Super Gay by Vicktor Alexander

blogger-image-1575016312Title: Super Gay

Series: N/A

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Short Story

Publisher: The Rooster and The Pig Publishing (April 30th, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: When William “Will” Ladler shows up at the Radisson Hotel for the wedding of his best friend’s younger brother, he’s surprised to see the gorgeous, effeminate young man he’d danced with the night before at a club, standing at the altar dressed in a tuxedo as a member of the wedding party. Will watches as the younger man’s long auburn hair blows in the wind, missing the entire ceremony. He’s determined to not only find out the younger man’s name but to get his number and ask him out on a date, which is what he’d wanted to do the night before.

Derrick “Rick” Tramun is beyond shocked to see the gorgeous Will Ladler at his older brother’s wedding. Their night was cut short by a fight and Rick’s overprotective friends, who were determined to make sure that he makes it home by his curfew. After dancing with Will the night before and jacking off to the memory of it before bed, Rick is more than happy to take Will up on his offer for dinner, much to his family’s horror and against their objections. His family has always been super supportive of his lifestyle, so why were they so against his dating Will?

But when Will sees exactly how flamboyant and effeminate Rick is and Rick finds out exactly how much Will can “pass” as a heterosexual man, will the two of them be able to make a go of their relationship or is Rick too “super gay” for straight laced Will?

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Review: The more I read from this author, the more I’m convinced that the core idea behind his stories is pretty much the same. Here we have yet again, what I’ve come to recognize as his special brand, a story that follows a very young man, smallish and flamboyant, the type people around are used to calling as “too gay”. Rick is this little pixie like man and he’s happy in his flaming ways. His counterpart is the older (perhaps too old) and more “straight” looking Will, who can pass for “normal.”

The plot is simple enough and we’ve seen it too many times. Big guy meets small guy, insta-lust and chemistry, misunderstanding follows along with the drama of apologizing and finally the happily ever after.

I’m not fond of insta-love/lust, that is something I try to avoid in books I read, but there are times when I’m sold the idea. Good writing has a lot to do with it. In this case, though I didn’t like it. The active plot was not there and the “telling” made it hard to connect with either character or emotions, although I might put a small blame at the length of the story there as well.

Whatever the case, the “super” fast way this story went was too much and as it was constantly said throughout the read, the characters simply had no time to form any kind of attachment or thoughts about each other, yet they ended with sappy declaration of love and “forever”. Nothing engaging about that and adding the grammar/typos there were found through the text I came to even dislike it.

That said if you love the type of read and if you don’t mind the lack of realistic approach, this happy little story might be right for you.