Resist & Triumph Anthology Blog Tour, Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Hi guys! We have the anthology Resist and Triumph stopping by  today. A collection of authors have come together to write an anthology for charity in resistance to the oppression that has risen up in the wake of the last US Presidential election. The authors have written positive stories of hope and love, so lets support these amazing authors and enjoy some wonderful man on man loving ;-).

We have guest post from Maria Siopsis as well as an excerpt from her story Leto of The Ionian Sea and there’s an awesome giveaway with 4 different prizes, so check out the post and enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~ 

Resist & Triumph

(Charity Anthology)

Perci T. Brooks, Tucker McCallahan, Mandi Ware,
Carol Pedroso, Shane Morton, Maria Siopsis, Vicktor Alexander, Helen Dupres, Grace R. Duncan

As 2017 opened, the United States took several steps back in the progress toward equality. In response, a group of authors has stepped up to offer positive stories of hope and love. In an effort to help fight and support those groups who are facing even greater challenges, we wrote these stories to offer a small amount of aid.

Stories of hope, resistance, and ultimately triumph fill the pages of this anthology.

All proceeds of the anthology go to The Trevor Project and GLAAD to help fight the effects of the dark times we’re facing.

Breaking Ties with the Bully by Perci T. Brooks

Consummation by Tucker McCallahan

Fighting the Alpha, the Omega Way by Carol Pedroso

Get Off of My Runway by Shane K. Morton

Leto of The Ionian Sea by Maria Siopsis

Red, The Mo Shíorghrá Saga by Vicktor Alexander

The Respect of Love by Mandi Ware

Small Victories by Helene Dupres

White Rabbit by Grace R. Duncan

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Resist & Triumph Anthology Cover Reveal, Guest Post & Giveaway!

Hi guys! We have the anthology Resist and Triumph cover reveal today. A collection of authors have come together to write an anthology for charity in resistance to the oppression that has risen up in the wake of the last US Presidential election. The authors have written positive stories of hope and love, so lets support these amazing authors and enjoy some wonderful man on man loving ;-). Grace R. Duncan is also putting up one of her backlist titles for the giveaway, so check out the cover, enjoy the guest post from Grace and enter the giveaway! <3 ~Pixie~ 

Resist & Triumph

(Charity Anthology)

Perci T. Brooks, Tucker McCallahan, Mandi Ware,
Carol Pedroso, Shane Morton, Maria Siopsis, Vicktor Alexander, Helen Dupres, Grace R. Duncan

As 2017 opened, the United States took several steps back in the progress toward equality. In response, a group of authors has stepped up to offer positive stories of hope and love. In an effort to help fight and support those groups who are facing even greater challenges, we wrote these stories to offer a small amount of aid.

Stories of hope, resistance, and ultimately triumph fill the pages of this anthology.

All proceeds of the anthology go to The Trevor Project and GLAAD to help fight the effects of the dark times we’re facing.

Breaking Ties with the Bully by Perci T. Brooks

Consummation by Tucker McCallahan

Fighting the Alpha, the Omega Way by Carol Pedroso

Get Off of My Runway by Shane K. Morton

Leto of The Ionian Sea by Maria Siopsis

Red, The Mo Shíorghrá Saga by Vicktor Alexander

The Respect of Love by Mandi Ware

Small Victories by Helene Dupres

White Rabbit by Grace R. Duncan

Release date: 26th January
Amazon US | Amazon UK

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One Pulse ~ Charity Anthology Guest Post by John Amory!


Hey guys, today we have John Amory, one of the authors from the Dreamspinner Press Charity Anthology One Pulse, visiting with an incredible guest post, so check out the post and then I want you to check out the blogs that the other One Pulse authors will be visiting during the next two weeks. <3 ~Pixie~ 


One Pulse


Jon Keys, Alicia Nordwell, Mickie B. Ashling, M.T. Aspen, M.A. Church, Caitlin Ricci, George Seaton, Jayce Ellis, Bree Cariad, Chrissy Munder, Ellis Carrington, Felicitas Ivey, John Amory, Grace R. Duncan, John Goode, J. C. Long, Elizabeth Noble, Renee Stevens, Troy Storm, Connie Bailey, Dev Bentham, Andrea Speed, Laura Lascarso, Lila Leigh Hunter, Emery C. Walters, C.C. Dado, Sera Kane, KC Burn, Vicktor Alexander, Edmond Manning

Stories drive life. Sometimes life is good; sometimes life is bad. But it’s the nature of our community that in the aftermath of an act of hatred, we respond with love. Because darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Cruelty cannot stand against compassion. Negativity will never overcome hope.

To show our support for those affected by the Orlando shooting, our authors, editors, artists, and staff have volunteered their talents to create this anthology. All proceeds will be donated to LGBT organizations in central Florida. Join us as we celebrate the triumph of love over every obstacle.

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Storming Love: Blizzard, MLR Press Excerpt & Giveaway!

MLR Press Storming Love Blizzard 750x750 Template

Hi guys, today we have joined by MRL Press as they show off their newest series Storming Love: Blizzard, there’s six books in the series from six great authors and I’ve nicked an excerpt from MLR Press for one of the books *shhh don’t tell MLR Press* so check out the post and then click the Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~

Storming Love Blizzard

 Storming Love: Blizzard


Sara York, Neil Placky, R.J. Scott, Vicktor Alexander, Nicole Dennis, Jackie Nacht

Storming Love S2_Jens_and_ElliotStorming Love: Blizzard – Jens & Elliot by Sara York (release date: 1/23/15)

Jens Arnesen is only looking for a taste of the city, a place to experience Boston. What he finds is a sexy naked man who ends up being more than he bargained for. Elliot Matthews needs a place to stay until the storm blows over and the airports open. Being walked in on by Jens starts out as an annoyance but grows into the best thing in his life. When the skies clear and the airports open, they have no choice but to part. If only they lived closer to each other then life would be perfect.

