reddish Vale Bend

After wearing ourselves out and stuffing our faces with the picnic we’d be dragged sedately around the huge duck pond, we’d peek at the farm (it seriously stunk), we’d walk along the river (stopping under the viaduct to scream and shout for the echo) enjoying watching the ducks, geese and dragonfly’s before we got to the flat field and my dad would get the balls out and we’d get our second wind, and we’d pummel the hell out of each other in the guise of playing games 😉Reddish Vale viaduct 1

Mum and dad would finally drag us home tired, wet and dirty but so bloody happy. That would be repeated several times over the summer, and it’s something that has actually stuck. We lost our dad a couple of years ago but we still have our mum, so one day a year in the summer all us kids set a date and meet up with our mum in Reddish Vale with our kids and we repeat our childhood antics… dragging our kids with us and for one of us their grandkids, our mum yelling ‘leave your brother alone’ ‘stop running’ and ‘oh for the love of god’ while we throw off adulthood and return to being brats without a care in the world.

River Tame Reddish Vale sReddish Vale Duck Pond



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  1. I don’t actually have summer in my country but living in tropical weather during this time of the year is pretty HOT. Stay indoor reading and having cold drink and favorite snacks to munch on would be nirvana for me.:)

  2. My summer were spent riding my bike all over and spending lots of time with my extended family swimming and fishing nearby lakes. We also would go camping in tents for a week or two.

  3. Summer was always spent in Lincolnshire with my mums relations my sister and I, and my many cousins had so much fun playing in the countryside and fields as well as going to the beach.

  4. My childhood summers were spent swimming in the pool and playing with friends in the cul-de-sac. We also had to do daily chores in the yard and garden.


  5. I have fond memories of my summers. I used to spend them with some friends in the coast, my parents sent me there because the climate was better for my allergies. We used to go camping, and I loved it. so much. Every single summer we went to a different place and it felt like an adventure. There were new places and friends, but also the responsibility of looking after our tents and camps sites. I’ve spent years without going camping, and sometimes I miss it a lot.

  6. We used to cme over on the boat to Liverpool and turn left for Wales – either famhouse B&B or Butlins!!

  7. I don’t have summer in my country but the months of June/July coincides with school holidays. So when I was a kid sometimes my parents will take me to do a little road-trip 🙂

  8. We spent most of our childhood summers camping. Occasionally we’d go out of state on trips with our grandparents, but most of the time we’d be at the state park about 25 miles from home.

  9. Every year we would go to the beach for a solid week. My Mom and Dad would fish and do things at night. Us kids stayed on the beach during the day all week long. Being blonde and blue eyed SUNBURN on top of SUNBURN! This was before sunscreen was a normal part of the beach life. To this day I do not enjoy the beach. I miss the fun we had but not the pain!

  10. I was raised on a barrier island off the coast of FL, and it took us 15 minutes to walk to the beach. Our summers were spent swimming, fishing, and meeting people from all over the US and from all over the world. Lots of fun in the sun. Now I live near the mountains, and much prefer a cool, clear-water mountain stream to the Gulf of Mexico. Have enough salt and sun built into my system for the next two lifetimes!

  11. We used to camping every year for a week as our family vacation and those trips are still some of my favorite childhood memories. It was always fun to be out exploring and ‘roughing it.’

  12. My childhood summer was spent visiting the beach with my parents. Those times were my favorite. My brother does it for his son now for his birthday and it’s always a blast.

  13. I’ve never been a fan of summer heat and humidity–but I had some awesome summers as a child–swimming at the lake, traveling to Maine, horse camps… I’d love to be a kid again!

  14. I didn’t go to the beach as often as you’d expect (living on the coast in California, you get kind of used to it and don’t enjoy summer crowds), but I always looked forward to swimming lessons every year!

  15. Spending time with my grandparents, beachcombing for treasure on the beach (fossils, sea glass and semi precious stones) and reading 🙂

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