When the storm throws them together, can Jens and Elliot make the most of the situation?

Storming Love S2_Kimo_and_MikeStorming Love: Blizzard – Kimo & Mike by Neil Plakcy (release date: 1/30/15)

Former competitive surfer and Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapa’aka is in his element in his home state of Hawaii. But a ski trip with his partner, fire investigator Mike Riccardi, knocks him off balance. As a bitter storm rages outside the condo where they’re staying, one of Mike’s college buddies is feuding with his wife and the other is making sexy overtures to Kimo. Will these tensions ruin the vacation and perhaps even drive a wedge between Kimo and Mike?

Storming Love S2_Seth_and_CaseyStorming Love: Blizzard – Seth & Casey by RJ Scott (release date: 2/6/15)

The blizzard of the century has stranded teacher Casey McGuire and pupils at a country retreat. As a last resort and fearing for their lives he calls his ex, fireman Seth Wild. The same man who promised that he would always be there for Casey.

Seth is on sick leave after a terrible accident leaves him near dead. He’s wallowing in self pity and he’s already driven away the only man who cared about him. Casey. When he receives the call, he is the only person left to help and nothing will stop him.

Because if Seth can’t help, then very possibly Casey and the kids won’t make it out of this alive.

Storming Love S2_Layne_River_and_DamionStorming Love: Blizzard – Layne, River & Damion by Vicktor Alexander (release date: 2/13/15)

It has taken Damion Martin six months to finally start to get over the startling break-up from his partner Layne Haylse. They’d been high school sweethearts and blissfully in love. Then the man suddenly wanted nothing to do with him. Having to work with him at Yale University almost every day made the separation that much harder. Meeting the young marketing major, River Cunningham, may just be the ticket to helping Damion heal.

But they say that to every story there’s two sides, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. When a harrowing blizzard crashes through Connecticut, trapping all three men inside the campus library, they will soon find that sometimes things aren’t as black and white as they seem. When the truth is revealed, it may change their lives forever.

(release date: 2/13/15)

Storming Love S2_Morgan_and_GavinStorming Love: Blizzard – Gavin & Morgan by Nicole Dennis (release date: 2/20/15)

Drained from forecasting both hurricanes and twisters, Gavin Larson, a meteorologist, accepts a request to become the head forecaster for a Philadelphia television station. He goes for a trial time during winter. A calm, quiet winter where he can recharge. Until he discovers a series of potential events ready to clash.

Taking over his family’s position, Morgan Rylee Whittaker III feels the pressure to follow their lofty attitude, he can’t stay hidden in the executive suites. He jumps into the chaos. Bumping into the meteorologist, Morgan feels a thump of arousal, but listens when Gavin locates a dangerous blizzard heading up the coast.

Together, they protect and prepare Philadelphia from the incoming nor’easter. They dance around the steady beat of attraction brewing between them as the storm rages.

(release date: 2/20/15)

Storming Love S2_Stokes_and_FordStorming Love: Blizzard – Stokes & Ford by Jackie Nacht (release date: 2/27/15)

Ford and Stokes are about to weather two storms; the blizzard coming their way and their growing feelings for one another.

Stokes has been rooming with Ford ever since the first day of college. Although his feelings had started out as friendly, over time, they have grown deeper. He’s fallen for Ford, hard, but how the hell is Stokes going to tell Ford? When college winter break approaches, Stokes decides to take Ford up to his parent’s rental to have a fun weekend  with Ford and finally let his best friend know what he feels. However, with a blizzard coming in, they will have to weather the storm outside and in their hearts. 

(release date: 2/27/15)

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Groom of Convenience by Vicktor Alexander Blog Tour, Guest Post, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Vicktor Alexander - Groom of Convenience 600x600Banner

Hi guys, we have Vicktor Alexander visiting us again and this time it’s with Groom of Convenience his brilliant regency romance with a difference. Vicktor was kind enough to answer a question for us and there’s a great excerpt and giveaway. So enjoy the post and click that Rafflecopter link <3 ~Pixie~ 

Vicktor Alexander - Groom of Convenience  Photo

Groom of Convenience

(Scandalous Whispers of the Remmington Realm 01)

Vicktor Alexander

In an alternate universe, in the country of Angland, 1814, the gentry live lives of culture and class. It is a time of courtships, marriages of convenience, and titles, where scandal can ruin an entire family. Gender lines are blurred, and making a good match is of utmost importance. Children are born to men and women, which has led to the acceptance of same-sex marriages. 

Lady Lucien Timothy Hawthorne is shocked and angry when he is betrothed against his will to Lord Heathcliff Eddington, III, the Duke of Pompinshire. While drowning his frustration at a popular gentleman’s club, he meets “Robert,” a gorgeous older man whom he sleeps with as “Timmy,” regardless of the potential damage to his reputation. 

After their liaison, Lucien corresponds with Robert via letters left at Remmington, and they decide to elope. Before they can get away, Lucien meets his betrothed, Heathcliff, who he is surprised to discover is also his beloved, Robert. Both men desire a marriage of the heart, but they find out that sometimes a marriage of convenience can turn into love under the right circumstances. But Lucien has a secret, and Tlondon isn’t as safe as they once thought.

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Delicious Mistake by Vicktor Alexander Book Blast, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Vicktor Alexander - Delicious Mistake DM600x600Banner

Hey peeps, we have Vicktor Alexander joining us today with his upcoming release Delicious Mistake. Vicktor lets us have a peek at an excerpt and has a great giveaway so be sure to click that Rafflecopter link. I’ll leave you to enjoy the post and Shorty’s review <3 ~Pixie~

Vicktor Alexander - Delicious Mistake Cover Photo

Delicious Mistake

(Mistakes 03)

Vicktor Alexander

Miguel Rodriguez stood by his friend Xavier’s side when evidence of his affair with another man came out. He also stuck by Xavier when he disappeared from Atlanta and moved to the mountains of Wyoming. But he will not stand by Xavier when he decides to marry his young lover and still run for the Senate.

Hopping on a plane to Wyoming, Miguel finds himself meeting Julian Canton, a young man who has no political ambitions and doesn’t even vote, and yet Miguel finds himself fascinated. Miguel makes the mistake of upgrading Julian’s ticket so they can get to know each other better and somehow finds himself in Riverton, WY, holding Julian’s hand as he says goodbye to his brother. Giving in to his attraction to the young man, Miguel struggles not only with his physical attraction but with his emotional one as well. When he compounds his mistake by inviting Julian along with him to talk to Xavier, he soon finds himself feeling something he has never felt before. Will he join his friend Xavier in listening to his heart or will he walk away?

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The Alpha's Beautiful Mate by Vicktor Alexander

The_Alpha's_Beautiful_Mate_copyTitle: The Alpha’s Beautiful Mate

Series:  Ruh Esi, #1
Author: Vicktor Alexander
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novella (98 pages)
Publisher: Vicktor Alexander (December 7th, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Blurb: Kevin Stiles is a beautiful man. He’s been told that his entire life. From his long black hair to his big, blue eyes and tight compact body, he’s wanted by both women and men. And for the most part, he has used his looks to his advantage. He was a child model and now he’s a supermodel. He has two homes and regularly takes luxury vacations.

It is on one of these “mental health vacations” that Kevin finds out that the world he lives in is filled with more than just the pretty and those who want to be pretty. There are things that go bump in the night and Kevin discovers that when one of them, the biggest wolf he’s ever seen in his life, attacks him on the beach of Barbados and bites him… hard.

Fitzgerald Beacham is the alpha of his pack. He’s big, strong, and scary in both his wolf and his human form. And though the scars on his face and body are intimidating in his shifter form, on his human face they’re just… ugly. He knows that when he mates a female from the pack to continue the line she’ll be mating his power and position and not him and he’s fine with that, until he scents his true mate on the beach.

Now Fitzgerald has to convince Kevin to stay with him in Barbados in spite of their rocky start because now that they’ve bonded he’ll die without his mate… literally. And there’s someone out there who knows that and is determined to use it to their advantage.

ISBN:  9780692348253

Product Link(s):

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: This book was a nice change from most other books that describe the main MC’s as perfect. This is not the case with Fritz, an alpha wolf shifter who has scars. Kevin Stiles is a beautiful model that feels the need to escape for a while and heads to Barbados. His reactions to Fritz when he finds out what he is seemed real and genuine as we never know how we will truly react to the same situation.
Kevin Stiles vocabulary about anything to do with sex had some of the most hilarious phrases I have ever heard. I was entertained all throughout the book with Fritz and Kevin and loved both of their characters.

Very well written story with drama, mystery, and action. The intimate scenes between Fritz and Kevin were hilarious, hot, and steamy. I can’t wait to read the next book and see what happens next. Great read.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through*

Glorious Mistake by Vicktor Alexander

91G0BBfwOEL._SL1500_Title: Glorious Mistake
Series: Mistakes #2
Author: Vicktor Alexander
Genre: Contemporary/ Multicultural
Length: Novella (72 pages)
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (September 25th, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 1/2Hearts
Blurb: Keith Williams has spent his life hiding from his true sexuality, but when he stops to help Estevian Tucker on the side of the road, he realizes that true love won’t let him run from this glorious mistake.

Keith Williams gets a phone call from his best friend, Russell Heter, about his decision to stay with Xavier, a much older, disgraced former mayor, in his cabin in Wyoming. Positive that Russell is making a mistake, Keith rushes off to rescue his friend from himself and his mistaken fantasy of being in love. However, when he sees a man on the side of the road, smoke billowing from his car, Keith pulls over and makes his own mistake.

Estevian Tucker’s life has gone from bad to worse. A single father of a developmentally delayed son, struggling to make ends meet, disowned and having just received even more, life-changing bad news, he escapes to Wyoming to visit his former mentor, Xavier Edmond. When Keith stops to help Estevian after his car finally dies completely, Estevian experiences an immediate and incredibly inconvenient attraction to the obviously straight stranger. He knows that taking a ride from temptation itself is a huge mistake, but it’s one he makes anyway.

Keith and Estevian are determined to not let their decision affect the future beyond the trip to Wyoming, not just for Estevian’s son EJ’s sake, but for their own as well. But when one mistake becomes another, they’ll discover that the truly glorious mistake was them falling for each other.

ISBN: 9781784302108

Product Link:

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Very sweet story of Keith, Russell’s best friend, coming to terms with his sexuality when he stops and helps Estevian. Both go to Wyoming to see their friends who are together. Keith wants to talk his friend into taking things sow or backing out and Estevian wants to talk to Xavier about what he’s going through. I loved the way Keith tried to help any way he could with Estevian and Ej when he finds out what is going on.

Along the way, Keith discovers that he cares a great deal for Estevian and his son Ej. The intimate scenes between Keith and Estevian were hot. Loved it, great read.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through*

Dakota by Vicktor Alexander

81FhZc-T7jL._SL1425_Title: Dakota
Series: The Sevion Brotherhood Book 1
Author: Vicktor Alexander
Genre: Contemporary Vampire
Length: Novel (143 pages)
Publisher: MLR Press, LLC (April 10th, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Blurb: When Dr. Dakota Sevion is drawn to his mate Nishon Moore at the hospital where he works, he is overjoyed, even though Nishon has a son Isaiah, who is a forziq, which is an instance death sentence and someone from the past is determined to kill them all.
Dakota Sevion loves being the Chief of Surgery at Gelreen Memorial Hospital, because he has unlimited access to blood which is good for him as an unmated vampire. When he’s called to the ER, for an emergency, his life changes forever.

Nishon “Nimo” Moore is a single father of three-year-old Isaiah, a very special little boy. And when Nimo rushes to the hospital because Isaiah has been hurt, he ends up meeting Dakota and finding out that vampires are real. He doesn’t handle it well, which isn’t good for Dakota who will die from starvation if their mating isn’t consummated soon. But that isn’t the only problem. Someone from the past is set on killing them all.
Product Link:
Reviewer: Shorty
Review: I must admit I haven’t found a lot of vampire books that I’ve actually enjoyed reading. This book however I loved.

It was a fantastic story of Dakota and Nimo meeting when Nimo’s son is hurt at school and has to be taken to the hospital where Dakota works. There is instant attraction for both men. However, when Nimo is told Dakota’s a vampire, Nimo gets scared. I enjoyed reading what all happens between the MC’s and Dakota’s brothers. So much tension, drama, and mystery in this wonderfully written book.

I could hardly put the book down, as I just had to know what happened page after page until the end. I honestly can’t wait to see what happens in the next book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.

The Beginning by Vicktor Alexander

1392603378Title: The Beginning

Series: Sons of Adam, #1

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Genre: Paranormal/ Shapeshifters/ Fantasy

Length: Novella (153 Pages)

ISBN: 978-0615964829

Publisher: The Rooster & The Pig Publishing (February 17th, 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa


Blurb:Ronny Parker has always been aware that there was more to life outside of his Harlem apartment. When he goes to work one morning at Starbucks, he finds himself coming face to face with a reality that he was not prepared for. He finds himself the eyewitness to a fight between two shifters, a wolf, and a lion, one of which bites Ronny and calls him “mate.” When Ronny wakes up the next morning, he finds himself thrust into a world neither his family, nor his teachers ever taught him about and he does the only thing he can do. He starts to investigate.

Cole Tronk has been taught from an early age that he is never to mate a human, never reveal his true nature to a human and that he cannot be gay. But when he gets into a fight with his oldest friend outside of a Starbucks and finds himself smelling the most intoxicating scent ever, he throws all of those rules out of the window. Before long, Cole and his mate, Ronny are on the run from the governing body of the paranormals, humans who have now discovered that paranormals, magicks and supernaturals exist, and someone from Ronny’s past who is determined to kill them both.

Along the way, Cole and Ronny meet up with a group of paranormals, magicks, and supernaturals who are also gay, and who are researching the true history of the world and creation. What they find will not only change their lives, but the entire world and the future. Will Ronny and Cole’s mating survive all of these obstacles and when a millennias old lie comes back to bite them in the ass, will Ronny and Cole be able to deal with the consequences?

Purchase Link:

Review: Well this one is definitely new and quite enjoyable.


I loved the way that Cole and Ronny had found each other. Ronny had gone to work only to hear a fight in the back. Wasn’t he surprise to see his coworker and another man fighting, but that was not the only thing that shocked him. His friend and coworker had wolf paws and the man he was fighting had lion paws. Cole was a lion shifter fighting with his best friend, till the best scent came to him. He had found his mate. Biting Ronny and bonding them together in his mind was the best thing ever, till Benjamin points out that he has also cursed them. For in their world it is death to those who show any human what they are, to be gay and to mate a human.


Ronny, Cole and Benjamin are in danger from all the packs, prides, and other paranormal alpha’s. They are being hunted for being mated and for letting the humans know. However, the humans had let everyone else know, so now they were being hunted by humans and the government. They managed to find a group of shifters, witches, elves, fae, and many others who were being hunted also.


What really shocked them was that a book had appeared in Cole’s library before they left, telling them of their past. The original bible shows how paranormals and humans at one time had been expected until the great flood. They also find out that their mates, whether male or female can get pregnant so can you imagine Ronny’s expression when that happens to him.


This story is amazing. It shows what happens when people are full of hate. Hate for skin color, religion, sexual orientation, and now paranormals. They fear what they don’t know and there is a few that will help the fight that is about to come. I have never understood why people have to hate others for such stupid reasons and why they see the need to harm and kill them. I love the fact that Ronny is the one who will lead the war to rescue his new family. Or at least start the fight for freedom. Even though Cole is the alpha in their relationship, Ronny is the one that will do the fighting. It is pretty amazing twist to this story.


I would definitely be recommending this story to anyone who loves paranormal romance, shifters, sexy men, and hot sex. I also would recommend it because it has a war for freedom, one to help equality and love for one another. There is danger, excitement, adventure, and true love in this story.

The Faery Truth by Vicktor Alexander

19211851Title: The Faery Truth, 2nd edition

Series: Tonawanda Faery Tales

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Length: Novel (200 Pages)

Genre:  Fantasy

Publisher: Silver Publishing, August 21, 2013

Heat Level: Moderate ~Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Princess Eeirena of the Seelie court is summoned by her brother Eeian for help regarding his human mate, Thomas. At first resentful, Eeirena searches for a solution, only to have visions and dreams about her own human mate. She races through the veil to give the answer to Eeian, but collides with him and closes off the portal to anyone wanting to enter. Eeirena also transforms into a man, now named Eeiran, something he always felt he was meant to be.

Philip Sands enjoys his job as a manager at McDonald’s. He doesn’t like being single and alone, dreaming about the man of his dreams. When he meets Eeiran, Philip finds himself inexplicably desperate for the guy. But when Philip finds out Eeiran’s many secrets–that he’s Fae, royalty, a Seer, and used to be a woman–he rejects his mate, which puts Eeiran’s life at risk.

Product Link:

Review: Vicktor Alexander has a gift for storytelling. The abilities to bring a world to life with such fantastic characters who go through hardships, trials, pain, anger, and joy are amazing. I have always been drawn to the paranormal world especially when it involves hot and sexy men. Well, in this case Eeiran did start off, as a woman. However, it is still a pretty amazing tale.

Princess Eeirena has always felt that she was meant to be a man. She hated the way that they as fae had to sleep with everyone to find out who was their true mate. She has had visions and reams of her human mate. There were rules as a royal that even if they have human mates they still had to come back to their world to live. Her brother had found his mate and that mate had a family. Trying to find a way to help them stay in the human realm she would risk everything to help. When she is asked for help by her brother Eeian she starts trying to find that way, but there is an accident when crossing worlds and it closes off her portal to reenter their world. There is a surprise when she turns into a he. Finding her mate over joys her, but Philip finds out that Eeiran is not only fae, but also royalty, seer and used to be a female he rejects Eeiran. Not realizing that it places his mate in danger. They must find a way to make it through this and go forward in their lives. At first Eeiran comes off as a selfish person who only thinks of herself, you soon realize that it is actually the opposite. He is kind, gentle, caring, and loving with a mixture of feelings he would do anything to help and keep his family safe. Philip is confused, angry, hurt but in the end, you could tell he is falling in love with his mate. All he had to do is get over the little bit of information he became privy to. The sex is hot and sensuous.

I admit that at first this story comes off as a bit hard to get into. I just couldn’t get my head into the twist and turns that you get from this story. However, once you get to start reading it you get caught in the story. It has the right amount of danger, excitement and adventure, with the mix of feelings that make you cry in parts, laugh in others. I do love how they can overcome all their problems and turn them into rewards for each other. It is a story that you can get lost into, make your troubles disappear. I would recommend reading this story.

The Perfect Mistake by Vicktor Alexander

19231934Title: The Perfect Mistake

Series:   Mistakes

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Genre: Contemporary

Length:  Novella (49 pages)

Publisher: Totally Bound (January 3rd, 2014)

Heat Level:  Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts

Reviewer: Eli/Mandingo

Blurb:  Stumbling into Xavier’s cabin in the middle of a snowstorm is the perfect mistake Russell’s life needs. 

Russell Heter takes his best friend Keith up on his offer to take a much-needed vacation up in the mountains of Wyoming. Having just obtained his degree in Child Psychology, Russell is due some rest and a big graduation present. After buying an SUV much too big for his small frame, Russell heads off to the mountains, only to have his new vehicle break down in the blinding snow. Trekking through the snow to the cabin, Russell collapses inside and finds himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun, held by Xavier Edmond. 

Xavier is the former mayor of Atlanta, released amid controversy when pictures were released of him having an affair…with another man. Xavier escaped to Wyoming in shame. He’s become bitter and closed off, spending his days missing his children and his nights wishing for someone to love. So when the snow prevents Russell from leaving his cabin, Xavier finds himself wondering if Russell might just be the man, he’s been waiting for.

Purchase Link:

Review: There are a chock load of mistakes in this book.  Russell makes a mistake by buying too much car.  Xavier makes a series of mistakes in denying his sexuality, getting involved with the wrong man and then cheating on his wife.  Those are all basic mistakes.  But the perfect mistake is actually how Russell ends up in the wrong cabin with Xavier and these two men who have no way to logically make a future together realize that what they share trapped in the snow might be a route to happiness.

Xavier is a man tortured by his past and the mistakes he’s made so he’s retreated to the wilderness to lick his wounds and hide from the world. He is ashamed of who he is and what he’s done. Russell is a man just starting out in life and while he can see Xavier’s mistakes, he doesn’t judge the man for it. Instead, whenever he can help he does and that makes him a valuable part of what might begin Xavier’s healing process.

The reader cannot quite see the path that Xavier and Russell will travel, but that does not seem to be the author’s aim. The story ends with a plethora of possibilities that the men could explore which would mimic real life; and, as such, the ending makes the story even that more intriguing as the reader wonders… “Well, what now?” Even with its cliffhanger ending, the story does not disappoint. Good read.

Super Gay by Vicktor Alexander

blogger-image-1575016312Title: Super Gay

Series: N/A

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Short Story

Publisher: The Rooster and The Pig Publishing (April 30th, 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: When William “Will” Ladler shows up at the Radisson Hotel for the wedding of his best friend’s younger brother, he’s surprised to see the gorgeous, effeminate young man he’d danced with the night before at a club, standing at the altar dressed in a tuxedo as a member of the wedding party. Will watches as the younger man’s long auburn hair blows in the wind, missing the entire ceremony. He’s determined to not only find out the younger man’s name but to get his number and ask him out on a date, which is what he’d wanted to do the night before.

Derrick “Rick” Tramun is beyond shocked to see the gorgeous Will Ladler at his older brother’s wedding. Their night was cut short by a fight and Rick’s overprotective friends, who were determined to make sure that he makes it home by his curfew. After dancing with Will the night before and jacking off to the memory of it before bed, Rick is more than happy to take Will up on his offer for dinner, much to his family’s horror and against their objections. His family has always been super supportive of his lifestyle, so why were they so against his dating Will?

But when Will sees exactly how flamboyant and effeminate Rick is and Rick finds out exactly how much Will can “pass” as a heterosexual man, will the two of them be able to make a go of their relationship or is Rick too “super gay” for straight laced Will?

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Review: The more I read from this author, the more I’m convinced that the core idea behind his stories is pretty much the same. Here we have yet again, what I’ve come to recognize as his special brand, a story that follows a very young man, smallish and flamboyant, the type people around are used to calling as “too gay”. Rick is this little pixie like man and he’s happy in his flaming ways. His counterpart is the older (perhaps too old) and more “straight” looking Will, who can pass for “normal.”

The plot is simple enough and we’ve seen it too many times. Big guy meets small guy, insta-lust and chemistry, misunderstanding follows along with the drama of apologizing and finally the happily ever after.

I’m not fond of insta-love/lust, that is something I try to avoid in books I read, but there are times when I’m sold the idea. Good writing has a lot to do with it. In this case, though I didn’t like it. The active plot was not there and the “telling” made it hard to connect with either character or emotions, although I might put a small blame at the length of the story there as well.

Whatever the case, the “super” fast way this story went was too much and as it was constantly said throughout the read, the characters simply had no time to form any kind of attachment or thoughts about each other, yet they ended with sappy declaration of love and “forever”. Nothing engaging about that and adding the grammar/typos there were found through the text I came to even dislike it.

That said if you love the type of read and if you don’t mind the lack of realistic approach, this happy little story might be right for you.


Elian by Vicktor Alexander

ELIAN Final copyTitle: Elian

Series: The Marriage Groups #1

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Genre: MMMM / Alternate World

Length: Novel

Publisher: The Rooster and the Pig Publishing (May 10th, 2013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Elian Glinkobia is the youngest son of his family. Born on the planet, Kardalusia, he is the only breeder, the only coração, born to a family full of Kartusian warriors and soldiers. He was born with no other purpose than to be the coração of a marriage group, there to serve them in every manner that they needed. Or so he thinks. Attending his final marriage soiree, Elian believes that he will not be picked by any marriage group and is destined to live his life alone, or as a prostitute. He is beyond shocked to find out that he was chosen by the royal marriage group the year before. He is to be the coração, the heart, of the three kings, Nevin, Corbin, and Gaige.
However, things are not always as easy as they seem. Before Elian can even settle into his position as The Royal Coração, someone attempts to murder him. Placed under lock and key in the palace by his husbands, Elian begins to discover that the gods of the Kartusians gifted him with a lot more than he could have ever expected.
Will Elian’s special gifts come in handy when he needs those to save his husbands and their people, or was everyone right about his worthlessness?

WARNING: This story contains double penetration, sex between multiple partners M/M/M/M, male pregnancy, violence, interracial couples, the possession by a deity on numerous occasions, and multiple orgasms. Read at your own risk.

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Review: Well I must admit that there has been quite some imagination put in this story. The author has created a world, a planet called Kardalusia that is inhabited only by men. They society is different from what we’ve seen so far as the Kartusians are meant to form Marriage Groups of four, one would represent the body of the family, another the mind, the third the soul and the last would represent the heart that keeps them all together; the coração. As the God Andalusia has said, the heart will be the most important and cherished of them all, for he is to be the breeder, the one to bind them all. However, with the passing of millennia, things are bound to change and what was once cherished now is looked down upon and somehow scorned. The God in his know it all has given the prophecy that one day, one special coração will come to change it all, not only the status of all coraçãos in the planet, but the planet itself. But as we all know, when one good prophecy is made, a dark one rises to overthrow it.

In all honesty, I kind of liked the idea of this world, and let’s face it; I’m a sucker when it comes to ménage or foursomes. So a world created only for men, not two or three but four, it was fun. A man though being the breeder and having babies, now that was something to cringe about yet that was explained somehow by the magical nature of the Kartusians, as each and every one of them has some level of magic given by the Great Andalusia himself.

However, the story or plot if you will didn’t manage to keep that level of interest for long. I suppose when you create a world you need some space to stretch things out and time to make things stick. There were many mistakes made throughout the story that not only gave way to too much but also in some places contradicted what had previously been told.

When the story starts Elian comes off as a very insecure being. He feels scorned for being only a coração, especially since he has no other attribute that would give him some more purpose. He also has yet to find a Marriage Core and if he doesn’t by the end of the night, he’ll be faced turn himself to prostitution or remain a spinster and care for others. It is like this that we see how awful a coração’s life could be if left unclaimed, since he doesn’t have the choice to choose or keep searching for however long he wants.

But then the impossible happens and he is claimed by the Royal Marriage Core and in a blink of an eye his entire life changes and he becomes King. We also notice some kind of spirit there since he stands up for himself and doesn’t let people step on him just because he’s a coração. However this comes and goes and Elian is at some point intimidating and secure and the next incapable to even speak. He is possessed by the God himself, has been told over and again by the God that he is special, he has powers, he can do whatever he wants in the sphere of magic, but he fails to make use on them except twice and to be honest both those times were not so significant comparing to the life-threatening event in the end which we totally missed because he fainted, hence we don’t know how or why he was saved.

We are also being told in the very beginning that the Marriage Group of the special one would be special. They would be strong enough to help and protect their coração. Again, that got lost during the play of the story. Beside the fact that the marriage group was the royal one there was no real display of strength or powers. I was somehow disappointed by Nevin, he was supposed to be the head King coming from the royal bloodline and the strong one, the leader, but somehow we never saw him leading. In addition, his domineering nature was poorly displayed and in my opinion, the only BDSM-y scene involved was completely lost and unnecessary. Perhaps it was to display the trust Elian had in him, but as I said, it failed to do so. Corbin was the man in between that I never fully understood his purpose or his specialty and last there was Gaige. Now Gaige has the potential to be majestic due to his Zevinxian heritage. He had magic cursing in his blood from the very beginning and the ability to shift. Did we get to see that? No. All that potential lost and in frankly I don’t understand why. What was the point of having this incredible world and not take full advantage of. I know my imagination went wild and I was definitely expecting the powers implied to come crashing in an epic of battles, so I was really disappointed when that didn’t happen.

As for the villain of the story I don’t understand what happened there, Gaige was supposed to have revealed his identity two months prior the main scene when Elian gave birth to the triplets, I expected that they would be onto him by that point so when all chaos broke the only thing that surprised me was the fact that while in previous chapter the Kings talked about it, in the “chaos” chapter it came as new information.

Anyway, as I said previously the story had great potential that was left unexploited. The plot many holes that didn’t help the books case. The bad guy and the final ending scene were almost ludicrous. The giving birth thing was something that had me cringing and my insides churning no matter how much it was justified by magic, it simply didn’t appeal to me. I did love the intimate scenes, well most of them, but in the end I felt like this book needed more time and more work for as it is, it’s lacking.

The Alpha King by Vicktor Alexander

thealphakingTitle: The Alpha King

Series: Passion’s Hero 01

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Genre: Science-Fiction, Shifters, M-preg

Length: Novel Plus (362pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (27th April 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Talon Versuthion loses his memory and his family, and decides to remain alone. The Vermithian crash lands on Turmaro and finds himself face to face with the one man he never wanted to meet–his mate, Alpha King Blazell Roughshire.

A delivery for the GPA goes horribly wrong and Talon Versuthion crash lands on Tumaro, the notorious wolf-shifter planet. Lucky to be alive, Tal desperately wants to find his missing adopted sister, but instead meets Alpha King Blazell Roughshire–Tal’s fated mate. Before the two can settle into their relationship, they have to deal with conspiracy, murder, kidnapping, Tal’s lost memory and his forgotten brothers. But their biggest obstacle is a centuries’ old plot to eradicate the human race. Tal, who has made it a point to never fall in love, has to decide if he can open his heart and let Blaze be passion’s hero.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This book contains scenes of rape or near rape. This is a re-edited, re-release title.

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Review: Talon can’t remember anything from before his parents disappeared. His adoptive parents have told him everything he knows about being Vermithian and he has sworn to never find his mate for the very real fear of pregnancy. On a routine delivery with his adopted sister, they are thrown across the universe during a storm. Crash landing on Tumaro is the least of Talon’s worry when he awakens and can’t find his sister and is confronted with his mate, Blaze. Blaze is overjoyed to finally have his mate, discovering his mate is also Vermithian is a blessing. Having their mating blessed by The One makes everyone happy, but there are a few who decide that they must go and they face a conspiracy that is centuries’ old, Blaze also has to look for Talon’s brothers and rescue them, brothers that Talon has no knowledge of.

This is a great science fiction story, weaving together an interesting view on what the human race could become. Blaze is the wolf shifter Alpha King. It was prophesied that an Alpha King would mate a Vermithian and change Tumaro forever. Talon has a target on his head, someone high up in GPA wants him and his family wiped out. Crash landing on Tumaro leads him to the man that he is destined for, a mate he doesn’t want. Coming to terms with his new circumstances, Talon embraces his mating, but still holds back a little, doubting he could fall in love so quickly.

Talon is a fantastic character; he’s fun, bossy and sweet. Blaze is a wonderful man; he’s an understanding, strong Alpha. He will do anything for his mate and his every breath is devoted to Talon. They make a fantastic couple and are very hot together. The storyline is brilliant and we meet lots of interesting characters who hopefully will get their own stories. There are a couple of different threads that come together in this story; an old conspiracy to eradicate humans, a prophecy of the Alpha King, a character being blackmailed, some complicated matings, and interesting background stories that look like they will be continued in future books. We are given a story filled with conspiracy, kidnapping, murder, plots and love.

I recommend this to those who love science fiction, shifters, falling in love, m-preg, a touch of kink, great characters, a brilliant storyline, lots of hints for the future and a very happy ending.    

The Besties by Vicktor Alexander

bestiesTitle: The Besties

Series: N/A

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Genre: MM / Contemporary Romance

Length: Novelette (44 pg)

Publisher: The Rooster & The Pig Publishing (March 5th, 2013)

Reviewer: Thommie

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb: Kelly Jeter is a 30-year old virgin who suffers from an acute shyness and extreme anxiety. He lives in Manhattan and collects lighthouses. He is the quintessential nerd. He also doesn’t see how gorgeous he is, so when he meets Hawk Caliarchi, a friend of his besties, Krystal and Amy, he can’t believe the hulking Greek man wants anything to do with him. So when Hawk shows an interest in him, Kelly does the only thing he can do… he has an asthma attack and almost passes out.

Hawk finally gets Kelly to agree to a date but before these two completely opposite men can settle down into a relationship, Hawk must face his past and Kelly must face his insecurities, fears and overcome his low self-esteem. Will he be able to conquer his battles before he loses Hawk for good and will he be able to thank his besties for introducing him to the love of his life?

Product Link:

Review: So here I am thinking “I hope to God this shorty is worth it”, since I’m not very fond of them, and finding myself dumbfounded by the hilarity and the incredible good time I had reading The Besties. I absolutely LOVED this one.

Kelly is our hero here and he is an incredible character. One you cannot fail to love immediately. He’s small, slim, gorgeous hair and appearance, but for one flaw, his low self-esteem. His birth family having disowned him in a very young age and his jerk of an ex-boyfriend having treated him awfully have left a serious case of baggage. Add to that his asthma and panic attacks whenever he meets a gorgeous man and you have a miserable Kelly, still a virgin at thirty.

As I said, you cannot help to love this character. Not only he is adorable, but he has this fantastic humor that will have you laughing with him all the time while reading his story. Speaking of, this is the story of how Kelly met Hawk (I’m drooling over him still) a gorgeous man who is the personification of Kelly’s dreams.

Kelly’s best friends, Krystal and Amy, tired of seeing him miserable and alone introduce him to Hawk and a series of hilarious to the point of tears events start happening. Not all of them are funny though, there is definitely some drama taking place, and while I mostly despise it, I found our little drama-queen quite lovable. I don’t know, the connection was pretty instant there and the whole first-time scene took me back to my own shenanigans. Emotions and events felt like I was living them myself and all this from a very short read. Loved it.

This being the first title I read from this author I’m very pleased. The narration voice was wonderful, writing itself excellent and although the author claims this to be the first romantic book he’s written I would so love to see more and then some. As for The Besties itself, strongly recommended, it’s guaranteed you’ll have a fabulous time reading it.

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl by Vicktor Alexander

3c746851c087b871712f3f4edd60bab7.image.200x300Title: Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

Series: Flip the Coin 01

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Genre: Contemporary, Interracial, Christmas

Length: Novella (82pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (25th December 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Braxton Brown and Hamilton Drake have loved each other for years, but neither knew how the other felt. Christmas in Lakeland, Florida reveals their feelings, but their newfound relationship may not survive interference from Braxton’s disapproving family.

Braxton Brown has loved Hamilton Drake for as long as he can remember. Believing Hamilton to be straight kept Braxton from acting on his feelings during high school. His uber-religious family doesn’t help, either. Returning home for Christmas with his twin daughters in tow, Braxton runs into Hamilton–literally–and discovers Hamilton has feelings for him, too. But Christmas may not be the best time to start a relationship, especially with Braxton’s granny on her death-bed and his family’s vocal disapproval getting in the way.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains a HFN ending.

Purchase Link:

Review: Braxton is returning to his family home to see his great-grandmother with his twin daughters. He is dreading the rest of his immediate family though, because of their die-hard religious views. Braxton bumps into Hamilton, his high school crush, as soon as he gets into town and soon discovers he wasn’t the only one with a crush. Hamilton has waited years for Braxton and he feels the time is now right to approach the man he has always wanted. But, starting a relationship with disapproving parents looking on isn’t easy.

This is a cute and hot Christmas story of two men meeting after years of secret wanting. Braxton left his family behind after he came out. The only ones he keeps in touch with are his older sister, cousins and great-grandmother. Now, his great-grandmother is ill and frail and he is taking his daughters to see her for Christmas. Hamilton was told what would happen if he approach Braxton, before Braxton had left home, so he waited for the right time to approach him. Finding out that Braxton has children doesn’t put him off in the least and with the help of Braxton’s cousin the truth spills out and now all he has to do is hope Braxton feels the same.

This is a great beginning to Braxton and Hamilton’s story and as it has a happy for now ending I am hoping that we will be visiting these characters again. Both Braxton and Hamilton are wonderful characters who have always wanted the other man. They both have lingering feelings for the other and although those feeling intensify; both men know that they no longer truly know the other. I think it was brilliant that the men thought about things before jumping in with two feet. The sex between them was really hot and very descriptive; it will definitely get your pulse racing.

I will recommend this to those who love hot men, an understanding great-grandmother, standing up for what you want in the face of bigots, hot sex and the beginning of something special.



Mickey's Duke by Vicktor Alexander

Title: Mickey’s Duke

Series: The Wilgrin Chronicles 01

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, M-Preg

Length: Short (59pgs)

Publisher: The Rooster & The Pig Publishing (Self Published) (9th July 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: When Michael “Mickey” Monroe arrived on the planet Wilgrin after escaping his home of Rodeiro, his only plan had been to make just enough money to get enough fuel to fly to another planet. One where no one knew him, where he could fade into the background. Where he didn’t have to worry about someone trying to beat him up at every turn.

However, working in the restaurant known as Durac, Mickey comes in contact with Carl Cavendish and realizes that no matter where he goes, someone is going to want to beat the shit out of him. Making a run for it, Mickey comes face to face with one of the most gorgeous carriages that he’s ever seen, with a real live duke inside. Accepting the stranger’s offer of help, Mickey soon finds himself naked and in the arms of Evander Cavendish, the gorgeous father of Carl Cavendish.

Before Mickey can blink he’s married and dealing with a stepson who would rather see him dead than at the dining room table, a husband who only seems to want him for his body, and a secret that he doesn’t know how to reveal to his new family, but one that he only has about nine months to share before it makes an appearance all on its own.

Purchase Link:

Review: Mickey arrived on the planet Wilgrin after running from his family. He is hiding for his life after being chased by a group of thugs when a carriage pulls up and its occupant saves him. Now he finds himself married to a Duke, with the lead thug who chased him as a step-son and a surprise for his husband.

This is an enjoyable story that is amusing and light-hearted. Mickey has been treated like crap for many a year, now he has a fresh start on Wilgrin, if he decides to stay, but others decide he isn’t welcome. But then he meets (giggle) Evander and his life changes again, but not all of it is good. his step-son is the leader of the gang who wanted to beat the crap out of him, his new husband only seems to want him for his body and he has a secret and no clue how his husband will react. Can it get any worse?

I really enjoyed this story and thought the character of Mickey was brilliant, his sometimes rambling thoughts were humorous and kept me invested in Mickey. The progression of the story was quick, but smooth, with hot sex and some tender scenes. I liked the world building we were given and was thankful the author gave a detailed explanation for the Rodeiron species, it made Mickey’s situation more believable. I really liked Mickey’s behavior, it was so true to life and Evander’s reaction was so sweet, their friends add a good round-up with the characters and really added to the story.

Now this story is all from Mickey’s POV, so we don’t get that invested in Evander as we do with Mickey, but Evander seems to be a man who keeps things close to his chest, and is completely oblivious to his son and his actions because he wants to believe his son has turned over a new leaf. His reactions towards Mickey are harder to define as we only see it from Mickey’s side, but, from his reactions later in the book, we see how much he loves Mickey.

I have to recommend this one to those who like science fiction, fantasy, hot sex, and a touch of danger, m-preg and a happy ever after.